World’s Best Places To Retire To In 2023

The thought of retiring abroad is certainly alluring, whether you wish to spend your senior years on a Tropical beach or in a small European hamlet. You've probably traveled, and you could already have a preferred location, either because of your travels or just because it's the most stunning location you've ever seen. Yet making decisions about retirement overseas might be challenging. Finding the perfect mix between quality of life, a country's attraction, and cost of living is the greatest place to start when limiting possibilities for most people.

If you're considering retiring abroad but aren't sure where to begin, we have the perfect list for you.


Portugal topped the Annual Global Retirement Index 2023. Portugal provides the finest blend of the standard of living and the expense of living. One of Portugal's greatest charms is undoubtedly its climate, particularly for the sun-starved northerners who go there to take advantage of the nation's bountiful amount of sunshine each year. This, together with a respectable life expectancy and a large amount of cultural attraction, help explain why Portugal is ranked so highly. Also, you may still locate a property at a reasonable price in Portugal's most well-known retirement areas.


Another popular retirement location for Americans living abroad is Thailand, in large part because of the country's relative cost. If you wish to retire in Thailand, just like in almost any other nation, you'll need to apply for a visa. Fortunately, the procedure in Thailand is not too difficult. You must be at least 50 years old and clear a background check in order to obtain a retirement visa. The absence of public health insurance for foreigners in Thailand is a drawback. You will require private health insurance. Something is less expensive in Thailand than in the United States.


It's never too late to enhance your quality of life, and retiring to Spain is pretty much a guarantee of that. The nation boasts a fantastic climate, high levels of physical and mental welfare among its people, and a manner of life that places a premium on fine dining and leisure. Spain offers a wide variety of cultural experiences in addition to delicious food and pleasant weather. Barcelona's architecture, Madrid's shopping, Valencia's museums, and Andalusia's flamenco performances are simply unbeatable. The combination of excellent healthcare, stable infrastructure, and a large population of English speakers makes for a really cozy retiring location.


France checks a lot of the boxes for retirees. It is conveniently located (and linked) throughout Europe, making it a great home base for travelers. Also, it is secure, has excellent national infrastructure and healthcare options, and frequently serves as a model for work-life balance. For economical and effective healthcare, France is among the finest countries for retirees. The World Health Organization rates its healthcare system as the best in the world. As the government has set a fee, anticipate to pay roughly $9 for each doctor's appointment.


Mexico is ranked second because it is accessible and close to the United States. There are many different regions to select from in this nation. High-speed internet and mobile service, safe roads, dependable energy, well-known shops and eateries, along with hidden gems, are all conveniently accessible. Also, you do not need to speak Spanish well to go around easily owing to the sizable expat population. It has a decent infrastructure and a range of landscapes and climates, including deserts and woods full of Mayan ruin sites, cool-weather cities in the highlands, and coastal resorts.


For a variety of reasons, retirees are drawn to Panama. The currency is the U.S. dollar, and the majority of the population speaks English. It's pretty simple and easy to get a visa. One of the most alluring visas in the world, the Panama Pensionado (or Panama Retirement) visa offers significant savings on everything from travel to theater tickets. A retired couple can live comfortably in Panama City for less than $3,000 per month (including rent), whereas a single retiree might live well for $1,700 per month almost everywhere in Panama. Across the nation, there are several top-notch clinics and hospitals with fantastic discounts for seniors.


Ecuador has the ideal blend of temperature, culture, and cost, and because it isn't as overrun with expatriates as some other South American nations, you can truly immerse yourself in local culture almost any place you go. But, it still has all the makings of a pleasant retirement, including fast internet, reliable transportation, and the use of the US dollar as money. Ecuador has very reasonable housing costs.


Greece's status as one of the top nations to retire to shouldn't come as a surprise considering that this sunny Mediterranean country provides spectacular natural beauty, friendly hospitality, a low cost of living, some of the greatest food in the world, and a rich, deep history. Greece is among the top nations to retire to since the people are friendly and hospitable, and Greek hospitality is a genuine thing. Access to world-class healthcare is another benefit of retiring in Greece, usually for a fraction of what it costs in countries like the US.


For seniors seeking pleasant weather and a small-town atmosphere throughout the country, Malta is a strong choice. It is an island and the tenth-smallest country in the world. Also, because about 15% of the population is made up of foreigners, you could run into familiar faces. Transport, food, healthcare, utilities, and rent are all included in Malta's $2,300 monthly average cost of living. Expats are not eligible for the public healthcare system, although private solutions are affordable and of great quality. Basic checkups cost $20, while expert visits cost about $65 each. Overall, retiring to Malta will be within your means.


Italy has stunning scenery, fantastic weather, and some of the greatest cuisine and drink in the world, making it one of the best locations to retire abroad. Also, the high life expectancy of the inhabitants makes it an especially desirable location to spend your older years. Italy provides a comparatively cheap cost of living, with villages in the south being particularly economical, despite the major cities having somewhat higher rents. A person must earn at least €31,000 per year and €38,000 for a married couple in order to qualify for an Italian visa, but these amounts are relatively high.