When This Flight Attendant Heard A Strange Voice On The Intercom She Rushed To The Front Of The Plane

When This Flight Attendant Heard A Strange Voice On The Intercom She Rushed To The Front Of The Plane
Image: Alaska Airlines

15. A Strange Voice

Image: Alaska Airlines

For one flight attendant, a normal day on the job would be one filled with confusion when a strange voice came over the intercom. Unaware of what was about to take place, she immediately rushed to the front of the plane.

Let’s just say she was in for the surprise of her life.

14. Taking to the Skies

Image: One Mile At a Time

Brandy Hollenbeck always wanted to be a flight attendant. It simply was in her blood. Living in Anchorage, Alaska, Brandy spent most of her time in the skies working for Alaska Airlines.

Let’s just say her job was anything but normal.

13. An Office at 34,000 Feet

Image: Trip Advisor

Working as a flight attendant can be quite exciting. Not only do you get new people on a daily basis, but sometimes the unexpected can happen.

It would be a flight in March 2015 that would change Brandy’s life forever.

12. A Normal Day on the Job

Image: Youtube/AlaskaAirlines

The flight that would change Brandy’s life started normal enough. She was working the “milk run” which in aviation speak meant they were traveling a route to bring essential goods to the rural Alaskan communities. With the plane taking off as planned, Brandy began to serve refreshments to her passengers.

Then a strange voice came through the intercom.

11. The Beginning of a Story

Image: YouTube/Alaska Airlines

The strange voice seemed familiar to Brandy, but she wasn’t quite sure. The man on the intercom began telling the passengers a romantic tale. While the passengers were enraptured by the love story, Brandy continued to work, only partially paying attention.

Who could the strange man be?

10. The Story Continues

Image: SkitterPhoto

The unidentified man weaved a tale of fate, where he explained his mother had met a wonderful flight attendant one day. Then low and behold, he had the pleasure of meeting her too.

Could this be someone on the light?

9. A Story to Make Anyone Swoon

Image: Business Insider

The man continued on, “About two years ago I happened to meet this beautiful blonde flight attendant, who was sitting there, chowing down on a double cheeseburger. It was at that moment, I knew I had to get her into my life.”

Would the man have the courage to talk to her?

8. The Woman for Him

Image: One Mile At a Time

According to the man telling the story, he knew a flight attendant who had the courage to eat a huge cheeseburger in the airport terminal was a woman had to get to know. In a bold move, he walked over to her and introduced himself. From that day on, the two were inseparable.

7. The Whirlwind Romance Begins

Image: Chutterback

The man continued to tell the passengers about how the two of them hit it off quickly and after one date they embarked on a roller coaster romance. Now, the mystery man wanted to share his story for all the world to hear (well, at least the plane).

6. Brandy Begins to Get Suspicious

Image: YouTube.com/Alaska Airlines

As the tale continued over the intercom, Brandy admitted that while she was serving coffee the story did seem slightly familiar. At one point she realized someone told her love story, but instead of questioning the situation, she continued to serve passengers.

5. The Proposal that Changed Everything

Image: Youtube/Alaska Airlines

As Brandy continued down the aisle, the man said something that made her stop dead in her tracks. There was no way she could ignore the man on the intercom. He went on to say, “Brandy Hollenbeck, I’ve loved you since the first moment I met you, and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life.”

4. The Man Behind the Intercom

Image: Daily Mail UK

Overcome with emotion, Brandy searched for the source of the voice. It was then, Eric Greener, her pilot boyfriend emerged from the flight. The sneaky and charming young man had snuck onto the plan so he could propose.

But would she say yes?

3. Running Towards Her Future

Image: YouTube.com/Alaska Airlines

Brandy couldn’t contain herself the moment she saw Eric emerge from the cockpit. She immediately ran down the aisle and into his arms. The passengers erupted into applause as they waited for her to say “yes.”

Of course, she decided to keep them in suspense.

2. Yes or No?

Image: YouTube/Alaska Airlines

Brandy told Inside Edition during an interview that she was so overwhelmed that she had forgotten to say yes. Of course, she agreed to marry him right then and there. It just took a moment to find the words.

We can’t imagine how excited she was.

1. How Did He Manage to Pull It Off?

Image: Youtube/Alaska Airlines

According to Eric Greener, he had pre-planned his proposal the night before, letting Brandy’s fellow flight attendants in on on the entire plan. This is how he was able to sneak onto the plane undetected and surprise the love of his life.

We wish both Brandy and Eric years of happiness. She definitely got a keeper.

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