Years After Losing Her Partner on the Field, This Military Dog Got the Surprise of Her Life

Years After Losing Her Partner on the Field, This Military Dog Got the Surprise of Her Life
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One could say that military vet, Jason Bos and his chocolate Labrador, Cila were pretty much inseparable. A great team on and off the field, when it came time for Jason to return to the states he never expected he would ever see Cila again. Separations are never easy and the military actually warns soldiers against forming emotional connections with dogs that serve in the field. Of course, that is easier said than done.

However, years after going their separate ways, Jason and Cilia were given the opportunity to reunite once more. Let’s just say their story will warm your heart, proving love can transcend time and location.

20. A Deep Connection

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When Sergeant Jason Bos was partnered with a chocolate lab overseas, it was love at first lick. While the army usually discourages bonding with companion dogs, the rule usually was never followed. Unfortunately, after his time served was up, they both had to go their separate ways…but years later something changed and the two old friends discovered they would both be reunited.


19. Cila the Lab

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Cila the Labrador, also known as Cici, helped serve alongside Bos in Iraq for five years. Together, they were a dynamic duo and Cici saw more in her life than most dogs ever do. But the question remained…would she remember her former friend?

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18. Extreme Situations

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When Bos and Cici worked together, her job was to sniff out bombs and prevent dangerous situations on the front line. Thanks to her amazing sense of smell, Cici had prevented soldiers from countless deaths over the course of her military career.


17. A Very Active Career

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Bos revealed to News Channel 8 that Cici had been around the world over the course of her military career. She had worked in Iraq, Germany, and even Kuwait. Even by military dog standards, she had seen more in her career than most dogs ever did.


16. The End of an Era

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Unfortunately, in 2012 Bos suffered from an injury that would bring their relationship to an abrupt end. While Bos was flown home, Cici remained to continue with her duties. It broke Bos’s heart to return to Michigan without his best friend and partner, leaving him to wonder if he would ever see her again.


15. Separated for Good?

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Bos revealed to the local media that despite his amazing relationship with Cici, the protocol wouldn’t allow for them to stay together; therefore, the dog remained in Army custody. However, two years later, Bos received some very unexpected news.


14. Retiring from the Service

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It was revealed that Cici was being retired from her duties with the armed forces, bringing a ray of hope to Bos that they could possibly be reunited. While the dog returning to the United States was up in the air, Bos refused to give up hope that they would see each other again.


13. A Reunion in the Making

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Thankfully, the American Humane Association and Mission K-9 Rescue received word of Bos and his attempt to reunite with his furry pal and decided to help. After some networking and petitioning on Bos’s behalf, it wasn’t long before Cici was on her way back to the United States.


12. Long Lost Friends Reunited

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The morning of their reunion at the Chicago O’Hare Airport was one filled with excitement but also anxiety. What if Cici didn’t remember her old pal? However,  the moment he saw her and shouted her name her pace quickened. Soon, she was showering her former friend with kisses in an emotional reunion that had bystanders in tears.


11. A Moment Caught on Camera

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“I just went to the ground because I knew she was coming at me,” Bos said. “And I just called her name and it was awesome!” It seemed Cici’s memory was still very much intact.


10. Tons of Love

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The local news described Cici as an extraordinary dog whose skillset was unmatched. When asked if he had given his house a once over due to her powerful sniffing skills, Bos laughed. He was so happy to have his best friend back.


9. No More Work

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Together again after years of separation, Bos has no plans to make Cici return to her working ways. Now, he wants to just adapt to civilian life and give Cici the retirement she deserves. This includes sleeping on the couch and an endless supply of treats.


8. Hitting the Open Road

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One of the things Bos looks forward to the most is traveling. With no ties and his schedule wide open, he hopes to hit the road with Cici and see the sights. It looks like those naps on the couch may have to wait just a bit longer.


7. Remembering Old Commands

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Since settling in with her former friend, Cici couldn’t be happier. The duo is completely in sync with one another, and Cici even remembers all of her old commands from when they were working together. How cool is that?


6. Best Friends for Life

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Even though she may remember all of her old commands, Bos continues to reiterate that she will not be working moving forward. “Now Cici will focus on what she seems to enjoy doing the most; being a man’s best friend. <My best friend,” said Bos.

5. Other Reunions

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The story of Cici and Bos isn’t the only military reunion that’s happened either. Tracy McKirthern also was reunited with her dog Erby who she was partners with during her time as a combat photographer in the U.S. Army.

4. Together Again

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After Tracy returned home, Puppy Rescue Mission stepped in to help her bring Erby to the United States. Unfortunately, as Erby was making his way back to the U. S., Tracy was deployed back overseas. Thankfully, it was a short time apart, and 67 days later the reunited at Tampa International Airport.

3. An Emotional Moment

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The precious reunion was caught on video as Erby showers his former partner in snuggles and kisses. According to Tracy, “I think the reason we’re born with two hands is so we can pet two dogs at once.”

2. Positive Responses on Social Media

Image: Chicago Tribune

The response to these military reunions has been more than positive on social media. One user commented on the footage of Cici’s reunion, writing, “This joy is what they both deserve, thank u for serving for our country.” Erby’s story also got tons of positive attention, with another comment stating, “So glad you and Erby are both home safely. She is a beautiful dog. Thanks to you and others who rescue such animals.”

1. A New Life Together

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Despite the odds, both Bos and Cici were able to find their way back to one another. Now, they plan to spend every moment together, excited about what the future has in store.

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