The Highest Paid YouTube Stars

Zach Drapala aka Ghostrobo ($1 million)

Zach’s YouTube channel is 100% devoted to gaming and includes live video streams as well as pre-recorded videos of popular games with his fun and delightful commentary.

Founded in 2010, he’s seen tremendous growth over the past 8 years and even features his younger brother, Noah in many of his videos.

Michelle Phan ($3 million)

With over 7.5 million subscribers, Phan is known for her make-up and hair tutorial videos.

She also launched her own lifestyle-video network and co-founded a subscription-based makeup delivery service known as Ipsy.

Colleen Ballinger ($5 million)

Known as Miranda Sings, Colleen uses her alter-ego to rise to the top. 

Her channel landed her a Netflix series for two seasons called “Back off Haters!” and she recently went on her first stand-up comedy tour.

Rhett and Link ($5 million)

While this comedy duo is a little old for the normal YouTube star demographic, they are still wildly popular for their hilarious ads for real companies. 

They also host their own morning talk show “Good Mythological Morning.”

German Garmendia ($5.5 million)

This Chilean YouTuber is considered Latin America’s biggest YouTube star. 

A comedian and musician, he has two different channels that are in the top 20. Way to go German!

Tyler Oakley ($6 million)

Mixing comedy with pop culture and politics, Tyler Oakley is not only a YouTube sensation but LGBTQ activist as well. 

His biggest fan is celebrity Ellen DeGeneres who signed him to her production company. He’s also released his own memoir, titled “Binge.”

Lindsey Stirling ($6 million)

When Stirling failed to obtain a contract from a major record label back in 2007, she decided to start posting her own videos on YouTube. 

Classically trained in the violin, she has been known to craft stunning renditions of popular hip-hop and pop songs. Let’s just say, she’s pretty awesome.

Rosanna Pansino ($6 million)

Known and loved for being the “nerdiest” baking channel on YouTube, Pansino has been able to capitalize on her love for baking.  

She loves making new creations based on nerdy pop culture fandom and her unique perspective has rocketed her to millionaire-status.

Roman Atwood ($8 million)

Roman Atwood built a name for himself for his elaborate prank videos and has been dubbed “most appalling prankster” a badge he wears proudly. 

Hey, it’s making him money, so who cares?

The Fine Brothers ($8.5 million)

Benny and Rafi Fine are Brooklyn natives and have created a series of popular videos known as the “React” series. 

These include Kid’s React, Teen’s React and YouTubers React. They are sponsored by both Ford and Comedy Central.

Lilly Singh ($10.5 million)

With over 12.7 million followers, it should come as no surprise that Singh is raking in the millions on her channel. 

Known for her one-woman comedy sketches and music videos, Singh recently made a feature film with YouTube Red titled “Trio to Island Unicorn.”

Ryan ToysReview ($11 million)

Destined to make other elementary school students green with envy, little Ryan makes millions for his family be reviewing toys. 

And he’s only six! With over 10 million followers, we have a feeling Ryan is going to be set for life.

Smosh ($11 million)

This comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla was one of the first big hits for YouTube. They were known for their comedy sketches and video game parodies, while always offering a laugh-inducing commentary on pop culture.

While Anthony left the channel in 2017, we don’t think Ian is going to mind. He’s rolling in the dough.

Jake Paul ($11.5 million)

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul knows how to make money. He started off on Vine before turning to YouTube with his comedic shorts and prank videos with older brother Logan Paul.

Things have shifted over the years, with his channel now focusing on original content. Due to his immature nature and lack of respect for others, he’s seen as a villain in the YouTube community.

Felix Kjellberg aka. PewDiePie ($12 million)

This over-the-top and politically-incorrect Swedish YouTuber is known for his scathing video game commentaries and playthroughs that feature his live reactions. 

He has over 58 million followers and continues to be a top earner. Recently, he’s been in the center of controversy due to several anti-Semitic rants he’s done publically.

Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier ($12.5 million)

Markiplier is best known for his gaming channel and has racked up over 18 million followers due to his fun, energetic style of play.

He hopes to use YouTube has a springboard to launch himself into acting and music. We say, why? You’re already a millionaire.

Logan Paul ($12.5 million)

Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan has over 14 million followers and is known for his vlogs and comedic videos.

He’s also had featured roles on several Disney channel shows over the years. And in case you were wondering, no one likes him either.

Dude Perfect ($14 million)

This channel features twin brothers Cory and Coby Cotton, as well as their buddies from college. 

The majority of their videos feature the gang doing sports tricks and comedic sketches.

Evan Fong aka VanossGaming ($15.5 million)

25-year-old Canadian, Evan Fong, definitely struck gold with his comedy gaming channel, where his videos are known for their professional quality, especially the editing. 

While not much is known about his private life, he is rich and that’s all you really need to know.

Daniel Middleton ($16.5 million)

Focused on playing Minecraft, David’s channel TheDiamondMinecart is one of the top-paid YouTube stars. He is married to another gaming YouTuber and recently went on a sold-out world tour. 

Personally, watching someone play video games isn’t our kind of fun, but hey kudos to those that do.