Woman Rescues Sick ‘Foxes’, Vet Realizes They Are Not Foxes

A Cabin In The Woods

Nicola loved her life outside the city. She had a little cabin in the woods that provided her with the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the nature and wildlife she adored.

She was used to animals coming and going and always ran for her camera whenever she spotted one. But one picture Nicola never managed to get was that of a fox.

Rare Experience

But that changed when Nicola spotted two foxes in her backyard one day. She sprinted for her camera, hoping they’d still be there when she got back.

When she stepped out of the house, she saw that they were still there, but they weren’t acting the way she thought they would.

Strange Behavior

 Animals usually ran away when she approached them, which made sense since they were wild. But these foxes were different.

Nicola walked closer to them, and they didn’t move. They had absolutely no response to her presence. She wondered if there might’ve been something wrong with them and moved even closer to try and find out.

They Didn’t Look Okay

Nicola got so close to the foxes that she could reach out and touch them if she wanted to. And that was when she realized they didn’t look okay at all.

The foxes were incredibly skinny, and they looked weak. But that wasn’t all. Instead of the bright orange she expected, their fur was faded and dull.

Planning Their Capture

The foxes were in desperate need of medical attention, but Nicola had no idea how she would get them to a vet. Even though they looked calm, they were still wild animals that could turn on her if she tried to touch them.

She had to come up with a plan.

Organizing Some Help

Then it hit her. She could ask her neighbors, Alan and Maria, to help her catch the foxes. After a quick call, the couple agreed and made their way to Nicola’s place.

They brought their dog carrier with them so Nicola could use it to transport the foxes. Now they just had to get the two foxes into it.

Setting Up The Trap

The three of them thought about capturing the foxes for a while and decided that the best way to get them where they needed them was to put food in the carrier.

Once the foxes went in, they would close the door, and the foxes would be trapped. But what if the foxes tried to grab the food and run?

Their Plan

With that thought in mind, they came up with a plan that took it all into consideration. Nicola would hide close enough to pull the door closed with a string while not being noticed by the foxes.

And Alan and Maria would hide behind the house to chase the foxes in the right direction if they decided to escape.

A Slow Approach

Everything was set up and ready. All they had to do now was to wait for the foxes to pick up the scent of the food. And they didn’t have to wait too long.

The foxes picked up the scent and slowly approached the carrier. As soon as they got close, they picked up their pace and went inside.


Once they were in, Nicola pulled the string, and the door slammed shut. Alan and Maria then rushed in to ensure the clip was in place and the foxes wouldn’t get out.

To their surprise, the foxes were just as calm as they were when Nicola approached them. Something had to be seriously wrong for them to still be calm under the circumstances.

An Inspection

The three of them approached the cage to get a better look at the foxes. Nicola was still stunned by how calm they were and started wondering if there was more to them than met the eye.

It was almost as if they knew she was trying to help them and had willingly been captured. Could they be domesticated?

Calling The Vet

After Alan and Maria left, Nicola gave the foxes some more food and went into the cabin to call the vet.

She explained the situation to the receptionist and got a response she didn’t expect. The person on the other end of the line had no idea what to do. The vet didn’t usually treat foxes.

The Vet’s Decision

After some convincing, the receptionist asked the vet how he wanted to deal with the situation. The vet took a look at the pictures Nicola had sent through, but he couldn’t determine what was wrong like that.

He asked Nicola to bring the foxes to his office the next morning.

Doing Some Research

Nicola had no idea how to deal with foxes, and she would have to do it for an entire night. With that thought in mind, she turned to the internet.

Nicola was surprised that there was a lot of information about wild foxes on the internet and decided to further her search.

No Plausible Explanation

She tried searching for illnesses that could cause the symptoms she saw in the foxes she was taking care of. And even though there was a lot of information, none of it fit the description. She would just have to wait for the vet’s check in the morning. 

Nicola had no idea that the vet’s words would shock her to her core.