This Woman Purchased A $3 Diaper Bag From Goodwill, You Won’t Believe What Was Inside

The Joys of Discount Stores

Image: Goodwill Keystone Area

Who loves shopping at consignment stores? Here at FunnyAnd, we love them! Not only can you find incredible deals on topnotch brands, but you can also pick up some great vintage clothing and items at super low prices. Goodwill is one of the most popular consignment stores across the nation, known for their unique approach to inventory that’s curated through donations. For one mother, she headed into Goodwill one day on the hunt for a diaper bag, but she ended up with much more than she expected. This would end up setting off a chain of events you have to read to believe.


Sarah Thomas: Bargain Hunter

Image: Faithit

When it came to finding the best deals, you could consider mother Sarah Thomas a pro when it came to finding great deals. According to Thomas, she would hit up the local Goodwill stores several times a week, hoping to find a diamond in the rough. On one particular day, she was on the hunt for a diaper bag and found one that met her needs. However, when she got back to her car she noticed something was off about it…


Making A Living 

Image: Scribol

Known for her knack for finding amazing deals, Sarah Thomas had built an entire online business that revolved around her love for bargains. Called Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2ndHand Deals, she worked hard to provide the best prices around in the second-hand market. Whether you were looking for kids’ clothing or something more vintage, she worked hard to offer a wide variety of merchandise to her customers.

Donations, Donations, Donations

Image: Seattle Goodwill

One of the great things about Goodwill is that they acquire their inventory strictly from donations. It’s a win/win because there’s literally no inventory cost and the products are always changing, which drives customers into the store. The downside with donations, is sometimes what you purchase is more than meets the eye.