Woman Sends Thousands To Save Boyfriend’s Son, Then Uncovers The Truth

When it comes to love, it knows no boundaries. For most, it is unconditional, and going to the ends of the earth for your respective partner is not a question.

 How Far Would You Go for the One You Loved?

For one Swedish woman, she would face the ultimate test when her new lover’s son was brutally mugged.

Could she sacrifice her financial security for a budding romance, and a young man in need?

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 The Divorce and New Possibilities

For Maria Grette, divorce never crossed her mind. Unfortunately, at the age of 62, her marriage fell apart in the most traumatic of fashions. Alone, and wondering if she would ever find love again, Maria tried to focus her energy on a career as an art teacher. She also took up painting and worked as a part-time therapist.

However, despite the distractions, Maria still longed for companionship

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Not having luck meeting a man in her daily travels, Maria decided to take the plunge and enter the world of online dating. While she had closed off herself to the possibility of ever loving again, something deep inside urged Maria to give it one last shot. After a few of her girlfriends assisted with setting up a profile, all Maria could do was wait and see.

Would anyone give Maria a second shot at happiness?

 Adventures in Online Dating

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Catching Her Eye

Messages began to pour into her inbox almost immediately, but an apprehensive Maria decided not to look at them. However, after a week or two, she had a strong urge to finally check them out to see what types of men were responding to her profile. 

What would she find?

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