The 30 Most Beautiful Female Athletes

The 30 Most Beautiful Female Athletes
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Jaqueline Carvalho

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A brunette bombshell known for her expertise in volleyball, Jaqueline Carvalho is an Olympic gold medalist that’s taken the world by storm. She has two gold medals so far and a Best Spier award from the FIVB World Grand Prix. What a stunner!

Serena Williams

Image: The Independent

Serena Williams is known for her beauty, brawn and no-nonsense attitude on the tennis court. She demands respect and her long history in the world of tennis proves she deserves it. Show ’em how it’s done, Serena.

Aly Raisman

Image: Keller

Aly is known for expertise in gymnastics and is the captain of the Women’s Gymnastics team, winning multiple Olympic medals in the process. Beautiful and talented, she even competed on Dancing with the Stars.

Shelina Zadorsky

Image: Viral Plots

Shelina hails from Canada and is one of the best female soccer players in the game. She continues to earn a spot on the Olympic team, as well as working on teams around the world in Sweden and Australia. Don’t mess with Shelina!

Ellen Hoog

Image: Willem Vernes

Ellen is from the Netherlands and proves that some of the most beautiful women in the world come from there. A Dutch field hockey player and an Olympic star, Hoog has proven that you can have both beauty and brains on the field. She’s considered to be one of the world’s best athletes.

Natasha Hastings

Image: Bossip

Natasha Hastings is an Olympic sprinter that was once called the “400M Diva” when she attended the University of South Carolina. She won a gold medal back in 2008 and continues to be the best in her sport. She’s also stunning.

Daria Klishina

Image: YouTube

Known for her expertise in the long jump, Daria has been competing in the track and field category for years. In 2016, she had the chance to participate in the Olympics, showing off her skill for the world to see.

Emma Coburn

Image: The Ralphie Report

This beauty is known for her amazing talent in track and field, making a big name for herself as the youngest runner on the American team during the 2012 Olympics. Beautiful, smart and cunning, we can see why she’s taking the sport’s world by storm.

Amber Hill

Image: Clay Shoot Magazine

When it comes to shooting, Amber Hill is one of the best. At only 18 she’s become one of the most accomplished skeet shooters in the world. She’s also a lingerie model, proving you can be tough and sexy at the same time. We see her going far in her career.

Kassidy Cook

Image: SportsGrid

Kassidy Cook is a rising star in the diving world, making a splash of a debut at the 2016 Olympics. She’s a gold medalist, model, and one amazing individual. A triple threat, she’s expected to continue her winning streak in 2020.

Camila Giorgi

Image: ESPN

This Italian professional tennis player is turning heads on and off the court. In 2018 she won her first WTA title and continues to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Anyone else crushing big time?

Jessica Eye

Image: MMA Fighter

Known as Jessica “Evil” Eye, this MMA fighter is not one to cross. Considered to be one of the best female strikers in the business, Jessica has risen to stardom over the years. An undefeated amateur, she proves you can have beauty, as well as brawn.

Hilary Knight

Image: Flickr

One of the hottest (literally and figuratively) female hockey players in the game, Hilary Knight is an Olympic Silver Medalist that’s seen as a rising star in the hockey ring. She’s played for the USA and the Canadian Women’s Professional Hockey League. She’s also a four-time World Champion. She’s here to make goals and look good in the process!

Felice Herrig

Image: Fitness Gurl Magazine

Felice has absolutely NO qualms showing off her ripped body, and why should she? She is one of the top female MMA fighters in the UFC. She also has one of the best bodies in the sport. All power to you, girl!

Julie Johnston

Image: The Engagement Ring Bible

You would never believe just by looking at her that Julie is one of the hottest female soccer players on the field today. A member of the US women’s soccer team, she also plays as a defender for the Chicago Red Stars. And in case you didn’t notice, she’s also a supermodel.

Elena Delle Donne

Image: HuffPost

A stunning blonde bombshell on and off the court, Elena is a professional basketball player for the Chicago Sky. In college, she soared to stardom, landing herself as First Team All-American and National Player of the Year. Not too shabby!

Sarah Backman

Image: Pro wrestling Mag

Imagine making a career out of arm wrestling. Well, Sarah Backman has done it and looks fabulous while wiping the floor with her opponents. From Sweden, Backman is currently an 8-time world champion. Color us impressed!

Silje Norendal

Image: Reddit

This Norwegian beauty is a professional snowboarder who is changing the game for female athletes. A gold medalist and participant in the European X Games, Norendal is paving the way for female snowboarders across the globe.

Robin Bone

Image: Xendurance

Robin Bone is a talented pole vaulter for the Canadian track team. Once a professional gymnast, she had to retire due to excessive concussions. As a pole vaulter, she wears a helmet to prevent any further head injuries.

Ashlyn Harris

Image: Married Net Worth

You can’t help but be wowed by Ashlyn’s beauty and talent. A goalie for the United States women’s national soccer team, she’s proving that female athletes are more than just their looks.

Caroline Wozniacki

Image: Forbes

Currently considered the 8th-ranked player in the world, Caroline is a professional Danish tennis player that is making waves internationally. Outspoken, beautiful and one of the best in her sport, she continues to catch the eye of the elite in the industry.

Anastasia Ashley

Image: Flickr

This pro surfer is making a splash in the professional surfing circuit, showing the boys how it’s done.  Living in southern California, Ashley also works as a spokesmodel for Hardees (though we don’t believe for a minute she eats there).

Maria Sharapova

Image: Dujour

Talk about one hot athlete! A Russian professional tennis player, Sharapova is ranked second in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association. Climbing up the ranks, Sharapova took over for Anna Kournikova when she retired from the sport. Although she still hasn’t hit #1, she’s definitely on her way.

Whitney Miller

Image: YouTube

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Miller is a professional wake surfer who is sponsored by Shred Stixx. Growing up as a tomboy, she loved to play soccer and run track. Today, she has outgrown her tomboy days, stunning the world with her beauty and talent.

Sloane Stephens

Image: The Undefeated

A tennis player proving you can have talent and head-turning good looks, Sloan Stephens is slowly rising in the ranks of the professional tennis scene. She’s currently ranked 33rd by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Antonija Misura

Image: UrbanPost

Why would anyone want to watch Croatian women’s basketball? Antonija Misura is why. A stunning blonde beauty and professional basketball player, you could say is probably one of the most beautiful players in the sport. She’s also wicked talented!

Michelle Jenneke

Image: Scoopnest

An Australian hurdler and model, Jenneke won the silver medal in the 2010 Youth Olympics for 100m hurdles. She’s best known for her fun dance warm-ups and striking beauty. Personally, we don’t find the warm-up that charming, but to each their own.

Brooke Mayo

Image: Twitter

This MMA fighter is a rising star in the fighting world. A former college soccer player and Jiu-Jitsu expert, she left the world of soccer for fighting after an injury. Now she’s signed with Bellator and kicking some major butt!

Ivet Lalova

Image: Athletic Buildup

Ivet has participated in four different Olympic games and is a talented track and field athlete from Bulgaria. Known for her expertise in the 100m and 200m sprints, she’s continuing to make a name for herself around the world.

Skylar Diggins

Image: Booking Agent Info

A WNBA payer for the Tulsa Shock, Skylar is an up and coming basketball player that’s known for her stunning good lucks, talent and high scores. We definitely wouldn’t mind attending a few of her games and we don’t even like basketball!

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