When They Saw What Was Circling A Pit Bull Puppy, A Daring Rescue Took Place

The Best Companions

Image: Ramallah

Dogs are known for their unconditional love, amazing companionship, and fun personalities. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the love that a dog can give. For one pit bull puppy, the first eight months of her life were filled with abuse, neglect, and heartache. However, when someone noticed her in a backyard…it would change her life forever.

You won’t believe this rescue attempt.


 Circling in the Area

Image: HuffPost

It was a particularly gloomy day in Greensboro, North Carolina when someone noticed something ominous in the sky. A group of vultures, high up in the air, were circling something behind a home in the distance. But what? Vultures never were a good sign, and the neighbor’s curiosity led them to investigate.


Helpless and Alone

Image: Kiwi Report

Investigating the strange birds in the air, the neighbor was shocked to find a helpless puppy in the backyard. A young pit bull that looked less than eight-months-old was tied to a tree in the bitter cold. Her only shelter was a small plastic dog house. The look on the poor pup’s face was heartbreaking. The neighbor could tell she had given up on life.

Growing Concern

Image: Pinterest

The puppy’s name was Lilo and in her short time on this planet, she had barely any human contact and spent most of her life chained in the backyard. The neighbor hadn’t even known the people living in the residence had a dog, and now he knew why…the poor thing had spent her life alone and unloved.