Older Toys With Insane Value: Which Retro Toys Stand the Test of Time?

30. Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Popular with the kids, but a parent’s worst nightmare, the Garbage Pail Kids cards were quite a novelty item in the 1980’s. If you have some of these lying around, you might want to see how much they’re selling for.

Depending on the card, some go for $300-$400 a piece. And if you have the whole set? Well, one series one collection just went for $4,000 on eBay. They may be vile, but they certainly are worth a pretty penny!

29. Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards were all the rage in the 1990’s and even today they are still quite popular. Some rare Pokemon cards are worth thousands of dollars if they are in pristine condition. 

It may be worth dusting off the old card collection and getting them appraised. Catch ’em all? How about selling ’em all?

28. Luke Skywalker Action Figure circa 1978

Star Wars collectibles can be worth quite a bit of cash, especially the original toys from the 1970’s. 

The original Luke Skywalker Action Figure from 1978 recently sold back in 2015 for $25,000. Not a bad profit for something that original cost less than ten bucks.

27. PEZ Dispenser

Who doesn’t remember owning a PEZ dispenser as a kid? These cool little candy trinkets were highly collectible during their heyday, yet even today people still collect and sell them. 

Some rare individual PEZ dispensers are worth up to $13,000! We’ll be right back…we need to raid our attics!

26. Original Monopoly Game

If you have one of the original hand-drawn versions of Monopoly from 1933, you could make some crazy amounts of cash! 

Crafted by Charles Darrow, one of these limited editions sold for $146, 500 back in 2011. Talk about passing GO and not stopping!

25. The Original Nintendo Gameboy

Did you ever own one of the original Nintendo Game Boys? We sure did, and we still can’t beat Tetris! If you still have one lying around or can manage to find one in mint condition, they sell for hundreds of dollars today. 

And the special edition Game Boy? It can sell for upwards of $1,500. Who wants to go garage sale hunting?

24.  1960’s Hot Wheels Car Toys

With over 4,000,000,000 units sold since 1968, Hot Wheels is still a popular toy with the kids these days. And while the recent models may not be worth much today, a few from the 1960’s could make you a nice bundle of dough. 

In fact, the “Volkswagon Beach Bomb,” which was only released in limited quantities is currently worth $125,000. We think it’s time you start looking through your boxes of old toys ASAP!

23. Pound Puppies Plus (1st Edition)

Pound Puppies to the world by storm in the 1980’s becoming the #1 toy on most kids’ Christmas lists. 

Now, one of these first edition plush dogs can go for around $5,000 at auction. That would make a nice down payment on a new car.

22. Cabbage Patch Dolls

While they’re not as popular as they once were, Cabbage Patch Dolls were a staple for young girls (and some boys) in the 1980’s. And guess what? Some of these dolls go for crazy amounts of cash online today. 

The most expensive dolls from the Cabbage Patch line belong to Pat and Joe Prosey, whose entire collection is worth over $360,000.

21. Sega Genesis Game System

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you most likely had a Sega Genesis game console at some point.

Well, if you still have one and it works you might be able to sell it for a pretty penny. In fact, some have gone for as much as $2,000 on eBay.

20. Push Cart Pete by Fisher Price

When Push Cart Pete first hit the market in 1936, it cost 50 cents.

Today, this toy can go for as high as $3,000 if it’s in decent condition.

19. Skeletor 1982

Considered to be one of the most popular characters from the Masters of the Universe cartoon series next to He-Man, this Skeletor action figure was quite popular back in 1982. 

And guess what? If you still have one in the box, it’s worth over $2,000! Talk about a nice chunk of change!

18. Lite Brite

We remember spending hours in front of our Lite Brite as kids, and we honestly still wish we had ours! 

Popular in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s a Lite Brite in decent condition is worth roughly around $100 today. While not as much as some other toys on our list, for a $20 game that isn’t so bad!

17. Happy Meal Toys

Happy Meal toys continue to be hot collector’s items. And some are worth quite a bit today, although it all comes down to the specific toy or collection. 

The 2002 Disney character series is worth a nice chunk of change today, with each toy going for around $300 a piece!

16. The Original Furby

Oh, the Furby! We remember running through Target and Walmart hoping to get our hands on one of these talking balls of fluff. 

Then when they started waking up in the middle of the night begging for food it was tossed in the attic. However, despite all that, today these little furballs are worth quite a bit. Some of the original editions, new in box, are worth over $900 on eBay.

15. Talkboy

Who doesn’t remember Kevin McCallister with this Talkboy in Home Alone 2? Basically, a hi-tech tape recorder, this gadget sold like hotcakes back when it was released and today, it’s actually worth a little bit of money if you still have it. 

Some in mint condition have gone for around $200 on eBay. Honestly, we wish we still had one!

14. Beanie Babies

We’re sure you remember how Beanie Babies were all the rage in the 1990’s and through the early 2000’s. Known for their names and iconic heart tag, these cute bean-stuffed toys would send collectors into a frenzy the moment a new shipment arrived at the store. 

While the craze has pretty much dissipated today, collectors still seek out some of the rare ones. In fact, a 1st edition Princess Diana Beanie Bear is worth around $12,000 today. We swear we have one of these somewhere.

13. Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

It’s time to go raid Grandpa’s closet because if you find an original 1934 version of this train set, you might be set for a nice payday. 

In fact, the Standard Gauge edition of this train goes for around $250,000. You could easily

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Actions Figures

Thanks to the original live action movie in the 1980’s, as well as the cartoon, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were quite popular with the kiddos. 

And the action figures? Well, stores could barely keep them on the shelves. Today, if you have any of these original figures in mint condition they go for roughly $600 a piece.

11. Vinyl Caped Jawa

Yes, we’re listing another Star Wars toy, but we can’t help they are popular and worth a lot of money. This vinyl cape version of the Jawa action figure was only in production for a short period of time before the cape was switched to cloth. If you have one of these original versions, it is worth $5,000 or more.

When Polly Pocket first came on the scene, these tiny dolls in their small playhouses were high on the wish lists of most little girls. Today, a sealed Polly Pocket is worth around $600 online. We remember having one of these as a kid…we should have known to keep it!

9. 1959 Vintage Barbie

The first Barbie was released in 1959 and we have to say, she was quite the looker. Barbie collectors go crazy for the rare original dolls and those who are selling know they can get outlandish prices for them. 

An original vintage Barbie is worth around $23,000. We wish we were a kid back then and knew to keep it in the box.

8. Easy-Bake Oven

Who doesn’t love cake made under a lightbulb? The Easy-Bake Oven was a future homemaker’s dream and the possibilities were endless in terms of sweet treats you could make. 

If you still happen to have one new in the box, you can get upwards of $200 for it!

7. Original Lego Sets

You might like to know that an original sealed LEGO set (and we’re talking vintage) is worth $500. Now don’t fret if you have one that’s opened. 

If the condition is mint they can go for around $200. We have legos at home but they are like six different sets and all missing pieces.

6. 90’s Super Soakers

Super Soakers are still somewhat popular, but when they first came onto the scene in 1982 they were all the rage. 

We still remember the commercials that hit every five minutes during the early 90’s. Today, one of the original vintage

5. Tamagotchi

The original virtual pet from the 1990’s, the Tamagotchi was so popular that some stores had waiting lists that took up to six months to fulfill. 

While the company released offshoots of the popular product, the original is still the best and collectors know it. Today, some of these (depending on how limited it was) can go for $75-$100.

4. Mighty Max

Mighty Max was the male equivalent to the Polly Pocket and was quite popular with the boys back in the 1990’s. 

If you have any of these toys in mint condition (and depending on the rarity) you could make a few hundred bucks if you care to sell!

3. American Girl Dolls

The perfect way to learn about American History, the American Girl Dolls were a hot commodity during the 90’s. Today, they are also worth roughly $200-$1,000 depending on the doll and its rarity. 

While the value of the dolls tends to shift depending on the seller and the demand, you can easily make a nice chunk of change if you’re looking to sell off your collection.

2. Dinky Toys

These toys were on the market from 1934 to 1979 and were produced in England. These were some of the first toy cars to hit the market and are worth quite a bit today.

In fact, some of the original Dinky Toys in mint condition go for over $500 on eBay. Not a bad price for a small piece of metal.

1. My Little Pony

The original My Little Pony toys are still the best in terms of quality and design, and fans still go crazy for them. 

The originals are the most popular because of the pairing with the cartoon and film during the 1980’s and today, some of the mint condition ponies go for $30-$50 online. Not bad for a toy that cost $9.99 at one point.