When This Man’s Mother Passed Away, He Discovered A Package Filled with Treasures

Gone Too Soon

Image: YouTube

When Justin’s mother passed away in 2014, he was left heartbroken and confused. After a desperate battle with Huntington’s disease, his mom was finally at peace, but Justin was left picking up the pieces of her life, discovering sweet reminders of their time together. It was during this time that Justin discovered treasures from his mother’s past.

These items would soon reveal a side to his mother he never knew existed, shedding light on a woman that was so much more than people knew.


An Important Role

Image: Salon

Justin remembered his mother being one of his strongest allies. She always cheered him on in school and supported all of his endeavors. She was also his best friend. For most adult children, it’s impossible to know how important a mother is until they are no longer around.


Special Finds

Image: Artifact Uprising

Many times, as children search through their parent’s belongings, they can find something completely unexpected. It’s a gateway into the hidden life of a person, a side to them that many times the family didn’t even know existed.

For Justin, he would soon realize his mother was so much more.

Fighting Through the Pain

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Posting on social media, Justin revealed he had always known his mother to be fighting against her illness. However, she never let her disease get the best of her. Although Justin never thought of her as being physically fit, she never showed signs of weakness.