These People’s Renovation Projects Revealed Strange Objects Within The Walls of Their Homes


What would usually begin as a home renovation project ended up discovering a mystery! These people had no idea that the walls of their own home were hiding some strange objects. Some of them found incredible fortunes, others looked at relics of the past and some even discovered completely chilling things!

Finding Mystery Objects Inside Your Home Walls

What are the surprises that awaited them within or behind the walls? Let’s see their stories and the photos of their discoveries. Get ready to learn about the weirdest findings!

Toys From the 19th Century

We all know those parents or grandparents telling the little ones what they used to have as toys back in the old days. The first Gothic Revival home in Forest River, Illinois was built in 1869 by Civil War veteran Herman Yalding. He got married and had four kids. The house got renovated in 2014 and these toys were found in the walls. There was a baby’s shoe, an old boat and a slingshot, dating back to the 19th century.

A Beehive

Well, if there’s something you never thought you’d hear about, it's this discovery a Reddit user made after he saw some bees in his house. First, he thought they came through the window, but when honey began seeping from the wall, it all began to make sense… if that’s even possible. He discovered 11 honeycombs in the wall! That’s one way to get honey straight from the source…

A 50 Years Old Birthday Letter

Almost five decades ago, a kid named Mike wrote about his 11-year old birthday. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call a magical birthday, since little Mike was helping his father put in a new sink. A guy named Bob sat on it two weeks before that and “pulled it off the wall.” Mike ends his birthday note with a request to the person that finds it to contact him in the future. Mike would now be in his sixties and we can only think how he would react if someone called him about his 11th birthday!

Old Mailboxes

Another Reddit user had to share this image with the world! It shows us old mailboxes that were walled in. The names of the former tenants were still written on the mailboxes. How long have they been buried there and was there any mail inside it?

Vintage Mickey Mouse Wallpaper

These home owners thought repainting their house and first scraped away the old paint. But little did they know that under the green paint was a wallpaper from the 1980s, featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse along with Minnie having a picnic. There were also three Snow White dwarves, Pluto, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan and Donald Duck!

Millie’s Math Homework

A Reddit user by the name “Franklesteinex” revealed what he found within the wall of a room. This is a century old math homework that the student “Millie” had hidden along with two lip balm tins. Who would hide their homework into their wall and why? It is a mystery we’ll never solve…

The News

So you’re renovating your house and discover a piece of history older than yourself! A Reddit user was working on his house and discovered a folded-up newspaper stuffed into the wall. It wrote about the Battle of the Bulge from December 21, 1944! Now that’s a way to remember your history classes.

Finding An Old Calculator

Calculators are not as popular as in the old days. Now we have it inside our phones and there are apps for advanced features. But in the days before cellphones, calculators were pretty expensive, especially those coming with extra features. Check out this ancient relic that a Reddit user posted online after finding it in their house.

Cans of Soda

When you’re demolishing a wall, you never think that you would actually find something inside it. Well, these homeowners discovered some old cans of soda that dated back to the 1970s. The Grape Crush is no longer around! There are collectors out there that would pay some good cash for these relics!

A Very Lucky Couple

A couple got very lucky when they began renovating their home and found a strange lunchbox in the ceiling of their home. Stunned, the two were looking at stacks of dollar bills inside the box! There were $20, $50 and $100 bills there, probably minted in the first half of the 20th century. But this was only a small part of their discovery. Here’s what else they found in the attic!

The Locked Door in the Attic

The house was definitely holding more secrets, realized the couple as they stumbled upon a crawl space in their attic. With a bit of courage, they crawled and explored that part and discovered a locked door. That lead to a soundproof room that hid a black safe and a briefcase. Inside the briefcase, the couple found foreign money, a wooden box that contained expensive watches and silver ingots. But the next think they find is quite chilling!

A Home Video?

After the first two incredible discoveries, the lucky couple looked into the safe and found some old cassette tapes. On one of them there was a label that said “No, no, no, no, no” and on another read “Save yourself.” They watched one tape and immediately called the FBI to begin an investigation. The entire case remained a secret and the media found absolutely nothing from the FBI. Sometimes treasures do come with a catch…

The Gift from the ‘90s

Today, home renovating plans don’t really include a time capsule, but back in the ‘90s, homeowners were thoughtful! Thirty years ago, they hid two sodas with a note in a wall for future owners to find it. The note wrote: “To whoever finds this note, enjoy! From: Red, Fay, Daryal + Ed. Feb 24 – 1991.” The current homeowners were stunned to see the gift from the past.

A Famous Shampoo

In the 1950s, the best haircut belonged to the king. Elvis Presley appeared on a bottle of shampoo for men and promised to the average men that their hair will look as cool as the King’s! The bottle was found in the ceiling of someone’s home. We wonder who would be interested in collecting such a thing?

An Old Sword

A homeowner that lived in a house 100 years old thought of renovating it and found an old sword! Now that’s an incredible conversation piece. The owner should display the old sword in the living room after he find out more about it!

Vintage Medicine

An Instagram user posted this image after they found a vintage medicine it the apartment. These bottles must be from the early 1960s. These bottles should go to a museum since they’re over half a century old!

The Old Video

The old times were tough for those that wanted to watch adult videos. With no internet, they had to go to a video store and get one from the back of the store. This Reddit user discovered an ancient adult video hidden behind a pillar in their garage.

Someone Hated the Spice Girls

Back in 1997, the Spice Girls were very popular, and it seems someone really hated their music. Reddit user Angeb1818 found this note after knocking out a wall in her house and discovered that someone was really fed up by the Spice Girls that they had to leave this message.

The Hidden Marriage Certificate

Some people keep their deeds, photos and certificates in a box or in albums, but one laid back couple just tucked their marriage certificate inside a wall. The certificate looks very old! We’d really want to know the reason why they hid it there…

The Reds

This Instagram user posted a photo with a newspaper that had the words “Soviet” and “Cuban.” It’s really an amazing relic of history from the times of the Soviet Union and it’s mind-blowing to watch the news, thinking we’ve all heard about it during our history lessons…

Old Candy Wrapper

As kids, we were lazy and used to hid little wrappers under the couch cushions hoping nobody saw us. In 1961, someone stuffed this wrapper into the wall and it has been preserved for around 60 years before being found by the current owner of the house.

Stylish Vintage Hangers

Today’s plastic hangers are so boring compared to the vintage ones that are elegant! A Reddit user discovered a vintage hanger in his garage, behind a wall. That’s one strange item to find in a garage, but at least it’s not the following item…

The Pair of Undies

Was this the underwear of someone who was having an affair or the undies of a lazy teenager that didn’t want to clean their room? No matter the answer, this is the yuckiest discovery so far!

Another Relic of the Past

A man discovered a retro McDonald’s cup back from the times of the 1988 Olympics. Now these items are considered collectables and they’re quite expensive!

Murals Right in His Home

Decorating time in the old days included direct drawings on the wall and not just a painting hanging there… This mural could be 4 decades old or even older!