Firefighters Wonder Why Chef Guy Fieri Is Hanging Around Wildfires

What Was Guy Fieri Doing At A Wildfire

He had never witnessed a blaze spread as fast before. He intended to return to the campground to take a break. However, then he noticed an additional plume of white smoke and realized it was emanating from their own campsite.

He detected an aroma of burning charcoal and lighter fluid, and he realized he had to ask for assistance.


Several blazes were blazing throughout California, destroying entire communities and compelling people to abandon their residences. These fires have been deemed the most catastrophic in the Golden State's annals.

No one should have risked getting near the blaze, but to the surprise of the police and fire personnel, an unanticipated individual showed up.

Striding Through The Camp

The brave individuals who put in consistent effort to extinguish the blaze had a hard task in front of them. They labored for 24 hours straight and then could take a break and unwind in secure encampments near the gigantic blazes.

One day, something caught their attention. There was an individual walking through the area with firmness and vanished into the forest.

A New Threat

Brave firefighters, law enforcement officers, and helpers put in a lot of effort to stop the flames, and then, all of a sudden, there was another wave of smoke coming from the trees in their resting place.

The firefighters noticed that the fire had just been started and realized something was not right. They were surprised because it had gone around the fire barriers.

Where There's Smoke

Intense storms of burning red-hot pieces of wood poured down from the sky, and 72,500 homes were still in the area of the fire. Firefighter Stuart Chavez was determined not to let the campground be destroyed, as it was the only spot where the courageous firefighters fighting the fire could have a break between shifts.

Chavez began to trace the smoke from the fresh blaze within the campgrounds, and then he detected an aroma that made the hair on his arms stand up.

An Intentional Fire

As Chavez drew near the greyish mist in the campsite, he could detect the familiar strong odour of charcoal and lighter fluid. However, there was another smell beneath the smoke and it instilled him with fear.

The thought of arson can bring dread to a firefighter. Was someone intentionally starting new blazes? What was the reason for the strong smell of fuel while they were all striving to extinguish the flames?

The Cause

The raging fires had incinerated 20,000 acres of land, and Chavez started to think if somebody had started the fires on purpose. He was aware that often times the cause of wildfires in America was the irresponsible behaviour of humans, even if it was not always done with malicious intent.

Now, it appeared that an individual was setting fires in the firefighter's campground. Chavez was eager to take action as he raced towards the recent smoke.

A Burning Smell

Chavez arrived at the open space and there were numerous evacuees congregated there, around the thick smoke. They appeared worn out and smudged with dust, some had their most prized possessions grasped close to their hearts, and some were holding onto their furry friends and little ones.

Everyone was completely stunned and couldn't believe what was happening. He slowly moved through them. Suddenly, a woman who was wearing ragged clothing grabbed his arm.

The Source

She couldn't believe her eyes and spoke in a hushed tone, "It's Guy Fieri!" Chavez was puzzled. He knew that the eatery owned by Guy Fieri in town had been shut down and had left to escape the fires as well.

He approached the area, pushing through the crowd, and when he got closer he understood the reason. The smoke was so thick it was almost blinding, and he could detect the aroma of burning flesh.

BBQ Brigade

Chavez was astounded. It was in fact Guy Fieri who had started the fire, and he was in the camp, minding his barbeque. The aroma of cooked pork belly permeated the atmosphere.

It became apparent that Guy Fieri had become aware of the remarkable strength these individuals consistently showed. He did not have the necessary qualifications or knowledge to battle blazes, yet he was aware of one gift he could use to help.


When the officers drew near, they were astonished by this person's generosity. Rather than fleeing away from the blaze, he rushed towards it to assist those who required aid.

The administrators established a camp that also served as a short-term dwelling for those who had been removed from the vicinity. Guy Fieri was aware of how to cause happiness for these individuals.

Full Bellies, Lifted Spirits

The Butte County Sheriff's personnel were overwhelmed with appreciation. Everyone who was fighting to shield and save Californians from these devastating fires was very happy when they saw what this remarkable cook was doing and posted an image and caption on Twitter.

Guy Fieri stopped by unexpectedly to give dinner to all the people working at the Butte College police staging area. We are immensely grateful to him for satisfying our hunger and boosting our morale.

Home Cooked Meals

Guy made homemade dinners for everyone that included pulled pork and other scrumptious meals. His generosity did wonders in cheering up the people after they had gone through so many depressing days.

He demonstrated to everyone how amazing he is with his actions, thus, emerging as a true champion. The officers had no idea that this would not be the final time they would be in the presence of Guy Fieri.

Not The First Time

This exceptional individual had already stepped in to help before. In 2017, when deadly fires were raging in Santa Rosa, California, he made sure those who had to evacuate were not left hungry.

He erected a shelter with a different cook and started to nourish thousands of individuals, “I am not advancing anything. I am just here cooking. This is providing sustenance. People require assistance, and I am here to help. That's all there is to it.”

BBQ Relief

Guy Fieri and some other chefs in the area partnered with Operation BBQ Relief, a non-profit organization that aims to show sympathy and offer assistance to individuals coping with misfortunes in the U.S.

The individuals in this collective provided meals to many thousands of those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey before that same year, and this was their first time helping out with a disaster in California. There is no way to accurately express the joy that they spread to an abundance of individuals.

Fruitful Labor

Fieri's attempts to make the public content were extremely successful. He brought joy to the people in 2017, and he repeated this accomplishment in 2018.

The police and staff joined together, taking pleasure in one another's presence by eating, chuckling, and looking at pictures. Despite this, there remained a considerable amount of labor to be accomplished.


Regretably, despite numerous days of hard work trying to stop the wildfires, they kept on spreading. On November 21st, 2018, the blaze was largely confined to an area of 80%. Unluckily, the remaining 20% that was still ablaze was dangerous.

The firefighters and police had been toiling non-stop for over two weeks and it didn't seem as if they would be able to go home for the festive season. Fortunately, the mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, had a brilliant concept.

World Central Kitchen

He could not understand why so many people would be away from their house for Thanksgiving so he had an incredible idea - to bring Thanksgiving to them. Celebrity cooks Guy Fieri and Jose Andres put his concept into action.

On the twenty-second of November, he returned to "Camp Fire" and pitched his "World Central Kitchen" tent.


On Thursday, two famous personalities joined a group of chefs to prepare a large amount of Thanksgiving meals for people who have been affected by the destructive fire in Northern California.

It was predicted that 150,000 people would get assistance, and upon hearing about their remarkable work, volunteers eagerly offered to help.


Over 800 individuals donated their time to help Guy Fieri and Andres put on a Thanksgiving dinner.

On this Thanksgiving, what we can do the least is to join together to give the people what they should have: love and assistance, one meal at a time," Andrés declared in a Thursday morning Twitter video.


Guy Fieri later shared an image expressing gratitude for the firefighters and police officers who have been working tirelessly for several weeks to fight the flames.

In between cooking up food and setting the kitchen on fire, Guy Fieri paused to take pictures with people from the Butte County Sheriff's Department, Sacramento Police Department, and Auburn Police Department.

Many Pictures

The Auburn Police Department, delighted over the help that the chef had given them, shared a photograph on their Twitter page.

Guy is making a pulled pork feast for everyone tonight. He wants to thank the people who are helping out, for all their efforts. We really appreciate Guy's time, assistance, and fantastic meal. #ButteCounty.


Guy Fieri shared news whenever he could to keep everyone updated. He uploaded a picture of the fires to his own Instagram account and wrote:

"Today's chaotic environment is amazing, because our firefighters, armed forces, law enforcement personnel, and emergency responders have joined forces to help our towns and cities that have been destroyed by flames."

Heart Of Gold

Rise to your feet; don't be intimidated; and go for it," Guy Fieri exhorted Refinery29, "Don't shy away from it. What a remarkable deed!

All the people at the camp were incredibly surprised when they saw what was happening; they still found it difficult to believe that Guy Fieri had given the hardworking firefighters and police a big shock by bringing them food and cooking it for them.

7000 Lbs

At the crack of dawn on Thursday, Fieri began his day. He made sure to share his activity with all of his followers, posting on Twitter, "We are working hard at 5 o'clock this morning. We're going to be smoking 7000 pounds of turkey on 6 smokers!

He had no clue; the heroic folks were about to demonstrate to the chef how wonderful they are.

Officers Helping

News spread that Fieri was going to give a Thanksgiving feast to those who required it, and immediately a multitude of people showed up, but not to partake of the food, rather to lend a hand.

Officials made a surprise visit to the camp and instead of expecting them to take a plate, they took aprons instead which shocked everyone.

Feed Soldiiers

Major General Beevers lent a hand to nourish the troops who were toiling in the area, but he was not the only one. When they realized the situation, firefighters, police officers, and military personnel all joined in.

Fieri was overwhelmed by the help, he never anticipated they would do something like that.

Helpful In So Many Ways

I had anticipated that Cal fire would arrive to savor the cuisine, but instead they appeared to lend a helping hand for Thanksgiving," the famous cook declared.

An increasing number of people were arriving at the camp and Fieri assumed they were there to have their meal, however, he was incorrect. They had come to lend a hand!

Thanksgiving Dinner

A great many individuals attended the Camp's Thanksgiving feast, and it was only possible due to Guy Fieri. Most of the participants were unfamiliar to one another, yet they had one thing in common - suffering and resilience.

Everybody discussed what they were grateful for in spite of the horrible disaster. Virginia Partain, a teacher at Paradise High, declared, "I'm still alive. All my students got away safely. They are all living. I still have faith.


Slowly but surely, the blaze was brought under control, yet distressingly a great number of persons were still missing. The ravaging fire had compelled over 27,000 individuals to take refuge in safe havens.

On Thanksgiving Day, Guy Fieri provided everyone with something to be appreciative for: optimism and bravery to protect and serve, to struggle and never surrender.