This DJ Never Gets Hangovers. His Secret Is Amazing!

This DJ Never Gets Hangovers. His Secret Is Amazing!
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Living the Life

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When it comes living the life of a DJ, drinking a lot tends to come with the territory. Spending long nights playing clubs and festivals usually will include the occasional cocktail or two (or six), which often leads to a wicked hangover the next morning.

However, one DJ has found the solution to never having a hangover again. Read on to find out how…

The Unfortunate Next Morning

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Hangovers are never fun. Who really wants to spend the day with a splitting headache, light sensitivity and nausea? For one DJ, he knew all too well the side effects of drinking too much. Being an international sensation and working all over the world, he had been to his fair share of parties.

After one week of too many drinking benders, he knew enough was enough. There had to be a way to cure or prevent his hangovers once and for all!

The Anatomy of a Hangover

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Most hangovers are caused by dehydration and a buildup of toxins in the body. Therefore, this DJ knew he needed to find something that would counteract those side effects of drinking. While people all have their own remedies for a hangover, they aren’t all that healthy.

Hangover Cures

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Do you have a method for curing a hangover? Many people enjoy binging on greasy food, while others find Grandma’s tomato juice with a vodka chaser to be an effective method.  But what if you didn’t want to take the unhealthy route? Well, this DJ found the answer.

Tea for One

While researching a remedy for his hangovers, this country-hopping DJ discovered the perfect solution one night while surfing the net after a big show –Hangover Tea. Claiming it was an all-natural way to prevent or cure a hangover, he immediately ordered a bag to see if it held up to its claims.

Magic in a Cup

Hangover Tea relieves hangover symptoms and provides an all-natural solution to those wicked headaches and bouts of nausea. Made from a unique blend of organic ingredients such as yerba mate, milk thistle, kudzu, lemon and apples, this tea is an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

The Tea Test

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When the tea finally arrived, this DJ knew he had to put it to the test. Thankfully, he had a gig that night and knew he would be throwing back a few. As the music started pumpin’ the drinks started flowin’ and before long the musically-inclined test subject was ready to take his Hangover Tea for a spin.

Preventative Test

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For his first test, the DJ chose to take the tea as a preventative, chugging down a cup before bed. And guess what? No hangover. In fact, he felt refreshed and ready to get going the next morning.

The Real Deal

When it comes to Hangover Tea, it’s the real deal when it comes to alleviating hangover symptoms. Thanks to the antioxidants and other all-natural ingredients, this skeptical DJ woke up hydrated and not feeling like he was stuck in a haze. He was so amazed he immediately ordered more, deciding he wanted both flavors not just one.

Two Delicious Flavors

Yes, you read that right. Hangover Tea comes in two fabulous flavors: Blissberry and Green Tea. However, no matter which flavor you pick, it has the same effects. And did we mention how great they smell? Brewing a cup of this magic will make your kitchen smell like a piece of heaven!

Spreading the Word

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Knowing he couldn’t keep this secret to himself, this DJ spread the word amongst his friends and family. If he didn’t have to suffer from hangovers, why should they? Let’s just say the reactions were unanimous—the tea works. Plain and simple.

Never Again

After working in the industry for a decade, our DJ friend knew he would never go back to his previous ways of drinking. Hangover Tea would be a must-have after every single club he played. And guess what? After six months, he’s still yet to have a hangover.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t time you told your hangover “I’m just not that in to you?

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