The Abandoned City Six Times The Size Of NYC That No One Has Heard Of

The Forgotten City

Image: United UK

Imagine a city existing that is so large, it would be six times the size of New York City. Sounds massive right? Now imagine that it’s a complete ghost town and no one has ever heard of it. Seems impossible, but when it comes to the capital of Burma, most of the western world has never even heard of this sprawling metropolis.

This story is definitely one to mark down as so strange it could be fiction.


Unheard Of to Most of the Western World

Image: Itchy Feet

The city in question is called Naypyidaw and most likely you haven’t heard of it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The city was constructed without much fanfare by the Burmese government and no one really knows why. You have to dig deep into the details to see how it all came to be.


The Capital No One Knows About

Image: TripSavvy

What’s even stranger about this whole affair is that the city is the capital of the country. Burma is a small country in Southeast Asia. Roughly ten years ago, the government quietly decided to move the capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw, which was a surprising move since most of the Western world didn’t even know the city existed, including the residents living in Burma.

A Strict Military Regime

Image: CNN

However, it’s not surprising that the government didn’t maintain open lines of communication. Burma has one of the strictest military regimes in the world. The government has suppressed democracy and refuses to allow any form of progress, despite the population begging for a change of direction.