The 20 Most Dangerous Jobs On The Planet

The 20 Most Dangerous Jobs On The Planet
Image: Daily Express

20. Snake Milker

Image: Reptile Park

Do you ever wonder how they make anti-venom for snake bites? Well, that falls on the shoulders of a snake milker. Yes, you read that right, one of the more dangerous professions in the world is someone who milks snakes. However, it’s important to differentiate milking a snake from a cow or goat. A snake milker actually collects the venom from various breeds of snakes so anti-venoms can be developed. Obviously, not the safest job in the world.

Although, we will say this next job is even worse.

19. Crocodile Wrestler

Image: Daily Express

We’re not sure why anyone would want to wrestle a crocodile willingly, let alone place their inside its mouth, but this is quite a popular attraction at a zoo in Thailand. Of course, wrestling the crocodile is only a part of the job, you also have to catch the croc without any protective gear.

Will you be sending in your application?

18. Underwater Welder

Image: cDiver

Any job that requires staying under the water for an extended period of time is going to come with risks, but being an underwater welder is one of the more dangerous jobs out there. Workers have to not only avoid being electrocuted, but they also have to deal with compression sickness and the possibility of drowning. Of course, close encounters with predators of the deep is also a possibility.

We think we’ll consider a different path.

17. Courier

Image: The Sun

While not all courier jobs are dangers, those who deliver items via bicycle tend to put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis. Not only do these couriers have to contend with the possibility of being run over, but they are also more liable for theft.

We think we’ll leave this off the dream job list.

16. Bull Rider

Image: Navajo Times

It should come as no shock that climbing on top of a bull is going to come with its own list of dangers. However, you might be surprised that bull riders are ten times more likely to be injured than professional football players. There have been over 16 bull rider deaths since 1989, proving this risky job can also be fatal.

15. Microchip Manufacturer

Image: Nikkel Asian Review

It’s hard to imagine, but crafting the microchips that power smartphones is actually a very rigorous and dangerous job. In fact, one electronics factory has installed safety nets due to the increased rate of workers trying to commit suicide by jumping because of the on the job stress. Also, working with microchips has been known to increase one’s radiation exposure, which could cause cancer.

14. War Correspondent

Image: Odyssey

Journalists who work as war correspondents have a tough job. With no military training and very little protection, they must report on the current status from the front lines and manage to not get killed in the process. Most find themselves in the heart of skirmishes and firefights, all to make a deadline for their editor.

This one seems a little too scary for us.

13. Oil Rigger

Image: Thomaskc

Working on an oil rig is one of those high-risk jobs you do because you love it, not because you have to. The dangers involved with such a job are too great for a job that is simply to earn a paycheck. Oil riggers must handle highly flammable content on a daily basis, all the while working under tight deadlines and incredible pressure. This increases the risk for things to go wrong, which can sometimes end in death. One also has to factor in the extreme isolation that comes with working on an oil rig, which can take a real toll on one’s mental health.

12. Logger

Image: CNN Money

While spending your day out in the woods cutting down trees may seem like the perfect job for those who enjoy being outside, it’s actually one of the top most dangerous professions in the United States. In fact, the fatality rate for loggers is 21 times higher than all other professions in the country, with over 70 loggers dying on the job on a year-to-year basis.

11. Crab Fisherman

Image: Business Insider

If you’ve ever watched the show “Deadliest Catch” you know the dangers that come along with crab fishing. From falling overboard to being crushed by one of the large and heavy traps, the fisherman working on crab boats put their lives on the line every day they are on the job. While the money is great for such a short period of time, one has to weigh the risks as well.

10. Bush Pilot

Image: AOPA

Being a bush pilot comes with the perks of having an office with an incredible view, but you also have to endure the dangers of unpredictable weather and flying in rural areas. The terrain can be quite rough in the wilderness of Canada, Alaska and Australia, which makes landings quite risky. However, if you love flying and spending your days alone, this could be the perfect (yet dangerous) job for you.

9. Sulfur Miner

Image: Shutterstock

Think your job is bad? Try being a sulfur miner where your risk of dropping dead prior to the age of 30 is an actual reality. Sulfur miners who work in Indonesia suffer through long 12-hour days with very little pay to show for it. They’re also surrounded by poisonous gas while working next to a live volcano and an acid lake. Seems like someone’s worst nightmare, but sadly it’s a real job and working environment.

8. Magician’s Assistant

Image: Thumbtack

You would think working as a magician’s assistant would be quite the glamorous job, but it’s actually quite dangerous. Now, we don’t mean being sawed in half (which is just an illusion anyway). No, we’re talking about being used as target practice. It would only take one mistimed throw or an unexpected cough and that knife is hitting where it shouldn’t, which means lights out for you!

7. Civil Engineer

Image: The Balance

Most people think of civil engineers as spending most of their time in an office, but this isn’t completely true. In fact, there are quite a few dangers that come along with the job. This includes but is not limited to being crushed by scaffolding or falling debris. While it’s not the most dangerous job in the world, there is still a high level risk involved.

6. Firefighter

Image: Springwise

Firefighters put themselves in harm’s way each and every day. The risk involved with being a firefighter is quite high, especially since they literally are fighting fires, but the reward for most in the profession makes it all worth it. Unfortunately, fire isn’t the only thing people in this profession must worry about, smoke inhalation and chemicals are also risks.

5. Astronaut

Image: Video

We’re sure you know that spending your days in space isn’t the safest of jobs. Not only is traveling to outer space dangerous (you run the risk of burning up in the atmosphere), but becoming trapped in space can also be a risk. Personally, we’re fine with keeping our feet on the ground.

4. Power-line Installer

Image: Career Addict

Nothing says “safe” like climbing to dangerous heights and working with power lines. However, this job is in high demand due to the excellent pay despite the risk. Although, you do have to worry about being electrocuted or falling to your death every day. In fact, there are 19 deaths per year in the United States in this profession. We don’t really like those statistics.

3. Iron Worker

Image: US Nessie

If you love to laugh in the face of danger, you might want to consider putting in an application to be an iron poker. You’ll get to spend your days balancing on beams over 300 feet in the air, while hoping and praying the structure your working on stays together. While safety precautions are always in place, this is still a job with a high fatality rate.

2. Refuse Collectors

Image: NetKids

One job that may come as a surprise for being dangerous is that of a refuse collector. However, it is actually one of the most risky jobs in the United States. No wonder these guys take home over six-figures per year! Most of the danger revolves around the trucks being hard to handle and if the cable lifting the trash snaps…well let’s just say it can get pretty ugly.

1. Roofer

Image: Patsy Lynch

The life of a roofer comes with its fair share of risk, though that shouldn’t be all that surprising. Most facets of home improvement come with their own dangers; however, roofing is one of the more dangerous activities. While falling off the roof is a common danger, you also need to worry about falling debris, exposed cables and dangerous chemicals. Doesn’t really instill a vote of confidence into the profession, right?

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