Mom Keeps Seeing Boy At Her Daughter's Grave, Then She Finally Confronts Him

Born To Beat The Odds

From the moment Stacy was born, the doctors knew her life would be short-lived. But the little baby was a fighter who beat the odds again and again.

However, her disease couldn’t be cured, and it was only a matter of time before it took her life. Her parents knew that and wanted to make sure each day was precious.

She Was A Blessing

To Matilda and her husband Joshua, Stacy was a little miracle. She was the little girl they had always wanted, and before her time came to an end, they would make sure she knew about it.

For them, each day with her was a blessing. And even though they wanted to make sure her life was as normal as possible, they also treasured each moment.

A Soldier

But there was a slight problem. Matilda was a corporal in the military, which meant she often had to spend time away from home. 

She was often deployed outside the country, but she didn’t want to do it anymore, seeing as she had so little time left with her little girl.

A Base 10 Hours Away

Luckily, her superiors understood where she was coming from and decided to keep her close to home. The only problem was that the nearest base was 10 hours from her home.

However, Matilda had no choice but to accept. She loved her daughter, but she needed to keep her job in order to support her family.

Had To Push Through

It was hard on her since she would be away from home for almost a week each time she went to the base. But Matilda had to keep pushing through.

If she gave up her job to be with her daughter, she would soon be stuck without a job and a child.

A Lot Of Time Off

The time was approaching, and the only thing Matilda could do was take some time off work. Altogether, she managed to get over three months' leave.

And even though her superiors weren’t very happy with it, they let her take the time to enjoy the last moments of her daughter’s life.

Time Was Up

Not long after that, Stacy passed away. Her funeral was a small one with only her closest family members and the doctor who was there the day she was born in attendance.

He promised that he would be there for her until the end, and he was. But sadly, that didn’t change the fact that she was gone.

She Needed A Distraction

Matilda and Joshua both had a hard time dealing with the loss of their daughter, but their reactions were vastly different.

Joshua was able to embrace what he felt and work through it, but Matilda was not. She needed something to distract her from the pain, and she had all the means to get it.

One Mission After Another

Matilda started going on missions again, and they weren’t short ones. She was deployed out of the country for months on end.

And even though it kept her mind off what she felt, it wasn’t the best course of action when it came to her marriage. She was hardly ever home.

The Strain On Their Relationship

Joshua couldn’t handle it anymore. He never knew when Matilda would be home and for how long she would stay. The separation caused a rift that seemed beyond repair.

And one day, Joshua decided that enough was enough. He couldn’t keep living like that anymore, so he filed for divorce.

The Emotions Caught Up

The news devastated Matilda and caused all the feelings she suppressed to rise back up. She had an emotional breakdown.

Even though it had been two years since Stacy died, she never managed to work through it. And the divorce was just another nail in the coffin. She couldn’t handle any more heartache.

A Lifestyle Change

The divorce was finalized three years prior, and since Matilda was never home, she decided it would be best for her to sell their family home and move into something smaller.

But things were not as easy as they seemed. As soon as she stepped into the house, the memories came flooding back.

Her Guilt Crept In

The memories of all the times she enjoyed in there with Stacy and Joshua hit her like a wrecking ball. But her sadness was quickly replaced with guilt.

Since Stacy’s funeral five years ago, Matilda hadn’t visited her grave once. It made her feel so guilty that, for a moment, she thought she was a bad mother.

Feeling Unworthy

She wished she could turn back time and change everything, but the only thing she could do was finally pay the visit she had been putting off. However, there was something holding her back.

Matilda didn’t feel worthy enough to get close to Stacy's grave. But that wouldn’t stop her from overcoming her doubts.

Someone Else Was There

Even though her doubts lingered, Matilda went to the graveyard. She couldn’t convince herself to get close to the grave, but she wandered around it for a while.

Matilda went there nearly every day and wandered through the graveyard. But one day, something got her attention. There was a little boy visiting Stacy’s grave quite regularly. Who was he? And why did he visit her daughter?