Priest Blesses Deceased Young Girl, Then He Yells: "Call The Police!"

A Tragic Accident

It was all over the news. One of the little girls who was living in a small town in rural Arkansas had been hit by a car and tragically died at the scene. There were no witnesses, and the person responsible fled before anyone could identify them. 

Macy’s death affected everyone in town, but none of them could begin to imagine that there was more to the story than just a hit-and-run.

The Town Was Shaken

The news of the accident was on the front page of the local newspaper the next day, and the town's citizens couldn’t believe their eyes.

They didn’t understand how such a thing could happen. Who would do something like that to an innocent little girl? And why didn’t they stop to help her?

Offering To Help

They felt terrible for the family and did whatever they could to help her parents. They even offered to help pay for the funeral.

Her family was truly grateful for the support the community was offering them. But the citizens would soon start to question the events surrounding Macy’s death and her parents’ odd behavior.

Raising Questions

The rest of the residents in the small town started questioning what actually happened to Macy. They knew what the news and her parents had told them, but there were more questions they needed to have answered.

However, whenever they questioned her parents, they refused to give them any answers. They were completely avoiding the subject.

Trying To Keep The Questions To Themselves

The neighbors were starting to wonder if her parents were trying to hide something. But they didn’t want to be disrespectful and cross the boundaries regarding privacy, so they decided to keep their questions and suspicions to themselves.

But they wouldn’t have to wait long to get the answers they sought. The truth was about to be uncovered by the most unsuspecting of people.

The Funeral Is Coming Up

Macy’s funeral was just around the corner, and since the entire town was very religious, it would be held at the local church.

Macy’s parents wanted the ceremony to be special and spared no expense on it. They had no idea the priest would uncover something that would leave the entire town speechless.

Everyone Was Invited

Everyone in town was invited to the funeral, and it wasn’t because her family wanted to make a big scene.

Macy was known and loved by everyone. She would interact with them daily, and it almost felt like they were family. So it only seemed fair to give them all a chance to say goodbye. 

Closed Casket

But Macy’s parents had one request for the priest who was performing the ceremony. The coffin had to remain closed. 

It seemed odd since closed coffin funerals usually only took place when the deceased had severe injuries. And Father John was known for doing things his way. He wasn’t about to let anything stop his blessing.

The Priest’s Decision

The church was packed, and Father John had already started his speech. But he couldn’t complete the ceremony while the coffin was closed.

He slowly approached the coffin and prepared to give the little girl his blessing. Everyone watched on as the priest did the unthinkable. He opened the coffin, leaving Macy’s parents shocked.

Giving His Blessing

They had specifically told him not to open the coffin, but how could he bless a soul without having direct access to the person?

He didn’t understand why they insisted on it since there was nothing wrong with Macy’s upper body. But then he picked up on a few details, and it all started making sense.

They Couldn’t Stop Him

Macy’s parents looked at the priest with big fear-filled eyes. They were indeed hiding something and tried to stop anyone from finding the truth, but they couldn’t stop Father John.

All they could do was watch on in horror as he saw what they so desperately tried to get rid of. But it was too late now. The truth had been revealed.

Shocking Sight

The priest stared at Macy for a moment. He needed time to regain his equilibrium so he could continue his blessing. What he had seen was just too shocking to ignore. 

After a moment, Father John continued with the blessing, and when he was done, he closed the coffin again. He didn’t want to cause trouble in front of the rest of the town’s citizens.

Final Goodbye

Father John left the church's main hall, allowing the attendees to say their final goodbyes. But he couldn’t just let this secret be buried with Macy. He had to do something before it was too late.

As he entered the private area, he pulled two of his assistants aside. He had a special job for them.

A Request

Father John asked his assistants to ensure the rest of the ceremony went smoothly. He also told them that Macy’s coffin was not to be opened under any circumstances. Not even her parents could open it anymore.

He had his reason for that. He didn’t want the evidence to disappear before he acted.

An Investigation Is Needed

Once Father John gave his order, he rushed to the back room. He needed to get his phone and call the police immediately. He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but he knew an investigation needed to be launched immediately.

Father John explained the situation to the officer, and she put him through to the correct department. But before the call could be answered, Macy’s parents entered the room and locked the door behind them.