Special McDonald Menu Around The World That Will Make You Drool

There is always one thing that brings you back to your hometown, no matter where you go: McDonald's. What began as an American joint has now changed people's lives all across the world. McDonald's is more than a place to get fast food; it's a way of life.

While favorites like the Big Mac and McFlurry are offered at every location, the chain also caters to regional preferences.  There are several products on McDonald's worldwide menu that come and go, and sometimes hopping from one nation to another.

Continue reading to see what McDonald's customers have loved internationally.

Stroopwafel McFlurry, Netherlands

It is a vanilla soft serve topped with chewy stroopwafel chunks and caramel. Stroopwafels are fragrant, caramel-filled waffle cookies that adhere to your teeth in the most delightful way. 

The outcome is a rich, creamy, and gooey dessert that hits all the right notes while being excessively sweet in the best way.

Shaka Shaka Chicken, Japan

Shaka shaka chicken is a DIY dish in which you deep-fry a chicken patty, top it with a package of Chinese five-spice seasoning mix, then "shaka" everything together in a wax paper bag. 

This is a favorite dish from Japan's McDonald, but it can be found in numerous other East Asian countries.

Oreo Affogato, South Korea

If you enjoy coffee, this is the soft serve for you. The Oreo Affogato is exactly what its name implies: a shot of espresso is poured over a traditional soft serve that has Oreo pieces at the bottom. 

The Oreo Affogato is offered on the dessert menu at all outlets in Korea.

Coconut Sticky Rice Pie, Thailand

With this delight, a traditional Thai dessert known as coconut sticky rice has been given a McDonald's makeover. This dessert is ideal for you if you are unable to sample the local street cuisine. 

Coconut Sticky Rice Pie is only available in Thailand for a limited period, while supplies last.

Ebi Filet-O Burger, Japan

The Ebi Filet-O is a spicy sauce-topped, breaded shrimp burger that is served on a Big Mac bun. The Japanese model Yuri Ebihara, who helped in promoting the hamburger's introduction, is credited with giving the Ebi Filet-O Shrimp its name.

The panko-crusted shrimp patty is accompanied by lettuce, mustard, and shrimp tempura sauce. This is a popular burger among McDonald's consumers in Japan.

Taro Pie, China

The McDonald's China taro pie doesn't even really resemble a pie; it's more like a McDonald's Apple Pie with taro-root filling.

The taro pie is packed with vivid purple taro root and has the same flaky crust as the traditional McDonald's apple pie. It's worth tasting the taro, which is the sweet potato's counterpart, even if just for its striking color.

McNoodles, Austria

Last year, McDonald's introduced their one-time-only McNoodles in Austria. For a period, stir-fried noodles were quite popular in Austria, so McDonald's pounced on the chance to develop their own take on the meal.

Unfortunately, you'll have to visit another Austrian fast-food restaurant to satisfy your noodle need because the meal was only offered for a brief test run of a few months.

Egg Twisty Pasta Breakfast, Hong Kong

Speaking of the McDonald's Hong Kong Menu, there are a ton of interesting choices that are not at all like those you'll find in the United States. This filling breakfast meal consists of a sausage patty, an egg, and a soup made of twisted noodles.

So, if you enjoy a leisurely breakfast inside a McDonald's and live in Hong Kong, this sausage, egg, and noodle dish is for you.

Croquettes and Gazpacho, Spain

Because of Spain's everlasting love of pork, McDonald's outlets throughout the Mediterranean country have sold tapas-style croquettes packed with ham chunks in cheese sauce.

Gazpacho, a cold Andalusian tomato and vegetable soup, has been a regular side dish for the fast food chain in Spain. With its distinctive blend of fresh vegetables and tomato broth, gazpacho has long been a Spanish national favorite and is now loved by people all over the world.

Chicken Maharaja Burger, India

The Chicken Maharaja is India's equivalent of the Big Mac and is known as the heaviest McDonald's burger. To appeal to the sizable vegetarian population, the burger also comes in a vegetarian-friendly form. Every store in India sells the Chicken Maharaja. 

The chunky, juicy grilled chicken patty is stuffed with top-quality, fresh ingredients including cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and crisp lettuce and topped with traditional Habanero sauce.