This Poor Kitten Was Trapped Under A House, But When Rescuers Came They Noticed Something Strange

To the Rescue 

People who rescue animals should be considered our furry friend’s angels. It takes a special person to spend their days saving those that can’t speak for themselves and it’s something to be admired.

When one tiny kitten was found underneath a home in Australia, the rescuers were quick to jump into action, but upon closer inspection, they realized the kitten had some strange features. This little fur ball was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

Animal Lover

When it comes to animals, Georgia Anderson holds them in high regard. In fact, she loves animals so much she spends quite a bit of time volunteering at the Geelong Animal Welfare Society in Victoria, Australia. 

Over the course of her time working with the organization, she’s fostered hundreds of kittens and cats until they’ve found their forever homes.

Unable to Part

It would be 2018 that would change everything for Georgia when she fostered a kitten she just couldn’t give up. 

Not only did they bond immediately, but there was something rather unique about this feline that made it stand out from the rest.

Frankie the Rescue 

The sweet cat in question was Frankie, a small kitten that had been discovered trapped underneath a home in Australia. He had been found along with his brother completely terrified.

However, something else stood out to the rescuers that they found completely shocking.

Don’t Judge Appearances

It was quite obvious that the sweet cat had a few deformities. His right eye didn’t function properly and he had FOUR ears, along with a massive overbite.

Have you ever seen anything so strange in your life?

I Hear You

The second set of ears on the little kitten’s head were much smaller than his normal ones, but shockingly enough they were fully formed and functional.

Let’s just say this little kitten caused quite the scene when he arrived at the animal shelter.

Word Quickly Spreads

The moment little Frankie arrived at the shelter, word quickly spread about the four-eared wonder. Of course, this piqued Georgia’s interest.

“I’d heard that a kitten with four ears had come in and was in the vet clinic waiting for surgery to remove his eye. So, I went up to have a look at him,” she told The Dodo in February 2018.

A Mysterious Case

Currently, there isn’t a lot of information regarding Frankie’s particular malformation. 

There has been limited research on the subject, but it’s believed that the rare genetic trait won’t impact the sweet kitten’s health in any way.

One Rough Start

Despite his ears not being a problem, Frankie did have some health issues that needed to be taken care of. 

For starters, his malformed eye needed to be removed and there were other nutritional ailments that were in need of attention. To say little Frankie had a rough start in life would be an understatement.

Love At First Sight 

Despite being in incredible pain, little Frankie immediately took to Georgia, his sweet personality triumphing over his physical ailments. 

Georgia told The Dodo, “He would have been in a lot of pain, but the first thing he did when I picked him up was purr and rub his face on mine.”

Going Home

While Georgia was not looking for a new member to her family, she did agree to look after Frankie during his recovery from eye removal surgery. 

They definitely shared a connection and she wanted him to be comfortable, so she took him home. Of course, this would only be the beginning of their story.

Stitched Up

Due to his wicked looking stitches that resembled Frankenstein, Georgia decided to nickname Frankie, Frankenkitten. 

We have to agree the name is quite fitting. We can’t imagine how painful that recovery was.

24 Hours Later

As Frankie got adjusted to his new surroundings, it only took 24 hours for Georgia to come to a conclusion. 

She was going to keep him. The kitten was simply too special to give up. He belonged to her family.

Part of the Family

“I’ve probably fostered around 80 cats and kittens in the last year, and he was the first one that I knew I would regret giving back,” Georgia said. 

And despite already having three cats and a dog, she knew keeping Frankie was the only option.

Adoption Complete

Normally it was shelter policy to keep animals for 8 days prior to their adoptions, but Frankie stayed with Georgia. 

Rules be damned! And let’s just say…these two were meant for each other. You won’t believe how cute their Instagram page is.

Not Out of the Woods

Even though Frankie’s eye surgery was successful, his extreme overbite would have to be dealt with eventually.

According to the vet, he would need to have several dental procedures to avoid damage to his mouth.

Dental Decisions

“We are still waiting for his adult teeth to grow – roughly another five months. But when they do, his lower canines will need removing. If they aren’t removed, they will cause damage to his palate when he closes his mouth,” Georgia told The Dodo.

Who Cares About Complications?

Although Frankie has a long road ahead of him healthwise, Georgia has revealed none of his issues affects his ability to play and run.

He also loves to keep the foster kittens entertained. You could say that this kitten is fitting right in.


And it would seem that Georgia and her family aren’t the only ones entertained by Frankie, his Instagram now has over 5,000 followers. 

Even better, his photos get hundreds of likes per day. We guess you could say that love overcomes any deformity. And who wouldn’t love that cute, furry face?