Waiter Gets Frustrated When Customers Tip Him Poorly, Doesn’t Expect This Surprise Days Later

Customer Service


Customer service can be an exhausting profession, especially when you’re waiting tables. Not only do you have to wait on people hand and foot, but you have to do it will a smile. When interacting with kind people, it can be a breeze, but when you’re dealing with people who aren’t respectful, it can be a nightmare.


Chump Change


Many people don’t realize that when you tip your waiter, they don’t get to keep the whole thing. They are required to leave a percentage for the helping staff like the cooks, runners, expos, and even the bartenders. It’s how restaurants keep things running smoothly and maintain a team mindset.

When one server was having a rough day and receiving chump change for his best service, he started to feel defeated. However, a few days later, an incredible gesture would change everything and restore his faith in humanity.




Reddit is a great community for people to share their stories and personal experiences, which is exactly what the user Seminole did. Seminole is a career server who knows that there are hits and misses when it comes to tipping. He doesn’t expect everyone to leave an insanely high tip, but he also deserves compensation for his time and efforts. After all, he’s a good server, and despite what people may think, wages aren’t that high, and he was struggling financially.

The Note


The hours are generally long and full of physical labor, which can leave your back and joints feeling terrible. Regardless, he always wears a smile and tries to give the best service he can to every customer. As things were starting to look up, he noticed a note left on one of his tables.

He instantly felt nervous, as this usually meant it was a complaint.