Times When Photographers Missed Crucial Details In The Background

Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

There are some pictures out there that make you wonder if they're photoshopped or if your eyes are playing tricks on you. The answer could be either.

We’ve compiled a list of photos that will make you look twice before you understand what's really going on. We hope you have as much fun figuring them out as we did.

Glitch In The Matrix

No, you’re not seeing things, and it’s not a trick of your eyes or the mirror, either. There really are three tables with ladies who are dressed the same in this picture.

It leaves us to wonder if this was a coordinated event or purely a coincidence. What do you think?

Muscles Galore

It took us a moment to figure out there was a guy behind this muscular girl. This one is just a very well-orchestrated shot.

The girl is pulling her arms back, so they aren’t visible, allowing the guy to pose in a way that makes it look like she’s incredibly muscular. 

Two-Headed Dog

This is one of those perfectly timed photos that you couldn’t pull off if you were waiting for it to happen.

There is one dog between the owner's legs with his head sticking out and another standing in front of it, concealing its body. The effect is mind-boggling until you figure out what’s happening.

YouTube - The Things

It’s not a mind trick or an illusion. It’s just another well-timed image. As the little girl was jumping into the pool, someone took this picture.

The astonishing timing led to a picture that makes it look like the girl is kneeling on the water, which is a pretty cool effect.


This is one of those pictures that left us scratching our heads. It seems like this father is holding his baby out over a high balcony to get a look at the city below.

But it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as it looked. The city below was a miniature version, and the dad was actually standing on the ground.

Ocean Doorway

This, along with many other pictures taken by this person, had us baffled for a moment.

It looks like there’s a doorway in the ocean that the man came out of, but in actual fact, it’s an optical illusion created by the artist that’s pictured. A bit of photoshop and mixing of images is what resulted in this work of art.

A Stranded Ship

There is no photoshop in this one. That really is a cruise ship sitting atop a mountain, looking at the ocean below. But how did it happen?

It was actually built that way and functions as a hotel. The creators wanted people to have the cruise ship experience without actually going out to sea, so they created this masterpiece.

Tiny Man

This picture is the result of perfect timing and the right angle. 

That isn’t actually a tiny man standing on a garbage can. It’s a regular-sized man standing behind one, but the artist captured it at the right angle, making it look like a tiny man instead of a full-grown one. Pretty cool, right?

Ant Vs. Helicopter

We all know that ants are much, much smaller than helicopters, but this person managed to make it look like they were facing off against each other.

The ant was indeed sitting on the cup, which was close to the photographer, and the helicopter was off in the distance, but with the right angle, this person managed to capture an image that had us wondering what was happening for a moment.

Long Arm

We were wondering what happened here at first glance, but once we figured it out, we had even more questions.

It’s clear that there are two children, but how on earth did the other child end up under the table with his arm up like that? We guess we’ll never know…

Fire-Eating Dog

We must say that this perfectly timed photo couldn’t have looked better. It makes the dog look like he’s breathing fire!

But in reality, he’s just yawning while resting some distance from the fire and at the perfect angle, no less, making for one jaw-dropping picture. This is definitely a keeper.

Is That A..?

We have so many questions about this photo. Was it photoshopped? Did he not see the massive shark eyeing him? How could he be so calm? Didn’t the camera operator tell him about it?

This is definitely a jaw-dropper. We just hope he got out of that in one piece.

No Face?

This is definitely one of the funnier pictures on the list.

This dad bent down right as the picture was taken, making it look like his little son had no face. It was surely meant to be deleted, but we’re glad the photographer kept it and shared it with the world.

Where Are Her Legs?

This photo had the perfect angle, and her pants surely had the perfect color to create this optical illusion. For a moment there, we thought she had no legs! But they were just blending in with the background.

It certainly had us looking twice. Did it have the same effect on you?