The Untold Truth About The Amish

Shunning Modern Technology

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Most people know that the Amish shun any type of modern technology and comforts that come with living a modern life. This type of simple lifestyle comes from a philosophical belief known as the Gelassenheit, which means “let it be.” According to the Amish religion, the earth should remain as close to God’s original creation, which is why they reject all modern conveniences.


Religious Beliefs Are Optional

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The Amish are part of a Christian sub-sect known as the Anabaptist, which revolves around the “believer’s baptism.” Between the ages of 16-24, a person will independently state their faith and become a full member of the church. However, growing up as an Amish teenager isn’t quite as strict as you may think.


Amish Teenagers Get A Free Pass

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As we all know, being a teenager is filled with hormones, angst, and drama. For Amish teens, it’s no different, so they tend to get somewhat of a free pass in the community. They aren’t immediately shunned or punished for getting into trouble or experimenting, with the hopes they will remain in the Amish community as adults.

No Shaving for Men & Women

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While it is known that the Amish men don’t shave and grow out their beards when they are married, you might be surprised that the women don’t shave either. The men only shave their mustaches because in the 1800’s they were considered to be a sign of wealth.