When A 96-Year-Old Woman Sold Her Home, Real Estate Agents Were Stunned By What They Found Inside

The Gamble of Selling a Home

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Selling a home takes patience and determination, and for some realtors, certain properties can be almost impossible to sell. When taking on a new client, there’s always a gamble. The home could sell swiftly or you could end up stuck with a money pit that never goes anywhere.


The Phone Call

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When sisters and realtors, Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were contacted by a 96-year-old woman looking to sell her home, they expected the worst. She had lived there for over 72 years and something seemed quite “off” about the woman’s call. However, they decided to check the place out regardless.


An Incredible Surprise

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Preparing for the worse, Gladys and Carla entered the home thinking they were in for a tough sell, but what they found inside was absolutely shocking. What did this elderly woman have to hide? You won’t believe this story…

A Normal Day

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For real estate agents Gladys and Carla, it was just a normal day at the office. They were busy checking on their listings, planning showings and touching base with their current clients. The sisters had become a dynamic duo in the real estate world after joining forces in 2009, putting the local agents to shame with their ability to sell practically anything.

However, they were about to get a call that would test their limits…