When This Woman’s Phone Fell Into The Ocean, A Creature Came To The Surface

20. An Unexpected Plunge

Image: Shutterstock

One of the more popular tourist attractions these days is taking a boat tour. Whether you want to see dolphins, whales or even sharks, this type of excursion is quite popular for those taking a cruise or a coastal vacation.

For one woman, her trip out on a boat would result in her phone taking an unexpected swim; however, it was WHAT returned her phone that was even more shocking…


19. A Fun Day on the Water

Image: Pinterest

Miami Heat dancer, Teressa Cee was simply looking for a fun day on the water with her friends. Vacationing in the Bahamas, she had booked a boat tour to go dolphin watching and even swim with them.

Of course, not everything was going to go to plan.


18. Fun in the Water

Image: Metro

At first, the day perfect. The sun was shining, the dolphins were chipper and the dive was an experience of a lifetime. Sadly, Teressa was about to learn how quickly a single moment can damper your day.

17. The Lone Phone

Image: Daily Mail

While Teressa was playing in the water with her newfound aquatic friends, she had left her phone on the boat. Of course, this was a big mistake…you won’t believe what happens next!