Woman Wears A Mask Every Day, Takes It Off At Her Wedding

How She Was Described

When you asked anyone who knew her about who she was, they would all tell you the same thing. “Bianca is mysterious.”

Not even her closest friends could tell you who she was before they walked into her life. And it wasn’t because they were trying to cover for her. They simply didn’t know.

Hiding Things

Another thing they would tell you was that they were certain she was hiding things. When she was questioned, Bianca refused to talk about her past. Even those closest to her didn’t have a clue about where she came from or who she once was.

Everything that happened before she moved to town five years ago was a complete and utter mystery.

Protective Boyfriend

The more secrets she kept, the more curious everyone around her became, but there was one thing that even had strangers buzzing.

Unfortunately for them, Bianca had a very protective boyfriend who wasn’t so friendly when people mentioned her face. In fact, he had no problem making his displeasure known, even when it came to strangers.

His Reaction To Others

Lance got very upset when people stared at Bianca or talked about her face. When something like that happened, his fury was visible, and the perpetrator was happy if it ended at that.

There have even been cases where Lance got physical. On one occasion, he nearly punched a guy who made remarks. But what was that all about?

What Is Up With Her Face?

Her friends were wondering the exact same thing. They silently observed her face, and over time, they came to the conclusion that it just couldn’t be real.

They were convinced that Bianca was wearing some kind of mask and wondered if Lance knew about it. But it didn’t make any sense.


If he knew, he wouldn’t be overreacting the way he did. But how was it possible for a man that was in a long-term relationship with her not to know?

That raised doubts for some of her friends, but others were certain it had to be a mask. There just wasn’t any other explanation for her face looking so strange.

Disappearing From Public Eyes

With all the gossip and rumors going around, Bianca and Lance decided to step away from the public for a while. They stopped going to their public hangouts and started seeing their family and friends less often.

The problem was that their disappearance raised more questions than answers, especially when they decided to take a break from social media without informing anyone.

Missing Person’s Report

The couple had secretly gone on holiday, and even though they had a ball, they would later come to regret it.

While they were away, their friends started getting concerned and posted missing person information about them on social media. They even included a picture of the pair. That would come to be something that could ruin their friendship.

Hurtful Comments

The post went viral but not for the reason the friends wanted it to. The image was shared worldwide by people making fun of Bianca’s face.

They even included comments like “Hope she goes missing forever. I don't want to ever see that face in person.” The things they said would be very hurtful if Bianca ever saw them, so her friends tried to cover it up but to no avail.

His Proposal

While on vacation far away and unaware of what was happening on social media Lance proposed to his beloved. Bianca had tears of joy running down her cheeks as she accepted and not long after the couple returned home.

They had no idea what they would find when they arrived.

Flooded Social Media Pages

When Lance and Bianca got back home they were in a fantastic mood. But that quickly changed when they looked at their social media accounts which were jam-packed with messages.

Bianca had messages from people asking her to show them what was under the mask. Where people went on Lance’s page to ask if he was wearing a mask too. It was devastating but not as terrible as what lie ahead of them.


Bianca’s face quickly led to a new hashtag being formed. People were certain she was wearing a mask and they were determined to find out what was behind it.

But Bianca wasn’t planning on doing what anyone online asked. Sure she was upset about the comments and requests but that didn’t mean she’d do anything to help the phase die down.

Preparing For The Wedding

Since Bianca and Lance had a wedding to plan they started spending more time outside and with the internet still buzzing about her face a lot of people discreetly questioned the couple. But they never got any answers.

When it came to the friends that originally posted the picture that caused all the fuss, Bianca had cut them off completely. Even though they tried to do a good deed it didn’t go unpunished.

Sending Out Invitations

But things changed when the wedding invitations were sent out. Bianca and Lance invited those friends as well as everybody else to their upcoming wedding.

Their friends were shocked but weren’t going to give up an opportunity to make amends. Little did they know that they were in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Telling Him The Truth

One night Lance was hanging out with a few of their old friends. And even though the rules about mentioning Bianca’s face still stood he was the one breaking the silence after a few drinks.

Lance told his friends that Bianca confessed to wearing a mask. She had been doing so for their entire relationship and when he asked her to take it off she refused. He didn’t know what to do. Should he leave? Or should he stay?