When A Teacher Spotted A Student Alone In The Road, She Realized Something Was Very Wrong

A Simple Drive Home

Image: Bulldog Lawyers

When a South Carolina school teacher was driving home after a long day in the classroom, she never imagined the trajectory her evening would take. And it all started when she spotted someone she recognized in the middle of the road.


Spotting A Student

Image: ABC Action News

As the teacher approached, she realized it was one of her students. However, she found it strange that he was cycling all by himself in the middle of the road. However, after pulling over she began to realize something was very wrong.


An Urgent Situation

Image: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Calling out to the student, the teacher’s inquiry soon turned into an urgent need for medical care. You won’t believe this story of one teacher’s commitment to her student and how she ultimately changed his life for the better. We hope you have some tissues.

A Strong Commitment

Image: Facebook/Keller Hayes Sutherland

Keller Sutherland has a strong commitment to her students. Ever since she became a school teacher, she has made it her mission to impact her students’ lives and their overall happiness. While teaching can be a tough job balancing the school’s requirements and her students’ needs, Sutherland is always up to the challenge.