Mom Steps Away From Table At Restaurant, Sees Waitress Slipping A Note To Her Husband


It is no secret that having children can become a tough challenge for any relationship, no matter how stable it seems to be.

In for a wild ride

Jackie and her husband were still adjusting to the third addition to their little family and decided to go out and relax for the night, but one of the waitresses had other plans for them.

Jackie’s relationship with her husband had been going through some important changes. After giving birth to a third beautiful boy, of course, things had gotten a bit tense in the house.


They ideally wanted a night out just for the two of them to catch up on each other, sort things out and enjoy without having to mind their children for a bit, but since their youngest was still pretty much a newborn, they had to bring them all out. Has this been a bad decision?

The young family decided to go out on pizza night at a local joint in Des Moines, Iowa, where they set themselves up for a shocking turn of events.

A regular family night out

The night was going ok when Jackie decided to get up and go to the bathroom. Here’s where things got a little unusual. 

Jackie was walking out of the bathroom when she saw something that made her blood boil like it never had before.

What is going on?

She noticed their waitress slipping a piece of paper to her husband. She could not believe her eyes! How did she dare to do that while she was there with him, on a date! 

Jackie was definitely not someone to mess with: before turning into a full-time mom and housewife, she had served in the U.S. Army.

Who is she?

She was sweet but certainly knew how to be tough as well. However, what happened that night really got to her. What made this strong woman break down like that? 

It is known that becoming a mom can take its toll on one’s physical appearance. It is normal for mothers of small children to not worry so much about their looks when taking care of their families.

Motherhood is difficult

Despite being super busy and extra tired, Jackie did her best to look nice and as put-together as possible. However, she still had bad days, and this one was about to become a rollercoaster of emotions for her. 

Jackie knew her husband was handsome. Obviously, she found him attractive, but she was not the only one.


Her husband turned heads everywhere he went, and there wasn’t much she could do about it. They were happy, and that’s all that mattered, but that night she wasn’t willing to put up with any foolishness, her following reaction was proof of that!

Jackie couldn’t ignore the fact that, after three kids and the maintenance of a whole household, her body and mind just weren’t the same as when they fell in love with each other.

Bottled-up emotions

She was convinced her husband Tom loved her, but she couldn’t help but feel insecure from time to time regarding the direction her marriage was taking. What happened that night truly shook her up, but what had been so bad?

Life with a newborn is not easy at all, and the baby started crying as soon as they arrived at the restaurant. 

Awkward stares

She knew her baby was probably just hungry, so she just pulled her blouse down and started feeding him right then and there. Without knowing it, this decision would change the course of the night.

Being a mother is no easy task. Not only are you suddenly responsible for the health and upbringing of a human being, but you’re also submitted to judgment by other people.

Things were hard enough already

In many topics, strangers and even other family members tend to feel comfortable giving opinions and advise the mother on how she should raise or treat her children, this night unfortunately wasn’t the exception. 

Breastfeeding is still a difficult topic for many people and moms all over the world, it’s believed to be one of the most important stages of a newborn's health. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a baby's health and correct nutrition. A lot of moms face a great amount of stress when doing it in public because of the stares they’re prone to get. And Jackie will soon find herself in an awkward situation regarding this…


As we all know, baby’s get hungry at certain times, and they cry without caring about society's rules on what looks bad or good. When they get hungry in public, most moms make decisions for their babies’ best interest, Jackie wasn’t the exception to this. But will this play against her?

Jackie was no stranger to the weird looks and comments one gets when breastfeeding. She knew what was best for her kids and would not change her mind.

A strong momma

Up until that point, she had breastfed two kids and she was on her way to the third. She had fed her kids publicly and privately many times, so she had grown a thick skin, but what happened then really made her lose her cool...

Her husband, to buy some time, and to continue enjoying the family night, took advantage when Jackie got up from the table to go to the bathroom, to ask for the bill.

Asking for the check

Certainly, none of them expected the check to come with a surprise note that triggered the events of the night.

When she saw the waitress hand her husband that note, she definitely felt an urge to do something about it. He didn’t know she was watching because she was just stepping foot outside the bathroom.

Boiling blood

However, as bad as she was feeling, it was what happened next that made the blood leave her face. 

Tom, her husband, didn’t know Jackie was watching the whole scene. Therefore, he didn’t know she could see the expression he had on his face at the time, and he definitely didn’t know she was witnessing how he grabbed his phone and wrote something while looking at the note.


 As if he were about to save a phone number. She was livid and would definitely do something about it.

It all happened very quickly, but Jackie was hoping her husband would simply throw away the note and she wouldn’t think much of the waitress’s bold move, but this would not be the case.

Was she dreaming?

Her heart sank when she saw her husband’s reaction. What was going on? Was she living a lie? Did she really know this man? What was written on that note? All sorts of questions crossed her mind in a matter of seconds. 

Suddenly, all of Jackie’s deepest insecurities came afloat when she saw her husband take out his phone.


She was blinded by anger and confusion, as she could not believe this man would prefer some random waitress over the mother of his children. She had to do something fast!

Jackie walked up to their table right away, demanding to see whatever was written on the note, Tom, unaware that she was watching the whole interaction, looked at her while she was walking in a fury towards him.

Breaking down

Jackie was not prepared for the truth. As soon as she saw it, she broke down in tears. What was written on the note to cause such a reaction? 

The first thing she noticed was that the waitress had paid for part of their meal voluntarily. She wondered if this was her weird way of flirting with her husband.

So wrong!

But after reading some more, she quickly realized how wrong she was. The situation took an unexpected turn...

She was feeling very emotional after realizing what was going on. She was very sorry that she thought so bad, and that she read the whole thing in the wrong way. She quickly apologized to the waitress and her husband for it.


Honestly, Jackie never expected that the note was in fact about her. Find out what the note said on the next slide!

“I bought one of your pizzas… Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!!” Those few words were more than enough to make a woman that has struggled with other people's opinions proud of herself.

The note

Even though she always received stares when she decided to breastfeed in public, Jackie always put her children above this situation. Although she had never realized how much she needed to be valued! She decided to do something even more incredible.

Sharing bad experiences on social media is quite common. For Jackie, it was also important to share her good experience and to serve as an example for other mothers going through the same thing.

Sharing experiences

She decided to make a post on Facebook telling what happened, and she never imagined the reaction it would cause!

“... The waitress gave this receipt to my husband. I was speechless and emotional” she said on the post, that also had attached an image of the receipt with the waitress note on it.

The Facebook post

She quickly started receiving support comments from moms and people agreeing with Jackie’s position on breastfeeding. Multiple moms were sharing the post in hopes that the prejudice associated with this will change in the future! But to what extent?

Tom took the picture to remember the moment, and Jackie posted the picture with a message for the same reason. They didn’t expect the number of people that were touched by them!


It was heartwarming to see the other side, it was the first time for Jackie to feel totally comfortable at one of the most important decisions of her child’s growth.

Knowledge on the subject of breastfeeding is often limited to women who have babies. It is deeply associated with misconceptions, and many have controversial opinions about it.


Many women have taken on the task of raising awareness and informing about this situation, informing about the great benefits and the impact that this maternal act has on the health of children. Even when they get staring looks!

Bodi is the name of the waitress who starred in this incredible story, she despite not being a mother, was able to inform herself and support the many women who are affected by glans (and sometimes comments and attacks) from people without the knowledge of the subject.


Coming from someone who, in addition to not being a mother, had the ability to let go of those limiting beliefs, it was moving for everyone.

More than thanking in social media, Jackie wanted to send Bodi a special thanks for her gesture and support.

Big thank you

Shortly after the event, the family returned to the restaurant to buy Bodi a pizza and didn’t expect what they found.

After spending that afternoon together, Jackie and Bodi turned out to have a lot in common. 

A new friend

Unintentionally, they had both found a new friend in each other! Who would have guessed it the moment Jackie saw her slip a note to her husband? But there was something else...

After what they went through, Jackie reflected on her attitude and even her family dynamics changed.

Happy Family

With much more confidence in her love and marriage, Jackie made her way into the world of digital activism, still using her networks to raise awareness on issues of motherhood and children's health.