The 20 Most Dangerous Jobs On The Planet

20. Snake Milker

Image: Reptile Park

Do you ever wonder how they make anti-venom for snake bites? Well, that falls on the shoulders of a snake milker. Yes, you read that right, one of the more dangerous professions in the world is someone who milks snakes. However, it’s important to differentiate milking a snake from a cow or goat. A snake milker actually collects the venom from various breeds of snakes so anti-venoms can be developed. Obviously, not the safest job in the world.

Although, we will say this next job is even worse.


19. Crocodile Wrestler

Image: Daily Express

We’re not sure why anyone would want to wrestle a crocodile willingly, let alone place their inside its mouth, but this is quite a popular attraction at a zoo in Thailand. Of course, wrestling the crocodile is only a part of the job, you also have to catch the croc without any protective gear.

Will you be sending in your application?


18. Underwater Welder

Image: cDiver

Any job that requires staying under the water for an extended period of time is going to come with risks, but being an underwater welder is one of the more dangerous jobs out there. Workers have to not only avoid being electrocuted, but they also have to deal with compression sickness and the possibility of drowning. Of course, close encounters with predators of the deep is also a possibility.

We think we’ll consider a different path.

17. Courier

Image: The Sun

While not all courier jobs are dangers, those who deliver items via bicycle tend to put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis. Not only do these couriers have to contend with the possibility of being run over, but they are also more liable for theft.

We think we’ll leave this off the dream job list.