When A Cheerleader Dropped Her Phone into the Water, She Never Expected What Happened Next

When A Cheerleader Dropped Her Phone into the Water, She Never Expected What Happened Next
Image: Youtube/CNN

20. An Innocent Day in the Water

Image: Youtube/CNN

It was supposed to be an innocent photo shoot for her job, yet one cheerleader got way more than she bargained for while out in the ocean. Not only did she drop her phone beneath the sparkling blue waves, but had an encounter with a creature from the deep she didn’t expect.

19. Cheerleading for the Miami Heat

Image: Youtube/CNN

A dancer for the Miami Heat, Teressa Cee loved her job with a passion. Not only did she get to cheer on her favorite team, but her dancing allowed her to travel all around the world, something she always wanted to do growing up.

18. Traveling to Exotic Locations

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“I never expected that I’d have the opportunity to travel the world,” Teressa said. “This job has been a blessing because I get to dance and see places I’ve only ever dreamed of!”

17. A Unique Promotional Shoot

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One promotional shoot for the Miami Heat took Teressa to the Bahamas where she had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Nervous, but excited, it was a beautiful sunny day for new experiences. With the water a clear blue and her teammates ready for a long day at work, Teressa had no idea what unexpected event would alter the course of her day.

16. Splashing with the Fishes and Dolphin Kisses

Image: Youtube/CNN

The photo shoot included the women splashing around with the dolphins and even getting kisses, something Teressa wasn’t really up for at first. However, it seemed the dolphins were trained to not take “no” for an answer. Thankfully, the kiss wasn’t too traumatizing for the Miami Heat dancer.

15.  A Friend’s Help

Image: Youtube/CNN

During the photo shoot, Teressa decided the safest bet was to leave her phone with her friend on the boat. She didn’t want to risk it getting wet and also wanted pictures of the day’s events. Unfortunately, this idea didn’t play out the way she had hoped.

14. A Little Too Excited

Image: Youtube/CNN

Teressa’s friend was super excited about the day’s activities, and in her excitement, the unthinkable happened. She dropped Teressa’s phone into the ocean.

What would Teressa do now?

13. Beneath the Waves

Image: Soana Island

As the phone slipped beneath the waves, Teressa’s heart sank with it. All of her photos and irreplaceable memories had just descended into the depths. Is it possible she would be able to somehow retrieve it?

12. The Trainer Tries to Save It

Image: Youtube/CNN

Realizing what had happened, one of the dolphin trainers attempted to retrieve the phone. Unfortunately, due to the depth of the water and the inability to see the phone, he couldn’t find it.  It seemed Teressa’s phone and memories would be lost forever to the deep blue sea.


11. Not So Fast!

Image: Youtube/CNN

However, one of the trainers had an idea. Using a training signal paired with a whistle, he signaled one of the dolphins to dive to the ocean floor. Could it be possible the dolphin could find the phone?

10. Waiting Patiently

Image: YouTube/CNN

Teressa held her breathe as the dolphin disappeared beneath the ocean’s surface and she waited to see if he could find it. At that moment, her mind raced, thinking of the lost photos, videos, and contacts. Years of her life that were gone in a single splash.

9. Dolphin Success

Image: Youtube/CNN

Thankfully, Teressa didn’t have to wait too long. Suddenly, the dolphin emerged from the depths and in its mouth…her phone! To say Teressa was shocked would be an understatement.

8. Shock and Awe

Image: Youtube/CNN

“I couldn’t believe it! It was seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how well these dolphins are trained and their abilities are so beyond other animals,” Teressa told CNN.

7. How Did He Do It?

Image: Youtube/CNN

According to Teressa, the dolphin was able to retrieve her phone thanks to the trainer’s instructions. They involved a combination of hand signals and sound. The trainer first made a diamond shape with hands, and then used a whistle to signal the dolphin.

How cool is that?

6. More Than Thankful

Image: HEATV

Teressa was so thankful the trainer was able to retrieve her phone. There were so many things she would have lost if it had not been for her newfound dolphin friend.

5. Dolphin Smarts

Image: New York Post

Dolphins are known as the “brainiacs” of the ocean, due to their ability to learn commands as well as expand their knowledge base. They often outsmart their handlers and can be quite the troublemakers from time to time.

4. A Short-Lived Victory

Image: Phones R Fixed

Sadly, Teressa’s happiness was short-lived. She was excited to have her phone, but quickly realized it was water damaged and unable to turn on.

Had it all been for nothing?

3. Attempting to Save It

Image: Pintester

Placing the phone in a bag of rice, Teressa tried to dry it out with the hopes it would turn on. She waited for 24-hours, praying against the odds the phone would turn on the next day.

2. Phone DOA

Image: TechCrunch

Sadly, the phone was dead. There was no way to retrieve the data or any of the memories she had. It seemed the moment the phone had hit the water…it was all over.

1. An Incredible Experience

Image: Youtube/CNN

Thankfully, Teressa isn’t too down in the dumps over it. She wouldn’t trade the dolphin experience and will always remember it was one of the coolest moments in her life. We have to agree. Where can we sign up to swim with the dolphins?

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