This Woman Rushed to the Hospital to Visit Her Injured Boyfriend, His Reaction Left Her Speechless

A Love for the Ages

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For Taylor Naho’olewa, her boyfriend Colton BrockBank was the love of her life. To say her world revolved around him would be an understatement, so when she received the news he had broken his back, she was devastated. However, once she arrived at the hospital she was shocked by what he had to say.

You won’t believe this story.


A Shared Faith

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Brought together by their Mormon faith, Taylor had settled down in American Fork, Utah after moving from Texas when she met extreme snowboarder Colton BrockBank. It was love at first sight for the couple, who began to date almost immediately. While Taylor knew that Colton’s love of extreme sports came with its share of risks, it didn’t mean she never worried. So, when she got the call that he had been injured, it was almost too much to handle.


Valentine’s Day Alone

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It would be Valentine’s Day 2014 when the incident occurred. Taylor was already pretty down in the dumps because Colton had revealed he wouldn’t be spending the special day with her. It seemed a snowboarding photoshoot in Park City had been scheduled, calling him out of town.

The Dreaded Phone Call

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After spending the day alone, Taylor received a call that would change her life forever. Colton had been injured during his photoshoot and had been taken to Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah. Taylor revealed to the local news, “It was like I had left my body. I had always feared for the worst, but when it actually happens you just aren’t prepared.”