Woman Confused When Boyfriend Demands She Shower Twice Daily Until She Meets His Mom


She was shocked when her boyfriend insisted she take a shower. It was difficult for Linda to understand since she showers every morning and night like most people.

She wasn't sure what was causing her really bad body odor or what to do about it. Does her boyfriend understand what she's going through?

Off Putting

The relationship between Linda and her boyfriend of five months, Chris, didn't start off well. During a mutual friend's birthday party, Linda and Chris met, and she found Chris a little obnoxious.

Linda slowly warmed up to Chris over time as they kept bumping into each other.


Linda and Chris went on their first date after Chris asked her out. Linda was pleasantly surprised by Chris's impeccable manners.

It wasn't long before they became official, and Linda couldn't have asked for a sweeter and more attentive boyfriend. Then Chris began noticing something about her that changed everything for her.

Can You Smell It?

In the early months of their relationship, Linda noticed Chris inhaled that smell whenever they were together. Her frustration with his constant behavior grew over time.

Afterward, he kept asking her, “Do you smell that?” But Linda usually couldn’t smell anything. Linda didn't know what Chris was talking about when he said, "It smells really musty."

Growing Concern

Chris became increasingly concerned about the strange smell as the weeks passed. She saw that he was beginning to suspect that it was her. His subtle hints about hygiene and cleanliness suggested Linda should shower more often. 

In spite of her meticulous attention to her personal hygiene, Linda was unable to comprehend what was wrong.


Eventually, Chris gathered the courage to confront the issue directly. “There is a strange odor in the air when we're together, Linda. I don't know how to say it. 

Until we figure this out, you should shower more often, maybe twice a day," he suggested cautiously.


Linda found herself in a state of confusion and embarrassment after being shocked and hurt. Despite always taking care of herself, she was unable to understand why Chris was suddenly obsessed with her hygiene. 

The smell humiliated her and made her feel self-conscious. She wondered if there was a serious underlying health issue. It wasn't apparent to her that anything was wrong.

Doubting Herself

Linda spent the next few days in agony. After Chris's remarks, she started doubting herself. A severe blow to her self-esteem led her to obsessively search for answers about what might be causing the odor.

Her best friend, Sarah, was able to provide Linda with the support she needed. With tears in her eyes, she shared the whole situation with Sarah, hoping for some understanding and support. 

Another Opinion

Despite her concerns, Sarah reassured her that she didn't smell anything unusual and reminded her of the times they'd laughed together without any concern.

After visiting her doctor, Linda sought more confirmation about her concerns. After carefully examining her, the doctor discovered no underlying health problems explaining the smell. Knowing that Linda was not facing a serious health issue helped ease Linda's anxiety.

Confident Again

After the doctor's visit, Linda confronted Chris about the clean bill of health. Still, Chris maintained that he noticed the smell, insisting that he still noticed it.

Despite everything, he still smelled something. Linda began to believe that he was the problem. After all, she was fine.

Strange Encounter

After a while, Linda received an invitation from Chris to have dinner with his mother at his place. She hoped meeting his mother for the first time would strengthen their relationship, but she was both nervous and excited. 

At the same time, she was concerned about the smell issue.

Her Best Perfume

Getting ready for Chris's party, Linda had twice taken a shower before heading over. 

As she sprayed deodorant and perfume on herself, she hoped it would mask any unpleasant odor. In her heart, she knew a perfume couldn't cover up a scent that didn't exist. Knowing that she was going to be alright, she held her head high.

Dreadful Meeting

She was warmly welcomed at Chris's home by his mother, Elizabeth. Through the evening, Linda was unable to ignore Elizabeth's constant sniffing of the air. 

Linda's panic increased as she feared Chris had already discussed the issue with his mother. Is that really what Chris would do?


The evening slipped away from Linda, despite her best efforts to be present and have a good time. All eyes were on her every move, and everyone was sniffing for a scent that didn't exist.

She began sweating as a result of all the extra worry, and this really worried her. A woman drenched in sweat would surely emit an odor.

Newfound Ally And Friend

Linda was surprised when Chris's younger sister emerged as an unexpected ally. The vivacious Emma, an outspoken teen, noticed her brother and mother's odd behavior, so she decided to investigate.

As the others were discussing something, Emma approached Linda privately. A knowing smile spread across Emma's lips as she whispered, "Don't worry about them. Sometimes they can be judgemental."


Nevertheless, Linda could not avoid noticing that Chris' mom Elizabeth was talking softly to him in a hushed voice as the night progressed.

After looking directly at her, they turned away. Once again, Linda felt uneasy. Was she the object of their discussion, and why were they staring at her? Her only wish was to be swallowed up by the earth.


Linda asked Chris if everything was okay when he sat down next to her. Sniffing the air once more, he declared everything to be fine.

Linda, however, was not convinced. Her senses told her that it wasn't the truth and that they were talking about her behind her back. It humiliated her so much.


Her distressed expression was obvious to Emma. Knowing Linda was nervous, she wanted to make her feel comfortable when she met them all.

In-laws are notoriously difficult to meet for the first time. Linda seemed very uneasy and something was bothering her, but she couldn't figure out what it was.

Feeling Embarrassed

Linda’s cheeks were aching with embarrassment. She slowly and subtly brought her nose down to her armpit and sniffed, but all she could smell was her perfume. 

Everyone around her said that she smelled fine, but what if they were lying to protect her feelings? She felt like she was going to be sick, but she had no idea that this was all part of Chris’s plan. 

Sweaty Situation

She could feel the drops of sweat pouring down her back and chest. She was already in a stressful situation, and being accused of “stinking” only made it worse. 

Her head felt dizzy as she glanced out at the table of people around her. Were they all thinking about it? She wanted to disappear. She needed a moment to herself.

Watching Her

Before she knew it, she rose from her seat. All eyes were on her now, and she watched as her boyfriend and his mother pulled strange faces. 

Standing up, the smell had spread through the air. But as she glanced at everyone else around the table, they all seemed fine, like they couldn’t smell anything. Perhaps they were all just being polite.

To The Bathroom

“I will be right back, I just have to powder my nose,” She said in a shaky voice. Emma, the teenage girl, watched with worried eyes as Linda left the room in a hurry.

As she walked along the long hallway leading to the guest bathroom, she began unbuttoning her jacket. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She had never experienced anything like this before.

Hygiene Issues

She had never had a hygiene issue before, and experiencing it as an adult was overwhelming and embarrassing. She liked Chris so much, and she wanted to be perfect for him.

Tears burned behind her eyes as she pushed the bathroom door open. His mother could smell it, which meant that she was the issue. Everyone else was too polite to tell her. She had no idea what her new boyfriend was doing to her.

A Horrible Situation

The second she stepped foot into the bathroom, she locked the door behind herself. Tears freely ran down her face as she tossed her coat on the floor beside her. 

She was wet with sweat. She couldn’t smell anything on herself, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a smell. She looked around the small bathroom until her eyes landed on a useful object.

A Sponge Bath

She grabbed the tiny hand towel from beside the sink. She wet a small portion of it and grabbed the hand soap. Linda then pumped a bunch of the soap onto the wet towel and rubbed the material together.

She stared down at the soapy mess in her hands. Never did she think she would find herself taking a sponge bath at a dinner party.

No Difference

She winced when she placed the ice-cold towel against her skin. Reluctantly, she began washing under her sweaty armpits and around her neck to her chest.

The cool, soapy water was refreshing against her burning skin, but she knew it wouldn’t make a difference. She had been showering multiple times a day, and he still accused her of smelling bad. 

Ruining Her Makeup

For just a moment, she allowed the tears to run down her face. She knew that her makeup was ruined, but that didn’t matter. She just needed a moment to let it all out. 

She wanted to go home and never show her face again. Chris was such an amazing guy and she couldn’t believe how badly she had embarrassed herself before him. It was a terrible night. 

Calm Down

But after a few minutes, she opened the tap once again and rinsed the soap from the tiny towel. She looked at herself in the mirror. 

Her forehead was wet with sweat and dark streaks of makeup painted her cheeks. If she left the bathroom in this state, it would be obvious that she had been crying. She couldn’t embarrass herself further. 

Cold Water

She placed her hands under the stream of water and began rinsing her face. Her cheeks were hot with embarrassment but the cold water seemed to help calm her down.

Before long, the tears stopped streaming. She washed the streaks of makeup from her face and used the dry end of the towel to dry herself. She then raised an arm and sniffed at her armpit. She couldn’t smell anything. 

Done The Trick

Tossing the towel in a nearby laundry basket, she hoped that her quick sponge bath had done the trick. Hopefully, she would catch any more glances or whispers between Chris and his mother.

Her eyes were still a little puffy, but she thought she could disguise her tears as issued with allergies. 

Walking Back

She took short, slow steps toward the dining room. She didn’t want to face his family. For a moment, she considered heading for the front door and slipping out while no one was watching.

But Linda wasn’t that kind of woman. She knew that his family had put a lot of effort into this dinner. Stinky or not, they didn’t deserve to get stood up. 


When she walked back into the dining room, everything seemed normal. No one seemed to notice her sudden lack of makeup and red puffy eyes, except for Emma. 

The teenage girl stared at her with sympathetic eyes. She had no idea what was going on, but she could tell that Linda was a nervous wreck. 

A Difference

Linda took a seat beside Chris, hoping that her little trip to the bathroom made somewhat of a difference. But as she sat down next to him, she noticed it. 

He subtly raised his hand to his face and cupped his palm over his nose, then, he shot his mother a look. The old woman chuckled to herself and glanced at Linda. Her trip to the bathroom had made no difference. 

Conspiring Against Her

Emma noticed the look on her face and took her hand under the table. She could feel how sweaty it was. “Are you okay? You seem very uneasy about something,” Emma said.

But Linda didn’t say anything just yet. She was too busy looking at Chris and his mother and the way they were staring at each other. She felt like they were conspiring against her or something

A Strange Situation

Feeling relieved to have someone on her side, Linda confided in Emma about the strange situation with Chris and the mysterious smell that no one else seemed to notice.

 Emma's eyes widened as she listened carefully, and then she chuckled, shaking her head. "Linda, it's not you. It's them!" Emma revealed. Linda didn’t understand what Emma was saying

A Revelation

"Chris and Mom have always been a little eccentric, and they like to think they have super-sensitive senses. Sometimes they make up stuff that doesn't even exist."

The revelation shook Linda to her core. It made her question not only her relationship with Chris but also his credibility as a partner. She couldn't fathom how he could be so fixated on a non-existent smell and make her feel so inadequate.

A Shifting Perspective

As the evening progressed, Linda's once-affectionate feelings towards Chris morphed into resentment. She realized that this demand to shower twice daily was not about her hygiene but about Chris's own insecurities and controlling tendencies.

How dare he do that to her and rope his mother in as well? Linda had never seen anything like this before in her life.


Determined to stand up for herself, Linda decided to confront Chris about the truth. She asked him about Emma's revelation, hoping to hear an honest explanation. Chris hesitated at first, but eventually, he admitted that he and his mother had a peculiar habit of imagining scents that weren't there.

Linda was hurt and angry, feeling betrayed by the person she thought was her caring and supportive boyfriend. She expressed her disappointment in his behavior and demanded an apology for the emotional distress he had caused her.

The Breakup

Chris's response to Linda's confrontation was not what she expected. He became defensive and refused to acknowledge his mistake. Instead, he doubled down on his claims, insisting that there must be a smell and she was being insensitive by not recognizing it.

Realizing that Chris was unwilling to change or empathize with her feelings, Linda made the difficult decision to end the relationship. She couldn't be with someone who refused to respect her boundaries and emotions.

Heartbreak and Healing

The breakup left Linda heartbroken and shattered. She had invested so much of herself in the relationship and had genuinely believed that Chris was her "perfect" partner. 

The emotional rollercoaster took a toll on her mental well-being, and she found herself seeking therapy to heal from the traumatic experience. Linda needed to heal from the trauma that she was going through and everything that he did to her.

The Support of Loved Ones

During this trying time, Linda leaned heavily on her support system, consisting of her friends, family, and her newfound ally, Emma.

They helped her rebuild her self-esteem and reminded her of her worth. Linda also learned to trust her instincts and recognize red flags in relationships. She wasn’t going to get involved with someone who did this to her ever again.

A New Beginning

As the days turned into weeks, Linda gradually found her footing again. The pain of the breakup didn't vanish entirely, but she started to focus on self-discovery and personal growth. Linda channeled her emotions into creative endeavors, finding solace in painting and writing.

She also decided to pursue new hobbies and interests she had put on hold during her relationship with Chris. Linda joined a local hiking group, enrolled in dance classes, and even started attending meditation sessions to find inner peace.

Finding Closure

Linda knew that closure was essential for her healing journey. She reached out to Chris one last time to express her feelings and seek understanding. This time, she was calm, collected, and prepared to assert herself.

Chris didn't handle the conversation well, once again dismissing her feelings, but Linda was resolute in her decision to move forward. With this final conversation, she found the closure she needed and closed the chapter on their relationship.

A Bright Future

As time went on, Linda began to see the silver lining in her breakup. She realized that the experience taught her valuable lessons about self-worth, boundaries, and the importance of surrounding herself with supportive and loving people.

Linda started focusing on her career aspirations, working hard to achieve her professional goals. She even took a solo trip to a place she had always dreamt of visiting, embracing the freedom of being alone and discovering the beauty of self-reliance.

A True Friendship

Throughout the healing process, Emma remained a steadfast friend by Linda's side. Their bond grew stronger, and they became inseparable. Emma's genuine and caring nature helped Linda rebuild her trust in others, knowing that not everyone was like Chris.

Together, they laughed, cried, and created cherished memories, cherishing their unique friendship that blossomed from adversity.