Woman Cleans Husband's Workshop, Finds Out He Was Lying The Whole Time

A Tragic Loss

Betty had recently lost her husband, Wilbert. It was a heavy loss not only for her but for her children as well.

However, Betty knew she couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. She had to get the house cleared up because everything she saw reminded her of her late husband. Little did she know that he was keeping things from her.

Financial Instability

When Wilbert died, he didn’t leave anything behind to ensure his wife’s financial stability. She didn’t blame him, though. They had both retired and didn’t make any additional income anyway.

However, Betty was making less per month now, and her expenses were almost the same. So she was in a bit of a difficult situation.

Cleaning Up

However, at that moment, Betty’s focus was on removing all the things that brought up memories that saddened her. She decided she’d start with the kitchen.

It was quick work, so she made her way around the house until everything, including the bedroom, was cleared. She had only one area left—Wilburt’s workshop.

The Workshop

After Wilburt retired, he started spending a lot of time in there. He always claimed that he was tinkering with machinery. It was easy to believe since he wasn’t the type who enjoyed sitting around and doing nothing.

Since it made him happy, Betty didn’t bother him. In fact, this would be the first time she actually got a good look at what he was doing in there. What she found would shock her.

Why Was It Locked?

Betty made her way to the workshop and was surprised to find that it was locked. She didn’t understand why her husband would do something like that. But she had a job to do, so she called a locksmith to help her out.

The locksmith picked the lock in a matter of minutes. Betty paid him, and he left, allowing her to go explore. But she didn’t expect it to look the way it did.

So Much Dust

When Betty stepped in, she realized that a thick layer of dust was covering everything in sight. It was as if the place had never been used. But surely that couldn’t be. Wilburt spent hours in there every day.

And that amount of dust couldn’t possibly have built up in the weeks since he passed. She started wondering what her husband was really doing in there.

Looking Around

Betty walked around the workshop, which was packed with machines and tools. It was rather difficult to move through them since there was so much. But literally everything was covered with dust.

The deeper she went, the more suspicious she became. Had her husband really been lying to her all those years? Was he just trying to get away from her?

A Cleaner Spot

But then, something caught Betty’s eye. Beneath a small workbench, there was a spot that was cleaner than everything else.

It also looked like the workbench had been tampered with or moved not too long ago. Betty wanted to find out more, but the bench was too heavy for her to move on her own.

Calling Her Son

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to uncover the truth on her own, Betty called her son Mike. She told him the whole story. Mike was intrigued and promised his mother that he would come by as soon as he got a chance.

Within a few hours, he arrived at the house and met his mother.

Mike Was Excited

Mike didn’t want to waste any time. He was excited to see what his mother discovered and what they would end up finding when they explored further.

Betty also wanted to know what was going on in there, so she led her son to the workshop. Mike quickly lifted the bench and was amazed to find something beneath it.

A Trap Door

Hidden beneath the bench was a trap door that hadn’t been locked. Mike quickly flipped it open and peeked inside.

It was dark, and all he could see was that there was a flight of stairs. It was a strange discovery since there was no basement in that section of Betty’s property. Where would it lead them?

Deciding To Go In

Mike and Betty both wanted to know what Wilbert had been up to while he was still alive, so they decided to go in.

They had no idea what they would find or where they would end up, but they were determined to find the truth. If Wilbert wasn’t tinkering with stuff, what was he doing?

A Set Of Stairs

Mike took the lead. He descended the stairs while helping his mother down. It was dark, and he didn’t want her to get hurt, so he decided it was the best way to do it.

But when they reached the bottom, they found something else that shocked them. How could it be? How did Wilburt do all that without attracting attention?

Long Passage

In front of them, there was a long narrow passage. They had already gone that far and decided they would go the rest of the way.

Maybe they would find the truth when they reached the other side. But things were already more complicated than they ever expected. Could it really become more complicated?

More Stairs

When they got to the other side of the passage, they found yet another set of stairs that would lead them out.

Things were getting more suspicious with each step they took. But they found something completely unexpected when Mike pushed open the new hatch. Suddenly they were in a parking garage on another property.