The Funniest Photos Taken At Airports

The Funniest Photos Taken At Airports

30. Yikes! Well, That’s…Cool

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If you’re close enough to a jet when it takes off to feel the blast…we call this natural selection. Just sayin’.

29. Instructions Are Always Appreciated

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We would hope that this is how someone would go to the bathroom; however, we think something was severely lost in translation here.

28. Um, Sir…

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While we know airport security likes to be thorough, we have a feeling this would be considered overkill. At least he left his shoes on…

27. Jumping the Gun

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Please report back to the gate, this isn’t what we meant when we said to arrive at least an hour before your flight.

26. Anti-Social

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Well, that’s a way to use the latest news for your airport snooze. Now, are we sure it isn’t fake news?

25. Safe and Secure

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Well, she’s certainly not going anywhere. Personally, we hate her because she’s thin enough to slide underneath those chair arms.

24. Kids Are Free Right?

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We understand our daughter may look like a carry-on, but we promise she’s our one free item.

23. A Thorough Search

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It’s quite possible those breasts could be weapons of mass destruction. Like seriously? What are you expecting to find?

22. It Was Fate

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If only the rest of humanity could act like these children, right? Unfortunately, we are turning into a world that lacks unconditional love and empathy.

21. This is Just WRONG

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We do not recommend this as a new fashion trend. We also suggest buying a neck pillow in any other color but flesh tone!

20. Girl, You Wish You Had These Legs

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Check out the gams on those two. You would think they were twins! Of course, he’s totally giving her the stink eye.

19. This Isn’t What We Meant

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You know when they said to place all of your belongings in a basket, we’re pretty sure children were excluded.

18. Traveling is Hard

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Flight delays can really ruin your day. This little girl is certainly letting everyone know. She might make for a great actress one day.

17. Time Limit Smooch

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So what happens if you go over three minutes? Does the kissing police come out and forcibly pull you apart? And who is actually timing this?

16. You Shall Not Pass!

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Look, we are all for expressing your individuality, but wearing a suit of armor at the airport is not a good idea. We think after passing through TSA he will rethink his traveling attire in the future.

15. Missed the Mark

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We don’t think the pilot meant crashing when he stated we’d be coming in for a hard landing. It seems he might have overshot the runway by just a bit.

14. Weight Limit Exceeded

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Sorry, ma’am, you’re only allowed ONE carry-on and they aren’t allowed to move. Please do NOT fly Jet Blue again.

13. Leave No Stone Left Unturned

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All we can say is, if that security checkpoint alarm goes off we feel sorry for the TSA agent. On a side note, mad props on the pink undies. VERY fashionable.

12. Long Live the King

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That poor TSA agent is going to know what hit her. We feel sorry for the people lined up behind him!

11. Now That’s Love

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You know it’s going to last when you can use your partner’s body as a pillow. Although, neither of these positions looks very comfortable.

10. Sorry, Sister!

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You may be married to the Lord, but that doesn’t give you a heavenly pass at the TSA checkpoint. If you ask us, that robe looks like the perfect place to hide a weapon.

9. Is This a New Service?

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Listen, parents! Now you don’t have to travel with your kids thanks to the new child baggage claim. Oxygen and safety not included!

8. Don’t Violate Mini-Me!

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From the look on his face, this TSA agent is majorly overstepping their boundaries. This doesn’t look pleasant at all!

7. No Pictures Please!

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Did the Beatles have a reunion in an airport that we didn’t know about?

6. Who Needs A Hotel?

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There’s no need to spend money on a hotel when your flight is canceled. Simply grab a blanket and a cardboard box! Totally travel chic.

5. Oy! These New Uniforms

Image: World LifeStyle

It seems rabbis are becoming more and more progressive these days. Although, we’re not sure those curls match the feather boa.

4. Sorry Santa!

Image: Getty Betty

It looks like Santa is on the naughty list this year. Sorry, St. Nick, you can’t get on the plane with all of your special toys.

3. Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Strong

Image: Eternal Lifestyle

Yeah, we’re just waiting for our flight. Nothing to see here! This is totally normal!

2. Wait, What?

Image: Vitamin-Ha

Listen, ladies. We’d think twice about sitting on one of these toilets. It seems flushing could have you spinning faster than Helen Hunt in an F5 tornado.

 1. I Hate My Life

Image: World Lifestyle

We have to applaud this agent and his pure dedication to his job. We don’t even want to know what that guy has hidden down there.

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