Widow Inherits Key From Late Husband, Opens His 70-Year-Old Safe

Suspicious Behavior

For their entire relationship, Maggy had been suspicious of her husband, Peter. He never wanted to let her in when it came to the important details of his life.

It bothered her initially, but with time it became the norm, and she stopped asking. But near the end, his behavior started getting even more suspicious.

The Home Of Their Dreams

Over the years, Maggy and Peter spoke about what their dream home would look like. And after they retired, they decided to build it. That was when Peter’s strange request emerged.

He insisted on having an office space of his own even though they were both retired. Maggy thought it was strange but never considered that she wouldn’t be allowed in at all.

Peter Passes Away

Then, one day, Peter unexpectedly passed away, and Maggy was all alone. It was the one thing she hated most, but there was nothing she could do to change the situation.

Her daughter lived in another country, so Peter was all she had left. Now it was just her, the big empty house, and Peter’s locked office.

His Precious Key

Maggy stared down at the old key that was cradled in her hands. Peter had never parted with it before. He always kept it on him and even had it hanging on his neck when he went to sleep.

It was the key to the office Maggy was never allowed to enter. She had a chance now but wasn’t sure if she should take it.

Their Daughter Comes Home

Maggy and Peter's daughter, Eva, had flown in for the funeral and told her mother how bad she felt about not visiting more often. But that wasn’t the only thing she had in mind.

She had come across the still-locked office and wanted to know more about it. Eva started questioning her mother.

Questions About His Locked Office

The first thing she wanted to know was if she could go in, but Maggy refused. She told her daughter that she never had the key and was still looking for it.

Maggy had lied to her daughter about the key because she didn’t want Eva to go into the office. She didn’t want anyone to go in yet.

Not Ready For The Truth

The truth was that Maggy wasn’t ready to face whatever it was that she would find in there. She knew that Peter was hiding something in his office, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out what that was.

For now, she would just pretend it didn’t exist, and when she was ready, she would find the truth.

The Day Of The Funeral

On the day of Peter’s funeral, Maggy got ready and headed downstairs, but on her way out, she saw Eva trying to pick the lock to Peter’s office.

“Don’t bother, darling. The lock won’t budge,” Maggy said and continued her walk. But Eva didn’t miss the old key that her mother wore around her neck.

She Was Angry

While at Peter’s funeral, Maggy was utterly devastated. She wasn’t ready to part with him yet, and she didn’t want to be alone in their home either.

But sadness wasn’t the only thing she felt. Maggy was angry with Peter for keeping things from her and for not saying goodbye properly.

Letting It Go

Over the next few days, Maggy considered going into Peter’s office, but she decided against it. She wanted to remember her husband for the man he was when they were together, not the man he was behind closed doors.

A month had gone by, and Maggy had all but forgotten about the office, but that suddenly changed one day.

Missing Peter

On that day, Maggy was feeling terribly lonely. She missed Peter and wanted something that would remind her of him.

She had nothing particular in mind. It could be an old photo of the two of them or a book he read before he died. Anything that would help her feel that connection again would work.

The Key Comes To Mind

Maggy started searching the house for something that would offer her comfort. She had gone through the entire downstairs area and found nothing, so she headed upstairs.

All she wanted was to feel the love they shared again, but most of Peter’s things had already been packed away. She walked down the hall, and suddenly, she felt something strange.

Passing His Office

Peter’s office was a few steps from where she was standing, and Maggy couldn’t help but feel drawn to the room. She didn’t know why it affected her, but every time she walked past it, she got the same feeling.

She didn’t have the key on her, though. She had kept it in a drawer in her room since the funeral.

A Sudden Urge

An urge to put the key around her neck overwhelmed Maggy. She didn’t know why it happened or what it meant. All she knew was that she needed to have the key close to her heart.

She rushed to her room, pulled out the drawer, and gasped at the sight that greeted her.

It’s Gone

The key wasn’t in her drawer or anywhere around it. Maggy was frantic. She looked all over but couldn’t find it.

She wondered if Eva might’ve taken it when she visited or if someone had broken into the house and stolen it. She was certain she had put the key in that drawer. So where could it have gone?