Stranded In The Middle Of The Ocean This Woman Did The Impossible In Order To Survive

The Strength of the Human Spirit

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When it comes to the human spirit, there is nothing as strong or as unshakeable. Despite what life might hurl your way, the spirit’s natural instinct is to survive and overcome, no matter what the cost.

In October of 1983, 23-year-old Tami Oldham Ashcraft would find herself fighting for survival against almost impossible odds. As her life and everything she knew scattered to the winds, she would have to dig deep down inside to find the will to fight on. And despite a grim outlook, Tami refused to succumb to the darkness, discovering something worth living for amongst the wreckage of her reality….


Dazed and Confused

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On the morning of October 13, 1983, Tami woke to the sound of water splashing on the hull of a boat. Waking for the first time in over 24-hours, she was completely disoriented and unaware of how she got on a boat to begin with.

Even worse, there was three feet of water below deck. What had happened?


The Vastness of the Ocean

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Stumbling onto the deck, Tami was alarmed at the poor condition of the sea craft. The main mast was gone, there were no sails and she was in the middle of the ocean which spread out for miles around.

And even more alarming, her sailing partner was missing…

The Day Before

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It had only been weeks before that Tami and her sailing partner were enjoying the warm waters of the South Pacific. Tami, a California native and Richard, her British fiancé had spent six months sailing around Fiji. It had been a magical trip and the couple had spent those months planning the rest of their lives together.