When This Woman’s Phone Fell Into The Ocean, A Creature Came To The Surface

20. An Unexpected Plunge

One of the more popular tourist attractions these days is taking a boat tour. Whether you want to see dolphins, whales or even sharks, this type of excursion is quite popular for those taking a cruise or a coastal vacation.

For one woman, her trip out on a boat would result in her phone taking an unexpected swim; however, it was WHAT returned her phone that was even more shocking…

19. A Fun Day on the Water

Miami Heat dancer, Teressa Cee was simply looking for a fun day on the water with her friends.

Vacationing in the Bahamas, she had booked a boat tour to go dolphin watching and even swim with them. Of course, not everything was going to go to plan.

18. Fun in the Water

At first, the day perfect. The sun was shining, the dolphins were chipper and the dive was an experience of a lifetime. 

Sadly, Teressa was about to learn how quickly a single moment can damper your day.

17. The Lone Phone

While Teressa was playing in the water with her newfound aquatic friends, she had left her phone on the boat. 

Of course, this was a big mistake…you won’t believe what happens next!

16. Into the Depths

Unfortunately, for Teressa one of her friends accidentally knocked her phone into the water. 

All she could do was watch in horror as it plunged into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Would she be able to retrieve it?

15. One Smart Dolphin

Meanwhile, one of the dolphins the group was swimming with took notice of the strange object splashing into its domain.

Curiosity taking over, the dolphin dove down to the bottom of the ocean. What could it possibly be doing?

14. Returning the Phone

The dolphin, whose name was Cacique, quickly retrieved the phone and swam back to the surface. Teressa was shocked, but also overjoyed. 

This sweet dolphin had been smart enough to know her phone was a valuable possession.

13. Viral Sensation

Teressa actually captured the entire moment on video and quickly uploaded it to her Facebook page. 

Of course, it ended up being shared thousands of times, quickly going viral. Teressa had this to say about the incident.

12. A Story Like No Other

“While in the Bahamas, I had the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins on #BlueLagoonIsland. We were filming on this floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

So, against my better judgment, I asked someone to hold my phone for me and he accidentally dropped my phone into water and it sank to the bottom. Cacique, the dolphin, actually retrieved my phone and brought it back up to me. Cutest thing ever!”

11. Dolphins and Temperament

While many people were surprised by how friendly the dolphin was, in reality, dolphins are known to be quite friendly with humans.

In fact, a group of surfers had an encounter with a group of dolphins that changed their lives forever.

10. Catching the Waves

A group of surfers in Australia were catching the waves one day when something absolutely shocking happened.

As they were about to catch a wave, something dark rose up about of the waves.

9. Paralyzed with Fear

At first, the only thing the surfers could see were several dark fins rising up out of the water.

Terrified, they expected the worst. Were they about to come face-to-face with a group of sharks?

8. A Pod of Dolphins

Thankfully, as the waves rolled over, fear turned to relief and amazement. 

The fins actually belonged to a friendly pod of dolphins. Some of the dolphins even popped up to the surface to greet their new friends.

7. Captured on Video

The entire encounter was captured on video by a drone hovering over the surfers that had been meant to film them riding the waves. 

We personally think was a much cooler event to document.

6. Once in a Lifetime Experience

One surfer who has been on the water for 25 years said he encountered a similar situation.

“I nearly fell off when the first one jumped and had to regain myself while one after the other they jumped out of the wave. It was mind-blowing and I feel really lucky to have that happen.”

5. Multiple Species of Dolphin

With all of these dolphin encounters happening around the world, you might be interested to know that there are over 40 different species of dolphin.

While most species stick to the ocean, there are several species that can survive in freshwater.

4. Extremely Caring Creatures

As you can see from the encounters we’ve mentioned, dolphins are very sweet. In fact, they are known to care for their own when they are sick, injured or elderly. 

Known as a pod, they will stick together in the best and worst of times.

3. Very Intelligent

A dolphin would have to be intelligent if it were to recognize a phone and bring it back to its owner and research agrees.

Scientists believe that when it comes to brain-to-body ratio, dolphins come in second to humans.

2. Encounters Across the Globe

All over the world, people are experiencing amazing encounters with these majestic creatures.

Whether out in the wild or in captivity, dolphins continue to capture the hearts of humans. Honestly, we can see why.

1. An Experience She’ll Never Forget

For Teressa, what was supposed to have been a typical day swimming with the dolphins turned into so much more.

A chance encounter that she will most likely remember for the rest of her life. We hope we can get up close and personal with a dolphin one day.