The New Generation Hybrid Gear Clip That You Need For Everyday Life

10. The Traditional Gear Clip Gets An Extreme Overhaul

You have most likely heard of a carabiner and have probably used one at some point in your life. Well, imagine the carabiner but overhauled. This is exactly what the makers of Heroclip have done.

They have taken a basic tool and given it an extreme upgrade, making it more useful than ever before! This is now a tool than can not only be used for just camping, but in all facets of life.

9. The Story Of When It All Began:

The idea of the Heroclip came to fruition after CEO and Founder Mina Yoo had her first child. Mina lives an active lifestyle and is constantly searching for that next big adventure. As a new mother, she wanted to involve her whole family in living an adventurous lifestyle, but how do you bring a baby and all of your gear on excursions when life just hasn’t given you enough hands? 

You develop the Heroclip, of course! Naturally, Mina being the imaginative entrepreneur she was decided that she needed to develop a tool that would allow her to be a mom while continuing to live actively. And so, the Heroclip was born!

8. What Makes This Gear Clip Different From The Traditional Gear Clip?

The Heroclip is essentially a hybrid gear clip, which unlike the carabiner, rotates 360 degrees in either direction. The Heroclip also folds down at two joint locations from its carabiner form into hook form, making it extra versatile. 

Not only can it be used as a gear clip, but also a hook to hang your gear from virtually anywhere especially since it features a non-slip rubber tip for super grip!

7. So What’s To Love About This Gear Clip?

Adventure junkies and everyday people alike are loving the Heroclip because it is a simple compact tool that holds whatever you want wherever you want, freeing your hands so that you can do more. 

Its 3-in-1 versatility allows you to clip and hang your gear, keeping it tethered off the ground and allows you to swivel 360 degrees for easy access.

Whether you live an active outdoorsy lifestyle or you just appreciate the simple conveniences in life, you will quickly find that the Heroclip will become your new best friend.

6. The Heroclip Is Levels Beyond Other Clips And Fasteners

While there are other competitors on the market, the Heroclip is levels beyond other gear clips, hooks, and fasteners. They simply cannot compete with Heroclips patented 360 degree swivel along with two-jointed folding system, nor can standard fasteners clip and hold gear the way Heroclip can.

Other clips will simply only function in one way. They will either hook or clip your gear alone, but they do not offer the combined versatility of the Heroclip, nor do they swivel to create easier access to the things your need at your fingertips.

5. Built Tough To Take The Weight Off Of Your Shoulders

The Heroclip also features a larger clip gate than a regular carabiner, making it easier to insert larger and heavier items.

Unlike other gear clips, the Heroclip is made of machined aircraft grade aluminum giving it a higher weight threshold of up to 60 lbs, whereas other clips are often made from low quality aluminum and other metals which aren’t safe to support higher weight thresholds.

4. Rest Assured Your Stuff Will Hang Tight With Heroclip

Most times with other clips and fasteners, you can attach your gear, but where do you hang it or make sure that it remains secure? 

Often times you can’t because the metal tip of the clip is slippery and will not grip the surface. With Heroclips rubber overmold tip, you can rest assured that it will remain hanging from just about any surface with its increased grip strength.

3. What Can You Hang With Your New Heroclip?

The possibilities are endless with Heroclip – from hanging purses from tables, to backpacks from trees, to paint buckets from ladder rungs, to lifting supplies off of your garage floor, you can really let your imagination run wild with ideas on how to use it.

 As long as it weighs up to 60lbs, Heroclip has got you covered and will hang your belongings securely from wherever you desire!

2. What Can You Hang Things From With Your Heroclip?

You can choose to hang your gear and belongings from just about anywhere. 

As mentioned, the Heroclip features a non-slip rubber tip that will securely hang from surfaces such as metal, wood, or plastic meaning you can hang things from tables, fences, tree branches, shelves, chairs, or just about anything else you can imagine. Let your mind roam free when it comes to dreaming up uses for this clip!

1. An Ingenious Tool Not Only For An Outdoorsy Life, But For Living In General

While you may be inclined to think that the Heroclip isn’t for you, but for the person who goes camping every weekend or for the more adventurous outdoorsy type, we beg to differ. The Heroclip is for anyone who appreciates living life with more mobility, weightlessness and freedom.

 It has been carefully and thoughtfully designed in such a way that makes it easier to access the things you need without having to lug them around uncomfortably in your day-to-day. So, while the Heroclip is praised as a necessary tool for the outdoors, it is also an ingenious tool just for living in general.

“Batman has a utility belt. Wonder Woman has a magic lasso. You have Heroclip, the ultimate crossover tool that can save your day no matter what you’re doing. Go ahead. Revel in those small day-to-day victories. We do.” –