When This Woman Saw A Squirrel Desperate for Help, She Knew She Couldn’t Let Nature Take Over

The natural world around us is simply amazing. You may not think twice about it, but all of the animals on this planet, no matter how ordinary they can seem, are actually quite fascinating. They all contribute to the planet’s ecosystem in their own little way and assist our environment in thriving day-to-day. 

For one woman, animals were what brought her the most joy, so when she saw a squirrel struggling to eat in her yard, she knew she had to investigate. Young, undernourished and dealing with a major dental problem, Jannet Talbott knew if she didn’t help the poor squirrel he would die.

Thankfully, living on a ranch, Jannet knew her way around animals and decided to give the squirrel a shot at a normal life.

20. Regular Squirrel Visits

Living in the countryside of Canada, Jannet Talbott has spent many days feeding squirrels in her years. 

However, one day she noticed one particular squirrel that looks very odd. Struggling to eat, Talbott decided to investigate and discovered an animal desperately in need of her help.

19. The Double J Freedom Ranch

Living and working at the Double J Freedom Ranch on the outskirts of Alberta, Canada, Talbott has grown familiar with the many different creatures living on her land. 

Not only did she raise horses and cattle, but she also loved rescuing dogs in need of a home.

18. Strong Compassion for Animals

According to Talbott, her love and compassion for animals started when she was a young girl. 

As an adult, it became her mission to rescue animals in need and had traveled to and from Mexico several times to rescue stray dogs who needed a home.

17. All Creatures, Great & Small

Despite Talbott’s favoritism towards her canine friends, she loves all animals big and small. Therefore, when she saw the little squirrel in need, her heart shattered.

Then, she decided to hatch a plan to help him out of his odd predicament. You won’t believe what this poor squirrel was going through.

16. A Squirrel in Need

When Talbott first noticed the squirrel in her backyard, first impressions were it was abnormally thin. 

However, upon closer inspection, she realized the poor creature’s teeth were radically overgrown.

15. Strange Tooth

“I saw this squirrel with this huge tooth coming out his mouth and it curled right around and it was dangerously close to its eye,” she told the local news. 

“And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh. That’s not good. I’m going to trap this guy and get that tooth fixed for him.’”

14. Setting A Trap

Talbott originally planned to set a live trap for the squirrel, but when she noticed it perched on her bird feeder, she knew she had to snare him while the opportunity was there. 

No matter what, she was going to help that poor squirrel.

13. Serious Dental Problems

Once the little guy was caught, Talbott realized his teeth were worse than she had initially thought. 

Both the upper and lower incisors had grown so much that they now curled back into the little guy’s mouth. There was no way he could possibly continue on in such a state.

12. Unable to Eat

Due to his mess of a mouth, it became quite obvious why the squirrel looked so malnourished. But how had he survived this long? 

Talbott concluded he was likely surviving on the ground-up food she scattered on the ground for her wild finches, but even then it wasn’t enough to nourish his body properly.

11. Time To Do Research

In order to help him and correct his out-of-control teeth, Talbott began to research rodents. She discovered that squirrels have teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. 

Usually, it’s not a problem because the incisors are ground down when they eat. However, if the teeth are damaged or grown in wrong, it can lead to overgrowth.

10. Growing Out of Control

Talbott knew the poor squirrel needed urgent dental care if it was going to survive. If the teeth continued to grow they would eventually pierce his skull and he would die a very slow and painful death. 

Talbott told the CBC, “He couldn’t live much longer the way he was, because he couldn’t actually chew his food.”

9. Investigating Squirrel Dentistry

Refusing to let her knew furry friend starve to death, Talbott began to research a crash course in rodent dentistry. 

She knew it would be a challenge, but she was determined to make the procedure a success.

8. A Quick & Painless Surgery

After she had watched enough videos to feel confident in performing the procedure, Talbott set out to make the squirrel comfortable. 

She wrapped him tightly in a towel so he couldn’t move and covered his eyes so he wouldn’t see what she was doing. Finally, equipped with a pair of nail clippers, she easily snipped off the overgrown teeth.

7. An Excellent Patient

The little squirrel was on his best behavior through the entire procedure, and Talbott believed he knew she was trying to help him. 

In an interview with The Dodo, Talbott revealed, “It took under ten minutes. He was totally relaxed the whole time. It was kind of serious dentistry, but he was such a good patient.”

6. Recovering Nicely

After the procedure, Talbott kept the squirrel inside her home to make sure he recovered okay. 

She decided to name him “Bucky” because of his teeth. Once Bucky began to show signs of energy, she knew it was time to release him back into the wild.

5. Backyard Release

Immediately after Bucky’s release, it seemed he was determined to give his new teeth a trial run. 

“I put him back in the tree and he was so happy,” Talbott stated to the local media. “He rubbed his little cheeks all on the bark like he couldn’t believe that tusk was gone.”

4. A New Lease on Life

It wouldn’t take long for Bucky to adjust to his newfound dental freedom, all the while discovering his appreciation for better foods.

According to Talbott, he’s back to eating at the feeder, only this time he’s enjoying the nuts!

3. An Unknown Future

Unfortunately, Bucky’s teeth will continue to grow like they did before, but hopefully this time they will grind down as they are supposed to. 

If not, Talbott says she would happily help him again if necessary.

2.  Loving All Critters

Just as she helped Bucky, Talbott’s commitment to helping animals is stronger than ever. “We share this planet with animals,” Talbott told The Dodo. 

“It’s important we do our part and show compassion when we can.”

1. Inspiring Others to Help Animals

For Talbott, helping animals is just a natural part of her life and she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

“If what I did for Bucky inspires someone else to help an animal in need, that is honestly a dream come true for me.”