Our Best Predict on Halloween Costumes of 2023

The year hasn't even ended yet, and hundreds of notable pop culture events have already happened in 2023 . Fortunately, with Halloween close at hand, we can all use the chance to revive some of our favorite online memes, current pop trends, and TV and movie scenes from 2023.  

If you're searching for a timely, current, and enjoyable Halloween costume, there are many options available, ranging from "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" to Rihanna's unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime show. And we have listed some of the most unforgettable iconic events right here for you.

Barbies and Kens

This Halloween, we anticipate seeing plenty of Barbies out and about thanks to Greta Gerwig's $1 billion Barbie, which was released this summer.

With so many Barbies and Kens that appear throughout the movie, including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's Stereotypical Barbie and Beach Ken, there is no shortage of fantastic costume ideas in Barbie.

Our best guess is that we'll see lots of Barbie Cowgirls, Ken Cowboys, Barbie in Pink Jumpsuit, Barbie and Ken on Rollerblades, Retro Barbie, Rebel Rocker Ken, Weird Barbie, and, of course, Allan!


One of the biggest films to come out this year is Oppenheimer, right up there with Barbie! To play the film's namesake physicist, you'll need Oppenheimer's characteristic brown hat as well as a vintage, professorial suit. 

Albert Einstein also makes for a colorful and easy alternative if you want to transform a "Oppenheimer" costume into a team effort. All you need is a flowing white Einstein-style wig, and you're good to go.


Spend this Halloween dressing as Luffy from the most well-known anime ever. Anime fans from all around the world will be enthralled by the One Piece character. For a casual appearance, team your favorite pair of faded denim shorts with a red waistcoat. 

Wear a pair of lifetime-quality Birkenstock sandals. You'll look great in Luffy's striking yellow straw hat.

M3GAN Doll

There is always that one film each year that, before it is released, everyone predicts would be comically horrible but which, to everyone's surprise, ends up being pretty good. M3GAN was the movie this year. 

Put on a khaki frock, a neckerchief, and some white tights to look like this well-known spooky doll.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

2023 is clearly Taylor Swift's year, and we're all simply along for the trip. Whether or not you attended the Eras tour, you are free to recreate your favorite Taylor Swift period this year by wearing ensembles from the tour.

Throughout the course of the tour, Taylor Swift transforms into hundreds of different outfits, so there is no shortage of inspiration for Halloween costumes. 

The Little Mermaid

Halle Bailey's portrayal of Ariel in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid gave us all the opportunity to release our inner children this year. 

This Halloween, amp up the enchantment by donning a mermaid-inspired skirt and a seashell bikini.


Given how well-received Wednesday was at the end of the previous year, we fully anticipate seeing a few people dressed as the Addams Family. The flowing robe, pale skin, and dark allure immediately take you into her gothic elegance realm. 

And not just on Wednesday; the Addams Family revelry is open to the whole family. It's more than simply a costume; it's adopting a persona while engaging in her mystery for the evening.

Queen Charlotte

With the May release of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story on Netflix, Bridgerton fans received even more of their favorite queen. The prequel series depicts the queen's ascent to the throne and marriage to King George while showcasing the splendor of her trademark hairstyle and Georgian-era attire. 

Every Queen Charlotte outfit revolves around the hair, so you should start by getting a luxurious wig and base your dress and accessories on that.

The Antler Queen

The enigmatic Antler Queen from "Yellowjackets" makes for a very spooky costume if you want to spook people a little this Halloween. 

You'll require a white cloak, an antler headpiece, a mesh veil, a face mask, and a face covering.


When The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released earlier this year, fans of Super Mario were ecstatic to see their favorite pair on the big screen. So, even for adults, we are confident that this costume will become more popular this Halloween! 

To dress up as Mario, you'll need a red hat with the iconic "M" logo, a blue overall jumpsuit, a red shirt, white gloves, and brown boots. Don't forget to perfect your mustache and carry around a plush green pipe to complete the look! 

Super Bowl Rihanna

With her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show on February 12, which also served as the superstar's pregnancy announcement, Rihanna created history.

You'll need a red bomber jacket, red sneakers, and red cargo trousers to recreate her look.

Carmy from Bear

Jeremy Allen White's portrayal of the furious, displeased, and incredibly charming prodigal chef Carmy Berzatto in FX's hot new series "The Bear" this year helped him establish himself as the unofficial face of the "Sexy Chef" trend.

There is no better time to dress up like the adored Chicago chefs from "The Bear" than as Halloween approaches. Get a flattering white tee and of course a dark blue apron. You cannot miss the messy hairstyle though.


Miles Morales, Brooklyn's one and only Spider-Man, returned to our screens in the animated superhero movie. This time, though, he is dispersed into five distinct universes, where he meets a ton of other heroes. 

You can definitely dress up as any version of Spider-Man you choose, even simply a cozy themed-hoodie.