This Woman's Terrifying Ordeal Began With A Job At Wendy's

He Couldn't Believe It

Daniel Jones was in his flat in Florida, feeling hopeless. The vanishing of his partner was awful, yet this new proof was excessively for him to manage.

He had a feeling that the individual was at the bottom of all that had befallen her. But he was astounded that he had gone to such an extreme. He vowed never to be so careless again.

It Started In Alabama

It all began when Daniel and Sarah resided in Alabama. This was the area where both of them had matured, and they cherished the region.

But an occurrence occurred that would make them take off like robbers in the dark. And it all began when Sarah took a job at the nearby Wendy's. What caused them to flee?

She Was Working At Wendy's

At the age of twenty-four, Sarah began her employment at Wendy's. She didn't really need the position, but it gave her something to do and the duo welcomed the extra money.

At first, people were not supportive of Sarah getting a job at that spot. But, their views were revolutionized once Sarah stumbled across something one of her days working. What revelations did she come across?

Seeing Something

Sarah was toiling in the washing-up area and, during that evening, mistakenly dropped a fork. The utensil tumbled behind the machine that cleans dishes and she had to move stuff around to get it back.

While she was below, she noticed a large cavity in the wall. It was hidden by a heavy plastic sheet which made it difficult to observe. Nevertheless, it still disturbed her.

Talking To Her Husband

When she got back, Daniel noticed that there was something wrong with her. He asked her some questions and she soon began to talk about it.

She informed her spouse concerning her discovery and declared that, as much as she could observe, it was an area overflowing with paintings. Nevertheless, the plastic sheeting was so strong that all else was unrecognizable.

They Found It Strange

The pair devoted a lot of time discussing the clandestine chamber that was concealed behind the dishwasher. It surely disturbed them.

They couldn't prevent themselves from pondering why something like that was concealed inside the walls of a well-known fast-food chain. At that moment their imaginations started to run rampant.

She Was Very Uncomfortable

The longer they talked, the more Sarah began to relax. She informed her spouse that she had been feeling very uneasy at her job. It was so bad that she became apprehensive when it came time to start her duties.

Daniel was astonished that his spouse had not brought this up earlier and questioned her what was causing her unease.

Strange Remarks

Sarah reported that her supervisor has been saying weird things. It began not long after she started working there, but it has become even more intense since then.

She stated that the individual was attempting to hit on her, however it was in a profoundly weird manner. He referenced things like wanting to be inside her and other remarks that were of that nature.

They Left

When Daniel understood the severity of the situation, he was terrified and worried for his wife's wellbeing.

The pair gathered their belongings and relocated to another territory. Florida was situated 547 miles from their former residence, so the woman's alarming employer would be unable to trace their whereabouts.

Everything Was Fine

The pair was unsteady during the initial few weeks, however matters began to become more organized from that point. They were beginning to go back to their habitual patterns and not too long after, they eventually conformed to their new lives.

At that moment, circumstances could not have been better. However, Daniel had determined one thing: he would not let his wife work in an environment like that again. He was determined to follow through with his decision.

All But Forgotten

It had been almost a year and the pair had virtually erased Alabama and the Wendy's restaurant that had been the root of their distress from their minds.

Sarah demanded to go back to work, and Daniel consented since nothing had changed since she departed. She found a job as a waitress without realizing that it would bring people with malicious intentions.

Moving On

The duo was progressing steadily. They were both employed full-time and had more funds than they could utilize.

They concluded it was time to move their lives forward. For some time, they had longed for a baby and decided it was the right moment to start attempting to have one. Unfortunately, that's when the real difficulties began.

Starting A Family

After toiling for twelve months, the pair eventually found out they were expecting a baby. They were overjoyed by the news as they had accepted that they may have to turn to another solution.

At the beginning of her pregnancy, Sarah had no problems. But when she was eight months along, she began to have serious difficulties. Unfortunately, something terrible happened.

Tragedy Struck

Despite the physicians' efforts to guarantee a successful pregnancy and a robust newborn, Sarah experienced a miscarriage.

She was devastated by the news and felt bad about herself. After many trials, they eventually accomplished it. Right when they arrived at the conclusion, the worst transpired. She felt guilty for what had happened.

She Broke Down

Daniel was completely powerless as he watched his wife fall apart in front of him, she was utterly devastated. He feared that she was considering taking desperate measures.

He exerted all his strength to aid his partner in enduring the suffering she was feeling. He was aware, though, that what was happening was just a simulation.

The Facade

After twelve months of counseling, Sarah seemed to be pretending that all was well. Nevertheless, Daniel was aware that it was just a show.

She attempted to show a cheerful expression to make the people near her content. But within, she was enduring the same amount of difficulty as she had on the first day. And that worried him more than anything else.

Big Act

Everything that Sarah was doing was just a big show and those close to her were able to detect it. She was fibbing to herself and all who were near her, yet it would not modify the facts.

Daniel attempted to make her comprehend that. In spite of this, the more he verbalized, the more she maintained that all was good. She was unaware of her own falsehoods.

Two Years Later

After the event that occurred two years before, Daniel felt that he and his wife were at last heading in the proper direction. She was chuckling once more, and he noticed that the laughter was natural.

She discussed the possibility of having another child. This seemed to signify great progress, didn't it? Daniel thought so too. Was he incorrect?

He Thought

Daniel was pleased that it seemed his wife had moved on from the period of grief. He detested watching her endure her sorrow in secrecy and rejoiced that her grin had come back.

He was beginning to have doubts. Had his wife really improved, or was she just pretending for his benefit?

That Night

Daniel knew that he wouldn't be able to erase the memory of that night. At 4:30 in the afternoon, Sarah sent him a text saying she was done with her job and would be home in less than half an hour.

After waiting for twenty minutes and not seeing any sign of her, he used the tracking device he had put on her car to find out that she had stopped on the side of the highway.

A Strange Call

After a short while, Daniel received a phone call from an unfamiliar number. The individual on the other side of the line declared that they were from the nearby law enforcement agency and had some inquiries related to his spouse.

Daniel was stunned. The situation would get even more dire when the cop started interrogating him. What was going on?

The Line Of Questioning

The policeman began inquiring about Sarah and their circumstances. Daniel was frank about all things. But when the official pondered if his wife would abandon him, he perceived that something was critically wrong. Then, he turned into the one who was inquiring.

The police reported that they obtained a report from an unknown source. They followed the lead and located Sarah's automobile, yet she was not anywhere nearby.


Daniel immediately thought of the episode that occurred in Alabama. He had no understanding of why it had taken place, but somehow he speculated that this situation could be connected.

He informed the police about the situation, but they weren't sure if it was relevant. They believed Sarah had fled because she was overwhelmed. Was their assumption accurate?

Could It Be?

That night Daniel couldn't quit ruminating over the occurrence at Wendy's. He considered how terrified Sarah was and why they had to escape.

Could it be that the male had found their whereabouts in Florida? Had he identified her place of employment? Was it him that pursued her? Daniel was aware that it was possible, however it was quite a stretch, wasn't it?

An Old Friend

Daniel concluded that he should make contact with somebody from Alabama. Jennifer was employed at Wendy's at the same time as Sarah, so she might have extra knowledge about the circumstance.

Once Jennifer discovered the identity of the person she was conversing with, she was more than delighted to reveal all the facts. She shared with Daniel all the details and beyond. One thing, however, remained in his thoughts.

Another Weird Call

Jennifer informed Daniel that she had been given an odd call, however it wasn't from the police. It was from Sarah.

She emphasized that Sarah was overwhelmed. She had spotted a small child on the shoulder of the road and stopped to assist. However, the conversation was cut off abruptly following a terrifying shriek from Jennifer.

The Details

Daniel obtained all of the details he could regarding the phone call. As soon as he completed the call, he phoned the nearby police station and communicated to them what he had discovered.

The police were astounded by the information they had obtained and requested to communicate with Jennifer directly. Daniel provided her contact information and started the painful wait for a response from the authorities.

Two Days Later

It took the officers 48 hours to connect with Daniel, but after they did, everything started to move quickly.

The individuals stated they had communicated with Jennifer, and she had provided them with abundant data. Nevertheless, when they were attempting to take action, they received a phone call too. Another individual was accusing Wendy's in Alabama.

A Warrant

The team had all the details they needed, so they contacted the Alabama law enforcement. The station got permission to search, and they asked Daniel to come just in case they discovered something.

Daniel hopped on the following plane and upon landing, made a beeline for the police station. Afterward, he was absolutely devastated.

What They Found

Daniel and a troop of law enforcers ventured to Wendy's. The eerie manager was perceptible from a far distance, and it was obvious that he wasn't pleased with the unexpected visit. Nevertheless, he had no other alternative.

The police officers headed to the kitchen, pushing the dishwashing area aside to uncover the room Sarah had described. To their delight, Sarah was inside and breathing.