These People Are Genius!

30. No More Unexpected Unplugging

If you’ve owned a laptop you know how frustrating it can be when the cord comes out. 

Well, this little velcro DIY hack will solve that problem. Personally, we wish we had come up with it. Hello, Shark Tank?

29. Keep Those Pages Safe

We love reading in the bathtub and would totally rig up this contraption! 

There’s nothing worse than accidentally dropping your book into the sudsy water.

28. Don’t Let Money Go to Waste

We’re not sure that this is what the wife had in mind for her paternity photos. 

Though, we totally understand why the husband didn’t want to throw the money down the drain. Ah, memories.

27. The Perfect Adult Sippy Cup

Now isn’t this a beautiful sight!

We will never drink wine the same way again!

26. Lunch Will Never Be Forgotten

It really sucks when you get to work and realize you’ve left your lunch at home.

However, with this new bungee cord method, you’ll always remember to bring your lunch to work!

25. This College Student Is Genius

Well, this is the perfect way to charge your phone in an outlet that’s too high on the wall. 

We bet this was done in a dorm room. It seems like a college student’s idea.

24. Never Be Bored at the Barber Again

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the barber, getting your hair cut and having to make small talk. 

Well, now you don’t have to and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Love it!

23. Personal Soup Cooling System

This seems like a seriously long process to cool soup. 

However, it’s also a pretty cool contraption. We approve!

22. The Piggy Prank

Can they really blame the prankster doing this? 

The water tank is the perfect shape.

21. We See What He Did Here…

An Ice-T-shirt with Ice Cubes? 

We are dying. We will take 100!

20. Don’t Ask, Okay?

Tall people get that they are tall and no they don’t want to answer your questions. 

We love how this person solved the problem with a business card. So crafty!

19.  Love Yourself First and Foremost

As RuPaul would say, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Honesty, this looks like every Valentines Day since 1992.

18. We Love Whoever Did This

Whoever made this (is it real? Please say yes!) is a genius. 

We seriously want to play. Can we expect Tres sometime soon too?

17. Seems Reasonable…

What a great way to cover an extensive list of rules with one sign. 

We have to agree, nothing good ever follows “Hey Y’all watch this!”

16. A Great Way to Use Your Imagination

Sometimes on snow days you just have to get creative. 

We can’t imagine how long this must have taken to complete.

15. The Real Life Alert

Look if we drop dead, this might come in handy.

A good friend will always wipe out your hard drives before sending you off to the morgue.

14. Legitimate Question

We’re not sure we’d recommend breathing in tequila, although it could be a great hack to get drunk in ten minutes or less.

13. This Is Just Too Cool

Our rumps thank the person who thought of this hack. We love trampolines, but man falling on those springs can hurt!

Thankfully, these pool noodles completely rectify that problem!

12. Easy Ripening

If you want a quick way to make your avocado ripe just put it in a can koozie.

In 24-hours it will be ripe and ready to be made into some guacamole!

11. Two Pizzas at Once!

Now, this is simply awesome. We never thought of this to cook two pizzas at once! 

Double the deliciousness in half the time!

10. We Knew Those Were Good for Something

Now you don’t have to throw away those annoying short hangers from Walmart. 

They make excellent chip clips!

8. Use Every Last Drop

It’s crazy to think about how much toothpaste we throw out because we can’t get it all out of the tube.

We have to say we never thought of this hack. We love it!

7. When You Need to Move Quick

Trash bags are a great way to move clothes if you need to make a quick escape. 

Is crazy mother-in-law moving in? Can’t take the kids anymore? Grab your nearest Glad bag and hit the road!

6. Perfect for Organizing

What a great way to recycle egg cartons. 

Plus, you’ll always have the various gadgets and thingymabobs within an arm’s reach.

5. Maximize Space

What a great way to maximize your freezer space. 

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about freezer burn.

4. No More Watered Down Java

Why didn’t we think of this? It makes so much sense. Oh wait…that’s why.

We do love the geniuses out there!

3. No Belt? No Problem!

You know what sucks? Having your jeans give you “super crack” because they can’t stay up at work. 

Want a solution? It seems a zip tie will do the trick. We’re all about innovation!

2. Recycle Old Cases

If you’re a child of the ’90’s you know all about CD cases.

Personally, we have a few in the attic and no we can enjoy a warm bagel at work with this super cool hack! What will they think of next?

1. No More Mess!

There is nothing worse than dipping an Oreo into milk and having it disintegrate before it makes it to your mouth. 

Whoever thought of this is genius and they can have our first born child!