Newborn Stretches During Examination, Gut Tells Doctor Something's Wrong

Endless Nights Out

Even though Clair was considered to be intelligent and hardworking, she had one flaw that infuriated her parents.

She loved partying, and not just every now and then. She partied from Friday to Sunday every single week. It had gotten so bad that her parents considered kicking her out. But with a life like that, she was bound to face the consequences eventually.


Clair was a beautiful woman who easily got the attention of men, and she used that to her advantage on her nights out. She never thought anything would go wrong.

But she was in for the surprise of a lifetime when the consequences of her actions finally started catching up with her.

Felling Sick

One morning, Clair woke up with what seemed like a killer hangover. There was a problem with that theory, though, since Clair didn’t drink the night before.

However, she was still sick and spent fifteen minutes after waking up in the bathroom. She felt like she got hit by a train, and she looked even worse.v

Familiar Symptoms

When she went downstairs, her mother instantly commented on her looks. She was pale as a sheet which had her mother concerned.

Being a nurse, her mother immediately checked her and came up with only one conclusion. The symptoms Clair had matched the symptoms of early pregnancy perfectly. That was something Clair didn’t want to hear.

Doing A Test

However, she couldn’t just assume she wasn’t pregnant because she wanted it to be that way. She had to do a test to be sure.

Her mother told her exactly what to do, and she went upstairs, praying her mother was wrong. She was not up for that kind of responsibility.

It Can’t Be!

The minutes ticked by, and with each of them, Clair became more nervous. Her mind was filled with questions and concerns. What if her mother was right? What would she do if the test was positive?

Then she looked down, and her heart sank. She was pregnant, and there was no way to deny it anymore.

Only One Question

She went downstairs to tell her expecting parents what had happened, but she had no idea they would react the way they did.

Clair’s parents had only one question, and it was the one that was the most difficult to answer. Who was the father? The truth was that Clair honestly didn’t know.


But there was another problem as well. Clair was addicted to parties, and even though her parents forbid her from going to any, she still snuck out and went.

She didn’t think she was doing any harm, but there was a reason her parents said what they said. They knew alcohol could harm the baby and tried to prevent that. But Clair was too stubborn to understand.

Something To Consider

It was only when Clair decided to go for her first check-up and spilled her secret to her doctor that she was informed of how bad her behavior was.

The doctor explained that the late nights and alcohol could have drastic effects on the baby’s growth and that it could cause irreversible damage.

The Damage Was Done

Clair was shocked by what the doctor had said and instantly felt bad about her habits. But what could she do to help her baby now that she knew?

She was already seven weeks pregnant and attended quite a few parties in that time. However, all they could do was wait and see what would happen once the baby was born.

Talking To The Dads

The doctor’s words left a big impression on Clair. As soon as she walked out of the office, she vowed not to party until her baby was born. But that was not all.

Clair had also decided that it was time for her to tell the two potential fathers what was happening. Luckily, Todd and Cam were very supportive once they found out.

Smooth Ride

The rest of Clair’s pregnancy went by smoothly. All the check-ups were fine, and the potential dads were doing whatever they could to help.

She was getting close to her due date, and all that was left to do was to wait for her baby to make its grand entrance. Everything else would be sorted out afterward.

It’s Time

Clair was resting at home when she felt a sudden stabbing pain ripping through her abdomen. She screamed, altering her mother of what was going on.

Her mother knew the signs of labor in an instant and quickly rushed her to the hospital. But someone had to inform the dads.

Everyone Is Waiting

Clair called them both on the way to the hospital, and shortly after she was admitted, Todd arrived. He was still in his overalls, indicating that he had come straight from work.

Not long after that, Cam came rushing through the door. Everyone was there patiently waiting to hear the final verdict.

Something Unexpected Happened

But after Cam said his hello’s, the room fell silent, leaving room for the doctor’s voice to echo through the halls. “Cam? What are you doing here?” the doctor asked.

Cam turned white as he turned around to see his uncle standing right behind him. He definitely had some explaining to do.