Three Days After Thieves Stole A Little Girl’s Puppy The Family Found Something Moving Next To A Kennel

 A Home Robbery Gone Wrong

One of the worst and most invasive things for a family to go through is a home robbery. Not only does it shatter your perception of safety, but it can create anxiety, paranoia and be a real financial hit depending on what was taken. 

For one family, a home robbery turned into an absolutely devastating blow when their daughter’s puppy was stolen. However, a few days later they spotted movement in their garden. Could it be possible the burglars were back for round two?

A Special Day in November

For the Sardi family, November 2017 would be a month to remember. It was the month they took their sweet daughter Maia to pick out a puppy. To say parents Elena and Ryan were excited would be an understatement. 

They even turned the whole day into a special trip for their four-year-old. You should see what little Maia picked out.

 So Many Choices

While there were many choices, Maia chose a sweet eight-week-old Labrador puppy. The family named her Sasha and she soon would become the perfect playmate. 

According to Maia’s parents, since she was an only child they felt a puppy would make the perfect companion. Thankfully, the parents’ plan worked like a charm.

 Bonding Already

It only took a week for Sasha and Maia to bond and become best friends. According to Elena, the puppy and her daughter had become practically inseparable.

All activities were completed together, and Maia couldn’t have been happier! Sadly, something was about to happen that would tear them apart.

 An Unfortunate Day

One morning, Elena took her daughter to the doctor for a routine check-up. Leaving the house empty, she could have never expected someone would burglarize the home while they were out. 

Unfortunately, when they returned the house was ransacked and most of their irreplaceable possessions were gone. But even worse…Sasha was missing!

Where’s Sasha?

The burglars managed to steal some jewelry, an iPAD, as well as a laptop. When Elena rushed outside to check on Sasha in her kennel, she was mortified to find it empty. 

Panicked, she quickly searched the backyard and house, but to no avail. The puppy was gone.

 Police on the Scene

After the police were called it was determined that little Sasha had not run away. It seemed the burglars had taken her as well. 

To say the family was devastated would be an understatement. What horrible person would steal a puppy from a little girl?

An Irreplaceable Loss

 “I was heartbroken, [and] I’m still shaking … we are really sad,” Elena told ABC News. Of course, it was Maia who was suffering the worst of it. 

She had lost her best friend and didn’t fully understand why. Would this little girl ever be reunited with her best pal?

 Not Giving Up

Refusing to believe their puppy was gone forever, the Sardi family printed out flyers and began a campaign to find their precious puppy. They mounted posters, took to social media and even had interviews with the local media.

The family hoped with so much attention being drawn to their story, someone would spot their puppy somewhere.

A Media Sensation

It wouldn’t take long for the story to circulate the airwaves and become a media firestorm. The family no longer cared about their missing items, they just wanted their puppy back. 

Not just for Maia, but Elena was concerned for the little pooch’s health. Apparently, Sasha had a health condition and time was running out.

No Interaction with Other Dogs

According to the Sardi family, Sasha hadn’t had any of her vaccines yet due to her age and size. 

This meant she was vulnerable to certain illnesses and couldn’t be around other dogs. If the puppy weren’t handled correctly, she ends up getting very ill. Would Sasha be saved in time?

Police Search Intensifies

Realizing the dog had a health condition, the investigators ramped up their search. 

While they knew the odds were against finding Sasha, they hoped they would be able to use the evidence they did have in their possession to locate her.

Locals Step In

Thanks to Sasha’s story being shared on social media and the local news, neighbors, and strangers all stepped in to keep their eyes out for Sasha.

For Elena, it was almost too much for her to handle emotionally.

Touched by Kindness

“All I cared about was Maia and her well-being. I knew how much that puppy meant to her…and to see all of these people sacrifice time to help us find Sasha…it was warmed my heart, ” Elena told the local news.

 A Flicker of Hope

One small consolation in the wake of Sasha’s disappearance was that she was microchipped. 

Therefore, if she was ever brought to a vet, she would immediately be identified.

Searching the Shelters

Since Sasha had been microchipped, a search began at the local shelters to see if she had been dropped off or picked up. 

While it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, it did give investigators and the family something to go on. Could Sasha be hiding away in the cold and lonely depths of a shelter?

Maia to the Rescue

Of course, this didn’t make Maia feel any better. She simply wanted her puppy home. Despite her young age, Maia didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing.

She wanted to play her part in helping find her precious puppy. You won’t believe what she does next.

 Never Going to Give Up

Refusing to give up and suffering from insomnia since Sasha’s disappearance, little Maia took to the streets with her father. 

She refused to believe Sasha was gone forever and was determined to find her. Where could the puppy be?

Father and Daughter on the Hunt

Maia and her father search neighborhood after neighborhood, hoping that maybe Sasha had escaped when the burglars broke in. 

They would spend hours each day calling out for the puppy, but sadly she never showed up. Unfortunately, their sadness was only going to intensify when the investigators called with the not-so-good news.

Bad News

After running Sasha’s microchip, the investigators weren’t able to find any matches at the local shelters.

This left the odds of Sasha being found very low.  Now all the family could do was pray for a miracle.

 The Intruders Return

A few days after Sasha’s disappearance, Elena noticed some movement in the garden. Thinking it could be the burglars at first, Elena watched from the kitchen window.

Should didn’t know what to do. Paralyzed with fear, Elena slowly reached for her phone to call the police.

A Familiar Movement

However, right before she dialed ‘911’ Elena noticed something familiar. 

The movement was coming from inside Sasha’s kennel. Someone or some “thing” was inside…Is it possible Sasha had returned?

A Complete Shock

Elena quickly rushed outside and called out for Sasha, who immediately trotted out of her kennel like she’d never been missing. 

To say the family was shocked and relieved would be an understatement.

Rushing to the Vet

The family quickly took the puppy to a vet to be checked out and she was given a clean bill of health. 

They also made sure to start her first round of vaccines right then and there. No need to put the poor puppy at risk again!

Still A Mystery

While the robbery and Sasha’s disappearance still remains a mystery, the family is thankful to whoever returned her. In the end, a little girl got her best friend back and that is all that matters.

Maia and her family are a true testament to the loving bond between man and animal. When all seemed lost, they refused to give up hope.