Top 30 Instagram Fitness Models You Should Be Following

Top 30 Instagram Fitness Models You Should Be Following

30. Curtis Williams  (@curtiswilliams17)

Image: Inside Hook

Want to pump up your workout routine? You can’t get any better than Curtis Williams. A former player for the Baltimore Ravens, he is now an elite coach for Under Armour. He also promotes his own training program with his workouts designed to enhance athleticism.

29. Jeff Seid (@jeff_seid)


Jeff Seid started training at the young age of 13 and has amassed quite a following. A fitness model and online personal trainer, he posts videos and offers weightlifting tips and tricks. Word of caution: his personality leaves much to be desired.

28. Lauren Fisher (@LaurenFisher)

Image: Pinterest

Lauren Fisher may be a college student, but she is also a top CrossFit athlete. Her Instagram feed is filled with videos, tips, and tricks. So, definitely check it out!

27. Anyone Who Works With @NeohUSA

Neoh bars only have one gram of sugar and pack 8 grams of protein into something you would think is a candy bar! It’s the Snickers for people into health and fitness. Fitness gurus with millions of fans, like Danny Jones (@dannyjonesfitness), eat Neoh on the daily and it’s for a good reason. You can get your Neoh Bars here or you can find them on Amazon. Be part of the Neohlution!


26. Ben Booker (@thebenbooker)

Image: Simply shredded

Ben Booker runs a 24-hour gym in Illinois and is dedicated to helping anyone with the desire to get fit and change their lives. Personally, we like that he offers a facility for people to workout whenever they can find the time. Life isn’t always 9-5.

25. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

Image: The Courier-Mail

This Australian and fitness model offers killer circuit training workouts that maximize time. If you’re looking to get off the couch and try something new, check her out!

24. Gideon Akande (@getfitwithgiddy)

Image: Twitter

This charismatic fitness model and trainer offers versatile training techniques that are high energy and effective. Gideon believes workouts should be fun and loves to push his clients to the limit.

23. Bj Gaddour (@bjgaddour)

Image: ABC News

BJ is living proof that if you put your mind to it, anyone can be fit. Once a fat guy who turned into a fit guy, BJ brings a down to earth vibe to his fitness tips. He also posts simple exercises for you to follow every day.

22. Jay Cardiello (@jaycardiello)

Image: The Sweat Life

Jay is a personal trainer to the stars and you’ll see why when scrolling through his motivational and education Instagram feed. He designs workouts to be simple, effective and fun and loves to mix up strength training with agility moves.

21. Hannah Eden (@hannaheden_fitness)


Honestly, Hannah Eden is our jam. Besides having an electric personality, she is all about making you drip with sweat by the end of one of her workouts. She currently runs the PumpFit Club in Florida.

20. Thor Bjornsson (@thorbjornsson)

Image: Creativity Online

You might recognize Thor as “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones, but he is also a fitness enthusiast. Considered to be one of the strongest men in the world, you can’t help but be motivated scrolling through his feed.

19. Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga)

Image: Yogateau

Taking yoga to a whole new level, LA-based yoga enthusiast Dylan Werner is all about improving mobility. We personally think his body tends to defy gravity. Can you really twist that way without breaking something?

18. Mathew Fraser (@mathewfras)

Image: Revista MyBox

Mathew is the winner of the Reebok CrossFit games and is considered one of the fittest men on the planet. His commitment to fitness is rock solid and we think once you follow him yours will be too. You have no idea how motivational this guy is.

17. Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

Image: Strong Fitness Magazine

Alexia is a personal trainer who believes fitness is for everyone, regardless of body type. She loves using different types of equipment to make her workouts creative.

16. Shaun T (@shaunt)

Image: Gezon

Shaun T is known for his various Beachbody workout programs, especially the hardcore Insanity. His posts on Instagram are always straight from the heart, and he loves to tour around the country offering special events.

15. Will Arrufat (@willthetrainer)

Image: Simply Gym

Offering up written workouts so you can pace yourself, Will is a Nike trainer and lover of CrossFit. His daily posts are always motivational and offer up tips and tricks to gain the strength you need.

14. Andy Speer (@andyspeer)


Image: BodyBuilding

Andy Speer was voted Next Top Trainer by Men’s Health magazine and is an excellent source when you need to switch up your workouts. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, his abs have to be seen to be believed.

13. Kevin Hart (kevinhart4real)

Image: Men’s Journal

Mixing laughter and fitness together, Kevin Hart has become a popular online motivator in the realm of fitness. You won’t believe some of the amazing workouts he’s posted on Instagram.

12. Rich Froning (@richfroning)

Image: Men’s Health

A CrossFit god who has won the title of “Fittest Man on Earth,” you really can’t go wrong following Rich Froning. He’s always showing off what he’s up to when it comes to pushing his body as far as it can go.


11. Hunter Cook (@hunterfitness)

Image: Pinterest

Hunter Cook is a California-based fitness model, who is probably one of the most flexible men we’ve ever seen. He’s big on building strength and flexibility to promote ultimate mobility.

10. Kenneth Gallarzo (@progressive_calisthenics)

Image: HPN Supplements

The vice president of the World Calisthenics Organization, Kenneth has over half-a-million Instagram followers. Most of his posts revolve around how to use your own body weight to workout harder.

9. Jeremy Scott (@jeremyscottfitness)

Image: Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott is based out of Arizona and loves to post tips and tricks for building an ultra-lean, super muscular body. He often posts what he’s up to in the gym and promotes eating simple meals of protein and vegetables.

8. Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

Image: Pinterest

Jeanette Jenkins trains a wide spectrum of clients, from NFL stars to Olympic gold medalists. Although, you don’t need to be a professional to keep up with her workouts. She gives some really great tips and tricks so check out her feed.

7. Bret Contreras (@bretcontreras1)

Image: Bret Contreras

No one takes fitness as seriously as Bret. A certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Ph.D. in sports science, he loves to push people beyond their limits. Let’s just say his glute workouts will leave you crying for mama.

6. Jay Maryniak (@jtm_fit)

Image: YouTube

This personal trainer located in New York pursues his love for fitness every single day. A Type-1 diabetic and CrossFit competitor, Maryniak loves to mix up his routines with kickboxing, strength training and gymnastics.

5. Mike Marchese (@upyourfitness)

Image: Pinterest

Mike Marchese loves to experiment when it comes to fitness, whether it be bodybuilding or gymnastics. He is very passionate about mixed circuit training and high-intensity interval workouts with his clients.


4. Rob Evans (@robjamesevans)

Image: FTape

Fitness model Rob Evans loves to spend his time at the gym boxing as well as personal training. He helps people of all body types and fitness levels and loves to challenge and inspire people to live a healthier life.

3. Joe Holder (@ochosystem)

Image: The Coveteur

Joe Holder believes that fitness isn’t about glory, but pushing people to achieve their goals. Being a trainer genuinely makes him a happier person. He definitely sounds like someone we’d like to partner with.

2. Ricky Warren (@rix.official)

Image: AskMen

The head coach at Bodyweight Gurus in London, Ricky Warren specializes in martial arts and loves to teach power workshops. He definitely can teach you some new moves to add to your circuit training, that’s for sure.

1. Omar Isuf (@omarisuf)

Image: Forums

A self-made fitness guru who got his start on YouTube, Omar made it big with his shredding program “From Fat Ass to Bad Ass.” Today, he partners with popular YouTube fitness coaches for fun videos that offer tips and tricks for staying fit.

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