Natural Remedies to Prevent & Cure Hangovers

What Causes a Hangover?

Hangovers. We’ve all had one at some point in our lives. Not only are they not fun, but they can have some seriously ill effects on our health. A hangover is caused by a number of factors.

For starters, the main essence of a hangover is the result of alcohol withdrawal. On top of that, dehydration and the enlargement of blood vessels in the head can create the perfect storm for one hell of a morning after.

Thankfully, there are some all-natural cures and preventatives you can use to ensure your partying doesn’t end in misery.

15. Aloe

Did you end up having one too many shots last night? Don’t worry, a shot of aloe the next morning is the perfect solution.

Aloe juice coats the lining in the stomach, which reduces acidity and inflammation. This way, you won’t have an entire morning feeling nauseous.

14. Ginger

Ginger root is known for its anti-nausea properties and is a great herb to have on hand after a night of sake bombs and bar hopping.

The herb is known to naturally relieve nausea, reduce pain and also helps with other digestive issues.  We suggest steeping it in boiling water with some organic honey.

13. Kudzu Root

What’s cool about kudzu root is it will make you feel bad while you drink it. The more you drink, the more you feel hungover because it increases the levels of acetaldehyde in your blood. 

So if you want to drink less and feel good the next morning, take some kudzu root.

12. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is known for its restorative properties and its ability to heal the liver. Since it increases production of vital compounds that help metabolize alcohol, we suggest drinking a tincture of milk thistle prior to going out.

This way your body will process the alcohol you consume more effectively.

11. Hangover Tea

One of the best natural solutions to cure a hangover is Hangover Tea. With two unique flavors so far, Blissberry and Green Tea, you’ll never have to worry about one too many shots again. 

Simply drink the tea an hour after your final drink and you will wake up cured.

10. Peppermint

Now it’s important to point out that peppermint is not necessarily an herb that will cure a hangover, but it does help with the sour stomach you’ll have the next day. 

Due to its aromatic qualities, peppermint helps with nausea and soothes the overabundance of stomach acid. We suggest sipping some peppermint tea the morning after a hangover.

9. Blissberry

Want to drink but feel like you didn’t the next morning? Hangover Tea Blissberry flavor is packed with Organic ingrediants like Hibiscus, Elderberry, and Kudzu to create a unique blend that brings your body bliss the next morning. 

Don’t waste your days feeling miserable, buy Hangover Tea here!

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is all the rage these days due to its ability to enhance liver health and help the body metabolize alcohol.

It can also soothe your stomach by reducing bile excretions and help with digestion. We suggest taking it before and after a night out drinking.

7. White Willow Bark

If you tend to suffer from headaches after a night out drinking, white willow bark is the solution you need. 

Thanks to white willow bark being jammed packed with anti-inflammatory salicylates and pain relievers, it’s the perfect solution for a hangover.

6. Lemongrass

Known for its medicinal scent that resembles that of a lemon, lemongrass is an herb that has been used for hangovers across the globe. 

Simply steep it into a tea and drink it the morning after one of your wild knights and the anti-inflammatory properties will help kick that hangover to the curb.

5. Anise

Anise is a plant often used in herbal remedies that hails from the Mediterranean. It’s very aromatic and makes for a wonderful tea.

Packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it can easy resolve a hangover. Plus, it smells amazing.

4. Wasabi Bath

A detox bath has been known to help cure a hangover because it helps your body regain equilibrium, release enzymes and self-repair. 

While soaking in wasabi may not seem like a good time, adding it to a detox bath with some Epsom salt is the perfect way to draw toxins out of your body after a long night hitting the bar.


Tomatoes are filled with nutrients and all-natural anti-inflammatory agents that can assist with making your hangover less painful. 

You can chop them up and enjoy as a salad or put them through a juicer for fresh tomato juice. Some people even recommend a Bloody Mary for a hangover, though we’re not sure you’d want to put more alcohol in your body.

2. Water

While this may seem like a no-brainer, staying hydrated while out on the town is the perfect way to combat hangovers. 

Since alcohol is a diuretic and can dehydrate your body, it’s important to drink as many glasses of water as you can in between shots. We promise, your body will thank you in the morning.

1. Tiger Balm

Tiger palm is used to treat quite a few different ailments, but can be used to cure a hangover that results in a throbbing headache.

Simply dab a small amount on your temples and the back of your neck and massage it in. We promise, you will feel better in no time.