This Selfless Elementary School Teacher Gave The Ultimate Gift That No One Else Could

15. Help from the Most Unlikely Place

You never know when times get tough who will ultimately have your back. It’s not always your family or closest friends, but sometimes the most unlikely person will surprise you. 

For one elementary school principal in need, he would find hope in a person he would have never expected.

14. From Humble Beginnings

Natalie Parker grew up outside of Parkerville, Kansas on a small farm with five brothers and sisters. 

She loved the country life, but unfortunately, her world would come crashing down when the farm went up in flames while she was in high school.

13. Losing Everything

Natalie and her family would lose everything in the fire that day. However, they would always hold onto their memories. Thankfully, the community came together and helped get her family through such a difficult time. 

The efforts of those she didn’t even know would stick with Natalie into adulthood and teach her compassion, gratitude, and selflessness.

12. Giving Back Through Education

After college, Natalie would become a teacher and work for Tonganoxie Elementary School. She also got married and enjoyed a very successful career. 

However, after working at the school for several years, she began to notice something was wrong with Principal Ty Poell.

11. Something Was Definitely Wrong

Natalie decided to ask her co-workers if they noticed anything different about Poell. They all agreed something didn’t seem right with him.

Not only did he not sing on the intercom anymore, but his skin seemed to be taking on an unnatural shade of yellow. Other teachers also noticed his hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be. What could possibly be wrong?

10. A Horrible Truth Unveiled

As Poell’s condition continued to get worse, he soon developed the chills all the time. Natalie noticed that even in the summer, he would blast the heat trying to get warm. 

It was then Poell decided to tell his staff the truth…he was in kidney failure.

9. The Horrible Truth about Kidney Disease

According to Poell he had Alport Syndrome, a genetic condition that triggered kidney failure. His only chance of surviving would be to undergo a kidney transplant.

However, until that could be accomplished he was on dialysis every night for up to nine hours.

8. Waiting for His Only Hope

With Poell’s condition deteriorating rapidly, his wife had to take care of their two sons. The couple was told that it could take up to 3.5 years for a kidney donor, but they knew they didn’t have that much time.

Therefore, Poell’s wife decided to see if she could possibly be a donor match.

7. A Failed Match

Unfortunately for Poell’s wife, Jessica, the tests determined that her kidney wasn’t strong enough to be a donor. 

Jessica was devastated, thinking she had failed her husband. What could they possibly do if a donor didn’t show up soon?

6. Turning To Social Media

Realizing they were running out of time, Jessica turned to social media with the hopes of finding a kidney donor. There was an outpouring of locals and teachers wishing to help and they all got tested to see if they were a match.

Unfortunately, most were turned away. When Natalie decided to visit Poell after surgery, she realized that she had to do something to help relieve his pain.

5. Natalie to the Rescue

After being tested, Natalie was given the amazing news that she was a match! Natalie was thrilled, as well as emotional. She was so happy to be able to give Poell the good news. 

Now all she had to do was complete the necessary testing so they could schedule the procedure.

4. A Selfless Sacrifice

It would be a long day in January, when Natalie spent the day at the University of Kansas Hospital where she would have her left kidney removed.

At the hospital, Natalie met with a team of people who all seemed determined to talk her out of going through with the procedure. But why?

3. The Long Interrogation

Despite the fact that the procedure would be paid for by Poell’s insurance, the team at the transplant center wanted to make sure she realized she wouldn’t be paid for the kidney donation.

They also grilled Natalie about how she felt regarding scars on her abdomen and what she would do if the kidney didn’t take. However, Natalie didn’t care. She had made up her mind.

2. The Day of Surgery

The day of the surgery finally came on March 21st. Determined and ready to help her boss, Natalie and Poell were rolled into separate operating rooms for their respective surgeries.

It would be a matter of time to see if the kidney transplant was successful.

1. A Resounding Success

After several hours, the surgeon was able to confirm the kidney was functioning properly and the surgery had been a success. 

While it would be several weeks for both Natalie and Poell to fully recover, he was more than thankful that she took it upon herself to save his life. We have a feeling these two are in for a lifelong friendship.