Want to Add Decades to Your Life? Adopt These Simple Habits

15. Get Your Body Moving

Image: PhillyMag

If there’s one thing that can boost your spirits and improve your health with lasting results, it’s daily physical activity. Research has found that something as simple as a 30 minute walk per day can quickly improve your heart and health and reduce your risk for a heart attack.

So what’s you’re excuse? Everyone has 30 minutes in their day, right?


14. Furry Friends Are Important

Image: Nuzzle.com

Did you know that owning a pet can help improve your quality of life? While some people shy away from adding a friendly furry addition to their family, they actually are the perfect cure for depression and those who tend to be anti-social. According to recent studies, cuddling with a dog or cat is known to lower anxiety levels, relieve stress and could possibly improve blood pressure.


13. Ditch Eating Out & Cook All of Your Meals

Image: CC Butcher

While eating out can make for a fun night, if you are dining most of the time from a menu, it could have a seriously negative effect on your health. Due to the larger portions and higher calorie counts, eating out can trigger the development of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. Therefore, nutritionists recommend cooking at home with fresh ingredients. Some even believe eating homemade can add years onto your life!

12. A Good Amount of Sleep Must Be a Priority

Image: Odd Mattress

While sleep for some people may not be a priority, it should be. A good night’s rest is vital when it comes to organ function. Most experts recommend 8 hours of sleep per night, but if you aim for six, you will be in good shape. In fact, people who sleep at least six hours reduce their risk of death by up to 41%. We like those statistics, don’t you?