Waitress Served This Man Daily, When He Stopped Coming, She Got a Surprising Call

The Life of A Waitress

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Working in the restaurant industry can be a tough job. Not only do you have to contend with unruly customers who can stiff you on a $100 check, but you spend the day on your feet rushing around in conditions that are less than ideal. However, for some, the life of a server is a rewarding profession.


Staying Positive

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For waitress Melina Salazar, staying positive was one reason customers flocked to her. No matter what challenges were thrown her way throughout the day, you could always rely on Melina to serve you with a smile. She treated her customers like family, and that kept her regulars coming back.


Dealing With Customers

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Melina also had a knack for dealing with tough customers, even those that tended to be quite grumpy. One of Melina’s regulars was the classic “grumpy old man.” He was picky about his food, always criticized the meals and could make Melina’s life a living hell. However, she always served him every day with a smile and dose of kindness.

Vanished Without A Trace

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However, one day her grumpy regular didn’t show up at his usual time. Worried about him since he never missed a day at the restaurant, Melina was shocked when she discovered some disturbing news in the paper.

You won’t believe this story of one woman’s kindness and an unexpected reward.