People Thought This Creature Died Decades Ago, But Now It’s Being Spotted Everywhere

On the Verge of Extinction

Image: Fox News

It’s a sad fact, but our planet’s wildlife is dying. Each and every year more species make it on the endangered species list, while others officially become extinct, leaving this world without a trace. Thanks to urbanization and the destruction of these creature’s natural habitats, humans are the main reason animals are slowly disappearing from the planet. It’s commonly accepted that once an animal is extinct, it’s gone forever; however, one extinct animal has been sighted recently.

Is it possible extinct animals could one day resurface?


A Bastion of Life

Image: Travellers Autobarn

When it comes diverse wildlife, Australia is known to have the highest number of animal species in the world. With a vast wildlife population, many of these animals only exist in Australia. Some have even evolved after living in isolation for millions of years. Pretty neat, right?


Diverse and Unique

Image: Wikipedia

Australia is best known for being home to monotremes (animals that lay eggs) and marsupials (mammals that have pouches). The only living monotremes in the world live in Australia, one being the platypus and the other the echidna. Both of these species have been considered endangered for quite some time.

Extinction Headquarters

Image: Escape

Sadly, despite having a diverse ecosystem, Australia is also in the lead when it comes to extinction. Over 200 years since the Europeans settled in the country, 23 birds, 27 mammals, and four frog species have all become extinct. The biggest threats animals face in the country is human exploitation, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like these dangers will ever subside.