Denver Experienced A Loud “Boom” That Shook The City, But What Was It?

Denver Experienced A Loud “Boom” That Shook The City, But What Was It?

The Case of the Strange “Booms”

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Over the past couple of years, people around the globe have claimed to hear strange “boom-like” sounds coming from the sky. While some have had reasonable explanations, many have remained a mystery. Could it be aliens? Angels? The final judgment?

For the residents of Denver, Colorado, they were about to find out…

 A Strange and Terrifying Sound

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It was around 9:00 PM on a Monday night in Denver, Colorado when a strange and terrifying sound woke the residents of the city. Unlike anything they had ever heard before, the loud boom-like phenomenon blasted through the city, shaking people awake.

What could it possibly be?

 The Booms Heard Around the World

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From the United States all the way to Australia, there have been over 64 incidents of this strange “booming” reported around the globe.

Despite many theories, no one has been able to come up with a solid explanation for the weird sounds. So what exactly could be happening?

The Beginning of the Booms

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The strange sounds first started on January 3, 2017, and were recorded in Connecticut. Since the first boom was heard around the world, there have been multitudes of reports across the world of the same mysterious noises. The reports have confounded most scientists and meteorologists because there isn’t a simple answer to what could be causing them.

Is it possible a meteor shower could be to blame?

The Meteor Shower Theory

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CBS meteorologist, Chris Spears, proposed a theory that a Leonid meteor shower could have something to do with the loud sounds. The meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through the debris trail of the Temple-Tuttle comet.

Is it possible as the debris entered the Earth’s atmosphere it was causing the boom-like sounds?

The Meteor Theory Discredited

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After extensive research and working with astronomy expert, Ron Hranac, it was determined that the Leonid meteors could not be making such loud sounds because most of them were the size of the pea. Since most of the debris burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere, there wouldn’t be anything large enough to make an impact.

So what could be creating the chilling booms that rattled the residents of Denver, Colorado?

 The Colorado Incident

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The incident in Colorado was one of the most recent occurrences of these mystery booms. Taking place on November 21, 2017, at 9:00 PM, the almost super-sonic booms rattled through the city, shaking windows and rattling walls.

To say the local residents were rattled by the incident would be an understatement.

Thrown from Bed

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One Denver resident recalled hearing multiple booms that almost threw her out of bed due to the sheer force of the sound. She’d never felt anything like it.

“The sounds were loud and powerful. I could feel each pulse inside my chest. It was terrifying!”

Bye-Bye Windows

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Another resident told the media they woke to the sound of their windows shattering. The power of each boom cracking the window pains before sending shards of glass all over their apartment.

What could it possibly be?

 The Disappointing News

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As theories continued to swirl around the mysterious Denver booms, new evidence was presented that proposed a pretty disappointing reason for the sounds. It was nothing exciting after all. In fact, it seemed it could have been a small industrial accident.

 The Night of the Incident

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According to representatives of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the night of the incident an empty storage tank had suffered from a malfunction. As the night wore on, pressure began to build up inside the tank.

Then something terrifying happened…

A Massive Mistake

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The pressure inside the tank became too much.

The lid of the tank completely blew off, which would have sounded like the booms the residents of Denver heard that night. And even more, evidence was found to support this explanation.

 The Compromised Tank

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Later, the oil and tank company that owned the tank filed a report stating the covering of the tank had been compromised. It seems that this could be a very logical explanation to what people heard that night.

However, there was ONE key factor that still remained…

Multiple Occurrences

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If the tank had exploded due to the pressure and blown the lid off, there would have been one solid “boom,” maybe two. But that wasn’t the case. Residents reported hearing multiple booms that night, which means the tank may not have been the true source of the strange sounds.

Thankfully, there are other theories that attempt to explain what might have happened. 

 Military Jets Breaking the Sound Barrier

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Another theory that was proposed was that the sounds coming from Colorado were caused by military jets breaking the sound barrier. This was a very logical explanation because when planes break the sound barrier, they create shock waves that sound like explosions.

Could shock waves be the true source of the booms?

 The Buckley Air Force Base

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Unfortunately, that theory was debunked as well, since the nearest place that jets could originate from was the Buckley Air Force Base. The base confirmed that all of their jets were back on the ground at 8:00 PM that evening, which is before the residents of Denver heard the loud booms.

Is it possible the different booms reported were caused by various reasons?

 Other Instances of Booms

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It appears that other booms that were reported were actually caused by supersonic flight. One instance in Central Florida was caused by a returning NASA mission to the Kennedy Space Center. This has led people to believe that the incident in Colorado could have come from somewhere much closer to home.

 An Earthquake in Colorado?

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Chris Spears continued to research the incident with the hopes of finding an answer to the mysterious sounds in Denver. He wondered if it was possible an earthquake could have been the culprit. Unfortunately, the United States Geological Survey shot down his theory almost immediately, since the only noise they picked up in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal came from a passing train.

A Fireball in the Sky

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As time passed, new pieces of evidence from that night began to surface. One person reported they had spotted a fireball in the sky the night of the loud sounds. However, that couldn’t have possibly triggered the booms because it was spotted two and half hours after the strange noises were reported.

 More Incidents Around the World

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While the tanker theory definitely could be the reason for the sounds in Denver, it’s highly unlikely that tankers have been exploding all over the world.

Is it possible all of these incidents are random or could something “otherworldly” be at play?

The Awakening in Alabama

Image: The Mother Nature Network

Dubbed the “Bama Boom,”  strange sounds rocked the residents across the state one night in 2017, sending communities into an absolute panic.  The National Weather Service in Birmingham reported they could see no fire or smoke on their radar and nothing indicating an earthquake. The cause for the sounds still remains a mystery.

Scary Sounds of the Outback

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Last year, the residents in South Australia awoke to strange sounds booming through the starry night sky. While only lasting a few minutes, they were powerful enough to shake the foundations of houses and shatter windows according to some residents. Of course, the National Weather Service revealed there were NO SIGNS of an earthquake. 

An Eerie Echo Over the Middle East

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Going back as far as 2016, strange noises have been captured in the skies of the Middle East from Iran down to Egypt. Some people have even recorded these sounds on their phones. The evidence is quite chilling.

However, is it possible that the explanation doesn’t come from logic and reason?

God’s Final Judgment?

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Some religious scholars believe that the mysterious booms being heard around the world are the final seals being opened from the book of Revelation. It’s believed that these are signs of the end times and that soon Jesus will rapture Christians to Heaven and reign down hell on Earth.

We hope there is a scientific reason because this seems way too doom and gloom.

The Mystery Continues

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Unfortunately, we may never know what caused the strange sounds that night in Colorado and if anyone knows they aren’t talking. The same goes for the other booms heard around the world.

Who knows? Maybe all the theories are wrong and it’s simply aliens bowling!

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