This Bus Driver Slipped A Note In A Student’s Backpack and Was Shocked by the Mom’s Reply

The Life of a Bus Driver

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Working as a bus driver can be a tough gig. You spend your days shuttling kids to and from school, while sometimes having to deal with behavioral problems along the way. Not only are bus drivers responsible for keeping your children safe, but they also must take an active role in discipline and care. For Cindy Clausen, driving for the school system was a rewarding experience, especially when she saw students stepping up and helping their fellow peers. Two students made a huge impact on Cindy and she felt their parents needed to know.

You’ll love this heartwarming story.


Rebellious Teen

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Growing up, Cindy knew all too well what it was like to be unwanted and a loner. She had quite the rebellious side growing up due to the lack of a good parental figure at home. While her mother, Sally, tried to do her best, she simply wasn’t mother material.


Home to Home

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Sally’s unpredictable nature would result in Cindy being shuffled from state-to-state and home-to-home. She would eventually find herself in the foster care system, which would only enhance her bad behavior. Unable to adjust to her foster families, she found herself constantly alone. Sometimes she wondered if anyone would ever love her.

Forever Alone

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The unstable environment of her home would create a domino effect in Cindy’s life and impacted her ability to make any real connections with people. With no friends or a reliable adult, she was on the path to a really rough life down the road.